New to Power BI?

We can help you with,

  • Advisory services
  • Setup and implementation
  • Migration to Power BI
  • Apps Integration
  • Data prep
  • Basic to advanced reports
  • Role-based dashboards
Want to enhance existing setup?

We can help you with,

  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Setting up recurring reports
  • Data Management
  • DAX, MDX
  • Custom visualizations
Require ongoing support?

We can help you with,

  • Continuous support & maintenance
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Data and performance optimization
  • Flexible support plans
Looking for staff augmentation?

We can help you by,

  • Providing consultants & developers
  • Scaling up/down resources as needed

Our Power BI consulting team helps you find the answers to your business-critical questions. It’s a challenge for any business to gain insights from a massive source of data present in different silos. In order to make the raw data ready for consumption, one requires connecting multiple data sources, preparation, processing, and presenting them in visual representation. This can be accomplished with the help of expert consultants, and the implementation of Microsoft Power BI for data visualization.

The experts, analysts, developers, and visualization architects from our team help you uncover the insights hidden in your data by working closely with you. Our consulting services address your needs and enable users to consume and analyze a wide spectrum of live data through intuitive dashboards, visualizations, and interactive reports.

Why choose us for Power BI consulting services?

Congruent is one of the early adopters of Power BI, providing comprehensive services to clients since 2011. We also have expertise in providing services on the complete Microsoft Business Intelligence stack for over a decade. This has enabled us to gain in-depth knowledge and experience in working with clients from different industries and addressing their unique requirements. Our experts collect all kinds of data regardless of their complexity and present them in a manner that makes identifying trends and patterns easy for users.

14+ Years of experience in Microsoft business intelligence services

Got started with Power BI since its first release

Large in-house team of consultants, architects, and developers

Complete assessment of your requirements

Implementation feasibility check

Devising comprehensive strategy for implementation

Complete transparency at every step

Global delivery model

Priority based support services

Our Power BI service offerings


  • Identifying requirements and devising strategy
  • Roadmap development
  • Data analysis & strategy
  • Integration consulting
  • Feasibility check
  • Selecting the right tools

Power BI Implementation

  • Power BI setup
  • ETL / ELT
  • User management
  • Performance tuning

Custom Development

  • Custom Power BI solutions
  • Advanced data modeling with DAX
  • Template development

Power BI Migration

  • Existing BI systems & data sources assessment
  • Migration plan & strategy development
  • Legacy systems to Power BI migration
  • Report & dashboard migration
  • User permissions & security settings migration

Visualization & Reporting

  • Interactive Reporting
  • Role-centric dashboard
  • Drill-through & drill-down reports
  • Schema design

Power BI Integration

  • PowerApps
  • Powers Automate
  • Dynamics 365
  • SharePoint
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • GitHub & other data sources

Mobile Apps Development

  • Custom branding & user experience
  • Integration with other systems or services
  • Custom functionality
  • Security & compliance control implementation

Managed Services

  • Power BI infrastructure management
  • Optimizing Power BI performance and ensuring application availability
  • Monitor security, compliance, and usage of Power BI resources
  • Report & Dashboard Development
  • Management of data sources, datasets, and dataflows
  • Power BI Integration with other systems, applications, and data sources

Power BI Optimization

  • Power BI environment assessment & optimization
  • Workloads optimization
  • Data models optimization
  • Reports & dashboards Optimization

Governance & Security

  • Developing security strategy
  • Access control
  • Data encryption
  • Data governance policies
  • Role-based security

Training & Post Implementation Support

  • ETL QA / Verification
  • Ensuring Data uniformity
  • Load & performance optimization
  • Regular health & security checks
  • Troubleshooting

We help you integrate Power BI with over 200 data sources

Proficient across Microsoft business intelligence tools

  • SQL Server logo SQL Server
  • Azure Event Hubs logo Azure Event Hubs
  • Azure Blob Storage logo Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Cosmos DB logo Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Data Lake Storage logo Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Azure Synapse Analytics logo Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Data Factory logo Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Catalog logo Azure Data Catalog
  • Azure Databricks logo Azure Databricks
  • Azure Analysis Services logo Azure Analysis Services
  • Azure Data Explorer logo Azure Data Explorer
  • Azure Stream Analytics logo Azure Stream Analytics
  • Azure HDInsight logo Azure HDInsight
  • Azure Data Lake Analytics logo Azure Data Lake Analytics
  • Azure Data Share logo Azure Data Share
  • Azure Machine Learning logo Azure Machine Learning

Our Power BI implementation approach

Our implementation service is initiated with a small proof of concept. This provides you with the opportunity to experience Power BI quickly in a cost effective way.


