Our software product development services

New Software Product Development

  • Get high quality customized software products within the proposed time and budget
  • Review of technical and functional practicality of the software product
  • End-to-end software product development using multiple methodologies and practices including Agile, SCRUM & DevOps

Product Modernization

  • Re-engineer your product with latest technological modules and architecture to remain competitive
  • Evaluation of the existing product development cycle to improve KPIs, thereby making cost efficient
  • Version releases controlled at a balanced pace using Agile & DevOps practices

Migration & Integration

  • Improve organization efficiency by building automatic process/information flow with other systems and software by seamless integration
  • Move from a legacy system to a more advanced technology based or platform-based system to enable automation and to scale up with ease

Quality Analysis & Testing

  • Quality assurance with a balanced composition of manual and automated testing
  • Expert quality testing ensuring product is secure and scalable at ease
  • App monitoring and risk management to improve product life expectancy

Maintenance & Support

  • Dedicated support team fixing bugs/errors and maintaining product stability
  • Process optimization and efficiency maintenance by upgrading/updating to the latest technologies
  • Technical support to existing product users while migrating to the latest version


  • Build secured software with short development cycles by addressing feedbacks instantly and releasing product in quick time
  • Assessment of existing technology stack, automating delivery pipeline and monitoring performanc.
  • Site reliability engineers to ensure undeterred performance of the application and infrastructure creating scalable & reliable software
  • 25+ years in software development & consulting
  • Transparent pricing
  • Flexible engagement models
  • 95% customer retention rate
  • IP protection enforced through strict NDA
  • Highest code quality standards
  • Scrum masters & project managers for smooth project delivery
  • All technology needs met under a single roof
  • Diverse talent across all areas of software development
  • Collaborative and transparent development processes

Scale-up your product development team

To make your product evolve at a better pace, Congruent can support your in-house development team on developing new functionalities as well as help in accelerating your time to market while keeping the cost to a very minimum.

Experienced in building all types of applications

Certified resources on multiple technologies

Support in your time zone

Expertise across multiple industry verticals

What do our customers say?

Many technologies one hub

Our engagement models

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Our success stories

Customized Procurement Management System on Azure Platform

Customer : Not-for-profit Organization

Aimed at eradicating pediatric HIV and AIDS, a global not-for-profit organization struggled to manage its business processes due to an outdated procurement management system. They had limited options for collaboration within the organization leading to more manual tasks. We developed a customized enterprise-grade procurement management system with an easy-to-use interface, offering unlimited customization opportunities. With a role-based user access system, we also ensured better security for their enterprise operations.

Natural Language Processing Solution for Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Customer : Global Manufacturing Company

Renowned for producing abrasives, personal safety equipment, and medical products, a medical device manufacturing company was looking for a solution to access their data from a common source. Also, they were looking to locate tokens for coding from their internal records. We built an interface using the ReactJs framework, helping users to access each patient's records. Further, we developed an NLP solution for locating tokens from their documents. This solution connected the billing and care segments of the company, ensuring consistent data collection and a focused patient care process.

Supply Chain Application on AWS Platform

Customer : Multinational Conglomerate

With over 60,000 products in the fields of safety, transportation & electronics, health care, and consumer goods, an American multinational conglomerate was looking for a standalone tool to store all data of their supply chain model. Additionally, they were limited in terms of time & capacity-based work applications. We developed a web-centered app to identify the demand for the finished goods in their work centers. Also, we built time-based and capacity-based models to measure the ratio of work hours available and the amount of supply required against the available units for production.

Molecular Detection System (MDS) Application

Customer : Multinational Conglomerate

A renowned global organization combined unique technologies to build a solution to detect pathogens with better efficiency. This detection system used by lab technicians should be easy to use and work together as a single system to derive more accurate results and increase productivity. Managing the entire application development lifecycle, we used the latest technologies for programming, user experience, and database, delivering an advanced detection solution.

Project Management Solution for a Steel Detailing Group

Customer : Steel Detailing Company

A structural steel detailing company needed a comprehensive end-to-end solution to store a large volume of drawings from customers. The system must handle fast data extraction and extensive reporting abilities to support their needs. We built an integrated project management solution with the ability to access data across different locations from a single solution. An automatic reviewing system to track updates and a portal to access the status of projects with the advantage of role-based security access made the business process more efficient.

Automotive Management System on Azure

Customer : Multinational Conglomerate

A specialist in providing automotive body shop work, the organization was looking to upgrade towards cutting-edge cloud infrastructure technology. They were also looking to address problems related to low bandwidth and multilingual accessibility. We implemented a scalable microservices architecture with individual databases for high accessibility and better resilience. The solution converted the existing relational database into Azure, offering better document structure. We also implemented role-based authentication for users under each department.

RFID-Based Asset Tracking Solution

Customer : Multinational Conglomerate

A North American conglomerate with products and services across various industries required an asset-tracking solution to manage its vast set of products. The system needs to check and sort books into their respective sections. We developed an RFID-based asset-tracking solution to monitor the books, update the inventory and manage their history records. We also developed an easy-to-use interface for check-in and avail printed acknowledgment slips. The solution used lesser time for checking and sorting books helping to improve overall efficiency.

Interactive Healthcare Application on Azure

Customer : Multinational Conglomerate

An American conglomerate renowned for building products for industrial safety, health care, and consumer goods required a healthcare application for orthodontists and dental professionals. The application required a dynamics workflow system with the ability to read dental images and access the interface based on user authentication. We implemented an interactive application for doctor-patient interaction while storing the relevant information in Azure storage. We also built a 3D viewer for the dental images and provided a role-based access system for staff members.

What kind of software products we develop?

  • Business intelligence solutions
  • Supply chain management tools
  • Cloud integrated products
  • Content management solutions
  • Project management Tools
  • Wearable gadget products
  • Enterprise portal development
  • Business automation solutions
  • Customer facing apps
  • Online CRM & ERP tools
  • Data management product
  • IoT solutions
  • Line of business & add-on solutions
  • Help desk and chat support
  • Industry specific solutions


  • Why software product development matters?-

    To attract new customers & gain a competitive advantage, Software product development is ideal to handle new opportunities by moving towards latest processes and technologies. By developing a highly customized solution, the user is delighted with performance & procedures that are in line with his business operations.

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