Streamlining Salesforce App Development - Congruent Helps a Salesforce ISV Reduce Costs and Accelerate Time to Market

Technology Used

Lightning Web Components (LWC), Visual Force Page (VF Page), Apex, Apex Governor Limits for performance tuning, SOAP and REST APIs, Salesforce SOQL, SOSL, Ajax Toolkit for DML, Angular / Angular JS for UI, Telerik Kendo Grid, Visual Studio Core, GitHub, JIRA

The solution is listed in AppExchange marketplace, jointly developed by Congruent and the customer to replicate and extend the functionality of Salesforce List View with “customizable actions”.


Software – Revenue Lifecycle

Customer Profile

The customer is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that drives predictable revenue by aligning processes, teams, and technology under a unified data model throughout the revenue management lifecycle. Customer specializes in business process automation and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Tools.

Customer Situation

  • Customer faced challenges with the usability and performance limitations of the Salesforce List View when handling large volumes of data
  • The customer needed a customizable and independent add-on product to improve the cumbersome usability of the Salesforce Approval process in multiple tabs while leveraging its look-and-feel, catering to their internal needs
  • Needed a software outsourcing partner who could understand their product and further develop it, while also providing access to a wider pool of Salesforce development resources
  • Seeking to reduce development costs and achieve a faster time to market for their product

Congruent’s Solution for Salesforce App Development

  • We quickly assembled a team with the necessary technical skills that aligned with the product development requirements and customer expectations. Our developers demonstrated a deep understanding of the product and customer domain, enabling them to immediately initiate the product development process
  • Congruent assisted with various stages of the product development lifecycle, including new product development, enhancements, feature updates, testing, and ongoing support and maintenance
  • Congruent's technical expertise enabled them to successfully address the limitations related to volume handling and batch updates in the Salesforce List View
  • To ensure optimal performance, Congruent followed industry best practices for code optimization, effectively sidestepping the notorious Governor Limits
  • Provided support for all Salesforce objects and enriched the application with additional features such as customizable actions
  • Congruent built a Salesforce Approval add-on using VF Pages and LWC, along with workflow automation for creating and executing approval processes. We also delivered additional features via “seamless email approvals” to simplify the approval process
  • Our developers' prior experience in AppExchange security review not only ensured the successful passing of the stringent security assessment for the app we developed but also left the customer highly satisfied
  • We helped the customer build and publish 2 add-on products in AppExchange
  • What began as a small project has now evolved into a 10-member team, with the project continuing for over 18 months. Through our long-term partnership, the customer has successfully developed and released 3 modules focused on revenue lifecycle management

Benefits of Our Salesforce App Development

  • Cost Optimization - Reduced development costs by optimizing development processes and efficient resource allocation
  • Timely Release - Efficient development approach and technical expertise contributed to a faster time-to-market
  • Customer was able to maintain a competitive edge in their vertical
  • The customer had access to technically skilled resources throughout the project duration, both for development purposes and for ongoing support and maintenance after the release
  • Improved user experience and increased customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced Performance of their product

Conguent’s Key Challenges

  • Reverse engineer and deep-dive into the code-base to understand the functionality
  • Arriving at criteria for performance tuning
  • Significantly troubleshoot to uncover functional issues / bugs that we also ended up fixing
  • Deep-dive into the code-base to figure out performance and security issues and provide solutions for the same
  • Availability of personnel to explain the issues and lack of documentation

Team Size

  • Composite from Congruent & Customer
  • Four-member team from Congruent

Project Duration

  • Eighteen months for development
  • Currently In Support and Maintenance mode