New to Azure?
  • Advisory services
  • Setup and configure
  • Migrate data, infrastructure and apps
  • Azure AD, ADFS, B2C, SSO, MFA
  • Modernize systems and apps
Enhance existing setup?
  • Performance health check
  • Build and deploy apps
  • Modernize legacy apps
  • APIs
  • Integrate apps
  • Data and analytics
  • Security
  • DevOps and automations
  • Establish best practices
Ongoing support?
  • Managed services
  • Optimize Azure
  • Optimize Costs
  • Flexible support plans

Get your Azure needs met with expert consulting services

Our Azure consulting services accelerates your cloud adoption. Our Azure consultants help you get the most from the platform. They handle your cloud setup, develop solutions and provide ongoing support. Get expert assistance in:

  • Strategic Azure advisory
  • Seamless migration
  • Software development
  • Modernize apps
  • Data analytics
  • Infrastructure management
  • DevOps automation
  • Cost optimization
  • Azure security
  • Azure governance
  • Managed services

Tailored consulting services


Get expert consulting advice to help you gain the most from Azure. We ensure effective utilization of your Azure investment.

Building SaaS Applications

Build secure and scalable SaaS applications on Azure. We can help you build Web Apps, Mobile Apps, API Apps, and Logic Apps.

Application Re-Engineering

Host & re-engineer your existing business application on cloud. We can help enhance/retain the features and values of the application.


Integrate cloud and on-premise apps, data and process with Azure. This helps enhance business performance.

Managed Services

Use managed services to minimize infrastructure costs. It helps manage governance & risk involved in cloud environments.


Adopt Azure DevOps practice to reduce your delivery time. Achieve enhanced teamwork with advanced tools from Azure DevOps platform.


Migrate apps, data and infrastructure seamlessly to cloud. We can help migrate entire infrastructure to cloud or do a hybrid model.

Data & Analytics

Get insights from your data to make informed decisions. Leverage AI and ML to get more clarity into your business.

Why choose us for Azure consulting services?

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

High Quality Standards

Vast Technology Expertise

Azure Experts with Industry Know-How

25+ Years of Microsoft Tech Expertise

Working Experience with SMBs & Enterprises

Cloud Architecture

  • Cloud architecture consulting
  • Architecture design
  • Migration assessment & strategy
  • Azure Cloud Solutions

Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications on Azure

  • Consulting on SaaS application
  • Development and deployment
  • Multi-tenant architecture enablement
  • Third-party integration
  • Native & hybrid mobile apps


  • Development and test environment
  • Hybrid environment
  • Website hosting
  • Storage and backup
  • Big data & analytics
  • Batch processing


  • Development framework - web & mobile
  • Data analytics
  • IoT applications
  • Logic apps

Azure Migration Services

  • Application rehosting
  • Optimize Azure environment with re-platforming
  • Re-architect existing apps
  • Move apps to the SaaS platform by repurchasing
  • Backup and disaster recovery management
  • POC prototypes
  • Custom web apps using ASP.NET, Node.js, PHP or Python
  • Tailored cloud apps for Azure marketplace
  • Custom web apps to integrate with existing applications

Azure Application Re-Architecting Services

  • Re-architect legacy applications into cloud-native apps
  • Lift & shift on-premises applications to Azure
  • Optimize existing cloud apps for better performance

Managed Cloud Services for Azure Platform

  • Complete Azure infrastructure management
  • Cloud application management
  • Azure solutions for security monitoring
  • Optimize account and subscription usage
  • Cloud storage management
  • Billing and invoicing

Azure DevOps Platform

  • Deploying the right team, skill sets, tools, and processes
  • Effective work assignment, planning, tracking, and management
  • Build, test, and deploy DevOps CI/CD pipeline
  • Optimized release management

Azure Analytics

  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure Analysis Services
  • Data Lake Analytics

Azure Security

  • Identity & access roles monitoring
  • Storage access management
  • Database security
  • Workload & virtual machine protection
  • Cloud network security
  • Compliance using Azure Information Protection