Requirement Gathering

Our team of Power BI consultants analyzes your business and determines your specific requirements from Power BI to devise strategy.


Proof of Concept

Provisioning and configuration of Power BI POC tailored to your requirements.



Integration of other business systems with Power BI for POC.


Data Model Creation

Creation of POC data model using one or two of your own data sources, providing initial insights into your data.


Dashboard Development

Creation of dashboard with few visualizations using the POC data model.


Roadmap Development

Devising detailed roadmap for your Power BI implementations project to ensure successful implementation.

Who can benefit from our Power BI implementation service?

Existing Users

If you have already adopted Power BI but are facing challenges with customization and optimizations. Our expert consultants can help you overcome your challenges by leveraging our expertise.

New Users

If you are planning to embark on your Power BI journey, our professional consulting services can help you. We'll assist and guide you through each stage, from implementation to support.

Some examples of how different industries can benefit from Power BI


Analyze data to meet changing customer demands, expectations, pricing, and inventory to maximize sales, profits, and customer loyalty.


Track the key indicators such as machine utilization, process efficiency, costs, inventory levels, losses etc. to take corrective measures and optimize the overall process.

Energy & Utilities

Collect and analyze data in real-time to improve operations, maximize profitability, and increase customer retention.


Monitor patients' health status and progress during sickness in real-time with insights gathered from data.

Some examples of how different industries can benefit from Power BI

Our Power BI success stories

Predictive analytics solution

Predictive Analytics Solution

Customer : Food Manufacturing Company

The customer is a multinational bakery product manufacturing company. They had unstructured sales data and needed an analytics solution that could provide them with critical insights into their sales performance by different dimensions like geography, agency, channel, product, etc. We performed data extraction, data cleansing, developed data dimensions, and integrated data sources into Power BI to create KPIs.

Developed BI and Data Warehousing Solution

Developed BI and Data Warehousing Solution

Customer : Manufacturing Company

Based in North America, the customer is in the business of manufacturing digital displays, electronic scoreboards, and LED signs. They had a massive amount of data in their ERP and other applications integrated with ERP. They needed a BI/DW solution that could provide timely information to all the users. We developed various data marts and a centralized BI solution and helped the customer revamp the reports for better usage and performance.

Architecture, Data Modeling, Development, And Business Analysis

Architecture, Data Modeling, Development, and Business Analysis

Customer : Manufacturing Company

The customer GEA Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of processing technology for the food industry and a wide range of other industries. They had business intelligence requirements related to report generation and data integration with other enterprise applications. We designed and developed Data Warehouse, integrated data from different sources, designed reports, and more.

Role-based interactive Power BI dashboards to boost your operational efficiency

Whether it is the top management, mid management, or any other stakeholder in any department within the organization, our team will help optimize Power BI reports, allowing them to dive deeper into advanced analytics for meaningful insights.

Our team of experts design and develop role-based customized dashboards for every user in your organization, bringing the right information to the right person at right the time.

  • Business Users - All the relevant information is delivered in the form of interactive reports and dashboards that can be drilled down. The access and visualization are customized according to different levels of executives, managers, and non-managerial users.
  • Information Technology - Our services aim to simplify management and administration, facilitate compliance adherence, and grant users access with the utmost level of data security achievable.
  • Domain Specific - Whether it is sales, marketing, finance, or any other division in your organization, we empower the respective users by integrating the relevant data sources, applications, and platforms to convert raw data into scorecards & dashboards.

Congruent, as a certified partner, can assist you in planning and implementing Power BI strategies for the best ROI.

