25 years of Technology and Innovation

Cloud services company
specializing in enterprise
software and emerging tech

Since its foundation in 1994, Congruent has been a reliable IT service provider. Over the years it has grown into a partner of choice for industry-leading enterprises, SMBs, and ISVs for IT consulting and building next-gen enterprise solutions on cloud. The state-of-the-art digital products & experiences that Congruent designs and engineers, accounts for an impeccable digital transformation. We firmly believe that our success is directly proportional to the level of satisfaction our clients get. We strive to build not just partnership, but relations that are founded on clarity, trust and commitment to excellence.

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Congruent was founded by Mani, a technologist with a vision of creating a one-stop-shop for all business technology needs, who is still involved with customers at a personal level. Mani has been associated with software development, business analysis, business process implementation and project management since 1985.

It is Mani’s driving force and focus towards finding the best technical and fiscally reasonable solutions, that has established Congruent as one of the most dependable technology partners that big brands like 3M, Starbucks, Amazon etc. put their trust in. Since its inception in 1994, Congruent has substantially grown to become a right size company, that is totally agile & capable of easily accommodating needs of any customer, whether it is small, medium, or large enterprise.


We provide Quality, Value based Solutions for the needs of our Customers to improve their business processes, while helping our Employees achieve their Personal Goals, all in congruence with our organization’s focus on quality, professionalism, satisfaction and Fun.

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