Azure Optimization

  • Azure environment assessment
  • Optimize Workloads
  • Optimize Resources
  • Optimize Costs

Azure Governance

  • Azure Policy for resource governance
  • Azure management groups
  • Azure Resource Graph for resource insights
  • Azure cost management and billing

Our success stories in Azure consulting services

Customized Procurement Management System on Azure Platform

Customer's Requirements:

  • Struggled with outdated procurement management system
  • Limited options to collaborate within the group
  • Increased reliance on manual tasks

Our Solution:

  • Customized enterprise-grade procurement management system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive options to customize
  • Role-based user access for enhanced security

Interactive Healthcare Application on Azure

Customer's Requirements:

  • Healthcare application for dental experts
  • Workflow system for reading dental images
  • Interface access based on user ID

Our Solution:

  • Interactive application for doctor-patient interaction
  • Relevant information stored in Azure storage
  • 3D viewer for dental images
  • Role-based access system for staff members

Automotive Management System on Azure

Customer's Requirements:

  • Upgrade to cloud technology
  • Address low bandwidth
  • Multilingual access issues

Our Solution:

  • Implemented scalable architecture
  • Enhanced access through separate databases
  • Enhanced resilience of the system
  • Migrated existing relational database to Azure
  • Improved document structure
  • Introduced role-based department-specific access

Azure managed IT services

Strategic Planning

We assess your Azure environment while you focus on business growth. We elevate your cloud experience by optimizing cost and security.

Administer Azure Environment

Manage your Azure framework by monitoring data flows through Azure. We back up data stored in Azure resources, & scale up / down servers.

Optimize Usage

Optimize usage by leveraging Azure Hybrid benefits. Proactive autoscaling, & closing idle resources ensures efficiency.

Proactive monitoring

Using Azure monitoring tools, we ensure your environment is secure. We generate reports measuring resources usage and performance.

Customer Support

Technical support & prompt issue resolution for all your Azure components.

Development phases of our Azure Solution Architecture

Setting Up Azure Services

Access Azure portal by signing up for an Azure subscription. Use it to manage services like computing resources & data storage.

Azure Resource Assignment

Use Azure portal or Command Line Interface to assign resources. Configure security through networks, use virtual machines for computing.

Managing Azure Resources

Orchestrate & automate resource assignment using Azure automation tools. Some tools include Azure Resource Manager & Azure Blueprints.

Review and Enhance Azure Environment

Use Azure Advisor & Security Center to review Azure set up. Use Azure Monitor to get real-time system performance, health, & security.

Steps Involved In Our Azure Consulting Process

Identify Business Challenge

Are you looking to adopt Azure to address your business needs? Our Azure experts can share tips on how to utilize Azure better.

Choose the ideal plan

Assess your needs, your expertise, and work model. Opt for the best solution that suits your business from our options.

Pilot Project

Build pilot solutions to minimize potential disruption. It helps to test solution's usefulness before deployment.

Design, Deploy and Optimize

We design, develop, and deploy Azure solutions. And assist with ongoing support, maintenance, and future upgrades.

Talk to our Dedicated Azure Experts

Engage with our senior experts to improve & enhance your Azure system.

Expertise in Microsoft ecosystem

Benefits of Azure

Faster Deployments

Design, develop, deploy, and manage apps faster.

Seamless Integration

Seamless and secure integration with tons of applications in the market.


Azure fits for business operations of any size.

Secured Cloud

Data security and disaster recovery like no other.

Saves Time and Cost

Azure Automation runbook eliminates manual monitoring. Saves time and reduces expenses.

Pay as You Grow

Pay as you consume. Scale up or scale-down resources as per your business fluctuations.

Unlimited Potential

Build and manage solutions with frameworks and coding languages of your choice.

Steady Adoption Across Industries

Azure helps you to build industry-specific advanced solutions.

Future Focused

Azure platform helps you to innovate and plan enhanced solutions for the future.

Hybrid Cloud

Work with multiple cloud environments and existing on-premise systems. Integrate and manage your environments using Azure Hybrid.