Do you need Power BI consulting services ?

Today, regardless of their size, businesses are driven by data. Those who have a proper business intelligence solution in place, can uncover the key information buried deep inside their raw data. This helps businesses to identify problem areas and make business critical decisions in a timely manner. On the other hand, if a business doesn’t have the right tools in place, they often struggle with identifying / prioritizing the problem areas to focus on and address. If you are struggling to identify the right inferences from complex / unstructured data, then we as your consulting partner can perform wonders for you.

Our experts enable visualization of relevant information from different data sources and silos. This gives you a competitive advantage of precisely identifying gaps & opportunities through dashboards & data visualizations.

Power BI consulting dashboard

Domain Expertise

Microsoft certified professionals with skills honed over a decade

Advanced Analytics

Leverage Power BI’s advanced analytical features

Latest Features & Reports

Make the most out of the latest / updated features released by Microsoft

Scalability & Flexibility

Option to scale-up/down the team based on your project needs

Customized Dashboard

Tailor-made industry / user-specific dashboards and reports

Better Insights

We gather, clean / organize and present data in an easy-to-understand format

Highlights of our Power BI integration capabilities

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud based database solution, and Power BI offers a wide range of built-in Azure connectors. If your business uses Azure Services, our team can help you visualize Azure data to derive business insights by integrating Power BI with Azure.

Dynamics 365

Our Power BI consultants help you leverage it using the data available within Dynamics 365, a prominent ERP & CRM platform from Microsoft. Being a certified Microsoft partner, we are competent in integrating Power BI with Dynamics 365 and providing self-service analytics.


SharePoint is one of the widely used collaborative platforms. There is a huge amount of data inflow from SharePoint Online. Like with raw data sourced from other sources, data flowing in from SharePoint also holds a lot of information hidden within that can be leveraged for business performance improvement. Congruent is competent in integrating SharePoint data with Power BI to bring you hidden insight through powerful visualization.


Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM tool. If your business uses Salesforce and wants to visualize the data present in Salesforce through Power BI, we can help you achieve your objectives. Utilizing Power BI’s in-built Salesforce connector, our experts bring you the business insights hidden in your Salesforce data.

Helping you with Power BI licensing

Identifying and choosing the right licensing between Power BI Desktop, Pro, and Premium could sometimes become overwhelming as you may get surrounded by many questions such as, what tool to choose? How do they differ? etc. Our team can help you identify and acquire the right license for you / your organization.

Power BI (Free)


The free version provides users with access to My Workplace content, functioning as a personal sandbox for report creation and interacting with them. However, reports created using the free license are not viewable or shareable with other users within the organization.

Power BI Pro


Apart from report and dashboard creation, the Pro license offers the functionality to share reports with users throughout the organization and interact with reports and dashboards created by other Pro license holders.

Power BI Premium


This license comes in two forms, per user based, and per capacity based. This gives the user access to insights with advanced AI. This also offers self service data preparation for big data with simplified data management and access at the enterprise level.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

It is a cloud-based Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tool from Microsoft. It is a widely popular tool among businesses of all sizes. When it comes to analyzing & visualizing raw data to derive actionable information, there is hardly any other tool that offers similar ease of use and flexibility. It also comes with multiple in-built connectors and features, that make integration with varied data sources and platforms possible. Some of its benefits are:

What is Microsoft Power BI?
  • Microsoft releases regular updates
  • Provides Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities
  • More economical compared to competing platforms
  • License structure that suits virtually everyone’s needs
  • Similar interface like Office 365 makes it user friendly
  • Ability to connect with a huge variety of data sources
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing business systems
  • Ability to publish reports securely

In addition to SaaS based version, it also has a desktop version, which can be downloaded and installed like any other native application or software.


  • How can a Power BI consultant help me? -

    Our Power BI consultants assist you in visualizing, comprehending, and utilizing your data through interactive dashboards and reports. They develop and deploy Power BI solutions, ensuring data accuracy, efficient data management, and user-friendly interfaces to facilitate decision-making.

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  • What kinds of problems can your Power BI post-implementation support assist with? +
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