Need help migrating to Azure?

We can help in these areas,

  • Advisory services
  • Migrate data, infrastructure and apps
  • Azure AD, SSO and MFA
  • Modernize apps and systems
Want to leverage the power of Azure?

We can help in these areas,

  • Modernize legacy apps and systems
  • Build new apps on Azure
  • Integrate your business apps
  • Data warehousing, Big data and analytics
  • Automate and optimize with DevOps
Looking for Ongoing-support?

We can help in these areas,

  • Managed services
  • Azure Optimization
  • Flexible support plans

Tailored consulting


Our team of experienced consultants can help you embrace the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and achieve true cloud transformation for your business

Building SaaS Applications

We leverage Azure App Services to develop multi-tenant SaaS applications critical applications like Web Apps, Mobile Apps, API Apps, and Logic Apps

Application Re-Engineering

Host & re-engineer your existing business application while enhancing / retaining the features and values of the application


Congruent can help you integrate cloud-based and on-prem applications, data and processes within your enterprise to enhance business productivity

Managed Services

Our Azure managed services can help you minimize infrastructure costs and manage governance & risk involved in cloud environments.


Our experienced Azure DevOps engineers can help you drastically reduce your delivery time with smarter plan and enhanced collaboration backed by advanced development tools from Azure DevOps platform.


We can help you seamlessly migrate the on-prem Active Directory environment to Azure Active Directory, on-prem data center to Azure cloud, entire infrastructure to cloud or setup a hybrid cloud model, migrate apps/data from other Cloud platforms and more

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure
platform for your Big data, IoT and
AI initiatives

Azure as a data platform offers a comprehensive set of tools to manage various data sources and develop the most advanced big data solution for your business. Microsoft Azure is a robust platform that can transform raw data from various sources into game-changing insights when powered by machine learning tools. You can also manage a massive quantity of data and process information at an impressive level of speed.

  • Congruent is experienced in performing big data analytics with tools like SQL Data Warehouse, Data Factory, Azure BLOB Storage, Azure Databricks, Azure Cosmos DB, and Power BI.
  • Experienced in various data sources, data storage on Azure, data integration, data models, visualizations, and reporting.
  • Data security, business continuity, and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Design and develop Azure applications powered by machine intelligence.
  • Enable your business to connect and monitor your IoT devices with the help of Azure IoT suite.
  • Gold Certified Microsoft Partner
  • Certified Microsoft Azure consultants with industry know-how
  • 25+ years of Microsoft Tech expertise
  • Serving enterprises across various industries and countries
  • We never compromise on quality
  • All Microsoft technology needs are met under a single roof
  • Highly collaborative project management approach

Consulting Services

  • Cloud architecture consulting
  • Custom solution implementation
  • Migration assessment & strategy
  • Database migration
  • Solution and tool identification

Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications On Azure

  • Consulting on SaaS application
  • Development and deployment
  • Multi-tenant architecture enablement
  • Third-party integration
  • Native & hybrid mobile apps

Azure Migration Services

  • Asses existing architecture & prioritize apps for migration
  • Design / develop a tailored Azure environment to meet your requirements
  • Application rehosting

Azure Application Development Services

  • Quick POC prototypes
  • Custom Web apps using ASP.NET, Node.js, PHP or Python
  • Tailored cloud apps for Azure Marketplace
  • Custom web apps to integrate with existing applications

Azure Application Re-Architecting Services

  • Re-architect legacy applications into cloud-native apps
  • Lift & shift on-premises applications to Azure infrastructure
  • Optimize existing cloud apps for better performance with our Azure services

Managed Cloud Services For Azure Platform

  • Complete Azure infrastructure management
  • Cloud application management
  • Azure solutions for security monitoring
  • Account and subscription usage optimization
  • Cloud storage management
  • Billing and invoicing

Azure DevOps Platform

  • Deploying the right team, skill sets, tools, and processes
  • Effective work assignment, planning, tracking, and management
  • Build, test, and deploy DevOps CI/CD pipeline
  • Optimized release management

Our success stories

Customized Procurement Management System On Azure Platform

Customer: Not-for-profit Organization

Aimed at eradicating pediatric HIV and AIDS, a global not-for-profit organization struggled to manage its business processes due to an outdated procurement management system. They had limited options for collaboration within the organization leading to more manual tasks. We developed a customized enterprise-grade procurement management system with an easy-to-use interface, offering unlimited customization opportunities. With a role-based user access system, we also ensured better security for their enterprise operations.

Interactive healthcare application on azure

Customer: Multinational Conglomerate

An American conglomerate renowned for building products for industrial safety, health care, and consumer goods required a healthcare application for orthodontists and dental professionals. The application required a dynamics workflow system with the ability to read dental images and access the interface based on user authentication. We implemented an interactive application for doctor-patient interaction while storing the relevant information in Azure storage. We also built a 3D viewer for the dental images and provided a role-based access system for staff members.

Automotive Management System on Azure

Customer: Multinational Conglomerate

A specialist in providing automotive body shop work, the organization was looking to upgrade towards cutting-edge cloud infrastructure technology. They were also looking to address problems related to low bandwidth and multilingual accessibility. We implemented a scalable microservices architecture with individual databases for high accessibility and better resilience. The solution converted the existing relational database into Azure, offering better document structure. We also implemented role-based authentication for users under each department.

Why do you need
Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a set of products and services that help organizations with digital transformation. It contains serverless, SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS cloud computing services that offer advanced analytics, storage, computing solutions and more. Azure can support or replace your on-premise servers with a solution that is easy to scale, flexible, and highly secure at affordable pricing (pay-per-usage model). Microsoft Azure is gaining more popularity among enterprises because of its vast technical capabilities and its ability to integrate with other Microsoft solutions.

Why Microsoft Azure
for your business?

Faster Deployments

Design, develop, deploy, and manage apps instantaneously

Seamless Integration

Seamless and secure integration with tons of SaaS applications in the market


Azure fits perfectly for business operations of any size. Local stores to large enterprises

Highly Secured Cloud

Data security and disaster recovery solutions like no other service provider

Saves Time And Cost

Azure Automation runbooks eliminates the need to manually monitor and manage resources in the cloud environment. Saves time and reduces expenses

Pay As You Grow

Pay as you consume, scale up, or scale-down resources as per your business fluctuations. Azure infrastructure is built for flexibility.

Unlimited capabilities

Build, deploy & manage solutions with frameworks and coding languages of your choice

Steady adoption across industries

Focused on addressing industry-specific challenges, Azure helps you to build advanced solutions, improve efficiency and make better decisions

Future focused

Continuous expansion of solutions and services within the Azure platform helps you to innovate and plan enhanced solutions for the future

Hybrid Cloud

Work with multiple cloud environments and existing on-premise systems by integrating and managing your environments using Azure Hybrid capability

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