Salesforce development services are significant for businesses to maximize the potential of the Salesforce platform. It involves a range of activities aimed at customizing and extending the Salesforce platform to meet specific business needs. This includes building custom applications, configuring Salesforce, integrating with other systems, developing Lightning components, publishing on the AppExchange, handling data migration, and providing ongoing support. Obtaining services from an experienced Salesforce outsourcing partner like Congruent Software is crucial for driving business success. Congruent can help you maximize the value of your Salesforce investment, achieve optimal system performance, and unlock the full potential of the platform.

Our Salesforce development services

Custom App Development

Our expert team is skilled in developing a custom application tailored to your unique business needs using different Salesforce technologies, like Visualforce, Apex, and Lightning Components. We design and build an application that will automate your business operation, enhance productivity, and deliver a seamless user experience on the Salesforce platform.

AppExchange Product Development

Our team can develop applications for listing on the AppExchange, the Salesforce marketplace for pre-built applications and integration. Our development team will design, build, and deploy solutions that will meet the highest standards of AppExchange.

Lightning Development

By leveraging the power of Lightning Development, our developers will create modern and intuitive user interfaces to enhance user adoption and productivity. With the help of customization and optimization, Lightning development ought to improve efficiency and delivers an exceptional user experience.

Apex Development

Our Salesforce developers can help you create custom triggers, classes, and controllers to automate complex business processes. We can extend the Salesforce functionality by developing custom Apex code tailored to address unique business needs that go beyond standard features.

API Integrations

Efficient and seamless data exchange and integration are essential for a unified business environment. Our team specializes in integrating Salesforce with various third-party systems and applications by developing custom Salesforce APIs. Our Salesforce integration solutions will ensure secure and reliable data flow between Salesforce and other external systems.

Mobile App Development

A robust mobile presence is pivotal for your business to thrive in this digital world. Our Salesforce service extends to mobile application development, enabling you to access essential Salesforce data and functionality on the go. We can assist in building intuitive and feature-rich mobile applications to empower your workforce and improve user engagement.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of delivering optimum and quality solutions. That's why our Salesforce application development service comprises comprehensive testing and quality assurance procedures. Our experts conduct thorough testing to identify and rectify issues, ensuring a robust, reliable, and efficient solution.

Lightning Web Components (LWC)

By utilizing Lightning Web Components (LWC) our developers can create highly intuitive pages and functions on the Salesforce platform using HTML, CSS, and standard JavaScript, ensuring seamless user experiences and enhanced performance.

Salesforce Flow

We can automate your complex business processes using Salesforce Flow to streamline your business processes and improve user experience. We are experienced in building different types of Flows such as Screen Flow, Record-Triggered Flow, Schedule-Triggered Flow, Platform Event-Triggered Flow, and Auto-launched Flow.


Our Salesforce developers can help you build, deploy, manage, and scale applications on Heroku platform. With seamless integration to your Salesforce data and functionalities, we deliver applications that has the best features of both platforms.

Salesforce AppExchange app development

We specialize in creating, customizing, and publishing apps on the Salesforce AppExchange platform. Our expertise enables you to build innovative solutions that extend the functionality of your Salesforce instance, effectively addressing your unique business needs. We have an in-depth understanding of the AppExchange guidelines, requirements, and security standards. This ensures that your product meets all the necessary compliance criteria for seamless listing and publishing on the AppExchange platform. End-to-end Salesforce managed services for AppExchange development provide comprehensive support for businesses throughout the entire development lifecycle.

  • Custom application development for the Salesforce AppExchange
  • Industry-specific consulting services for AppExchange App Development
  • AppExchange product design and architecture
  • Integration with Salesforce APIs and platform
  • Development of Lightning components and Visualforce pages
  • Salesforce customization and configuration of AppExchange products
  • Improve and optimize existing apps for code reusability and future-proofing
  • Security and compliance implementation for AppExchange Apps
  • AppExchange product testing and quality assurance
  • Documentation and user guide creation for AppExchange products
  • Publishing and listing AppExchange products
  • Ongoing support and maintenance for applications on AppExchange

Featured Salesforce development case study

A Leading Salesforce ISV Reduces its Development Cost and Accelerates its Product Time to Market

Customer : Independent Software Vendor

The customer, an ISV specializing in revenue lifecycle management and business process automation, encountered challenges while developing an add-on product to enhance the Salesforce approval process and streamline internal workflows. Seeking to reduce development costs, bridge technical gaps, and expedite time to market, they engaged Congruent as their Salesforce development partner. Collaborating with the customer, Congruent developed a game-changing solution listed on the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace.

Why choose Congruent for Salesforce development services?

Salesforce development requires technical skills, an understanding of business processes, and familiarity with Salesforce's features and development tools, like Apex and Visualforce, to enhance and extend the platform's capabilities.

We help businesses across various industries to provide personalized interaction for the customers. We do this through our Salesforce implementation services. In addition, we also provide sustainable assistance to our clients, primarily focusing on their needs.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

We recruit a team of experts for the positions with the expectation of accomplishing the desired results. Our team includes QA engineers, Salesforce developers, and other professional experts determined for every project. Our dedicated team will also offer status updates as frequently as the clients require.

Globalized Expertise

We are a globalized company committed to providing various Salesforce services for clients from various countries. To date, we have provided our services to (number of) companies from (number of) business domains.

Help Desk

Our IT technical support team provides detailed and effective services that assist in the development and administration of virtual help desk. We help our clients solve every technical issue, challenge, and IT query.

Project-Based Model

Our development services are designed to manage the whole project development process, from defining every component to developing workflow, designing timeframes, and organizing testing procedures for quality.

Technical Assistance

Our skilled staff is well-experienced in various coding languages. As a result, you can always expect appropriate and efficient technical support from us.

Support and Scalability

We collaborate with every client depending on their specific development goals to offer the best deals and prompt rate of return by creating techniques and hiring dedicated staff for the project.

Flexibility Approach

You can choose your preferred development team on fixed cost, time & material or retainer basis. Whatever your needs, we devise Salesforce services for our clients.

How Salesforce application development services gear up your business growth?

Salesforce is a robust platform offering many features and functionalities for managing customer interactions, sales processes, and business operations. Developing more custom functionalities on top of your Salesforce platform will help you optimize your business processes, improve efficiency, and provide a unified view of customer and operational data.

Enhance Customer Experience

You can communicate with clients in a more personalized and prompter way. Our services will help you and your team keep in touch with clients more sophisticatedly and efficiently. This way, you can facilitate the quick management of customized systems, deliver feedback, handle transactions, and more.

Forecast Business Future

With our customized Salesforce application development services and the integration of artificial intelligence, you can now predict and examine the data to understand how your organization is performing. It also helps you make critical, informed decisions regarding the sales and marketing team and develop new products/services to meet the market's current needs.

Sustain the Simple-to-Use Applications

With the user-friendly features, availing Salesforce services will provide you with the perfect platform for professionals from various backgrounds. Your team will find it easy to navigate the entire platform to manage the personalized reports and tailor the template solutions with simple click-and-drag and drop options.

Mobile Apps

Get better flexibility and functionality for your organization by adding Salesforce application development services to your business app. This way, your employees can simply process their activity anywhere and anytime with internet access. You can also manage and close deals quickly, consult with clients from anywhere, and not miss out on opportunities to stay at the top of the game.

Leverage Leads Conversions

Optimize the efforts of your sales and marketing team by improving their internal communication. It will speed up the process of deal closures, reduction in sales cycles, and increase the rate of lead generation. Simply analyze customer queries, create calendars, prepare reports, and offer a faster response time, strengthening your customer relationship.

Save Time, Effort, and Money

Automate daily tasks and operations of your business, run reports faster, update the dashboards with real-time information, store the data in a single centralized hub, reduce the response time to clients and decrease the time of delivery of particular services, increase the growth of your overall business from a unified system.

What do our customers say?

Here’s the Congruent approach to a Salesforce development project

We take pride in delivering comprehensive solutions that help businesses leverage the Salesforce platform's benefits. Our skilled experts and professionals with their integrated approach and planning help to provide unparallel benefits to streamline your business operation and drive growth.

Assess the Actual Environment

Our experts will evaluate your current infrastructure and provide a comprehensive report that indicates your readiness for development services.

Create a Custom-Made Plan

After the initial evaluation, we will prepare a plan to implement our services, meeting all your specific business requirements.

Provision and Reporting

In this phase, our team will work on optimizing your organization's user experience and workflow. We provide access to the users as required by creating the reports and configuring the dashboards for better visibility of your work.

Training and Support

Our development services extend even after the completion of the migration. Our consultation will stay by your side even after the launch to monitor the entire environment and identify ways to make improvements, allowing you to grow with the platform. We also provide support to make instant changes to production.

We provide exceptional Salesforce development services with seamless integration and customizable options to build a sustainable Salesforce ecosystem. Our team of experts concentrates on providing high-standard development solutions by using a varied set of rich resources and technologies for all degrees of development for your business.

Salesforce development competency

  • Configuring, designing, and developing communities (customer, partner, and employee) using Apex, Visualforce, and front-end frameworks like Angular, React, or Vue.js to meet customers' advanced business needs.
  • Developing custom layouts using Visualforce and applying complex business logic using Apex or Lightning Web Components framework.
  • Utilizing technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) to enrich the user interface and user experience.
  • Converting Salesforce Classic applications to Lightning-enabled ones using the Salesforce Lightning Experience.
  • Developing mobile applications using Salesforce Mobile SDK, Lightning Web Components, and JavaScript frameworks like React Native or Ionic.
  • Designing and building advanced customer-facing websites using Salesforce Experience Cloud (formerly known as Community Cloud).
  • Configuring and integrating Pardot with Salesforce to streamline marketing automation and sales processes.
  • Visual Studio Code, Salesforce CLI, and Eclipse IDE for seamless development, deployment, migration, and testing.
  • Using tools like SVN for version control and collaboration among multiple development teams.

Our engagement models

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Time & Material

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