Our CPQ consulting services can help you with configuring and deploying quote-to-cash & billing solutions customized for your specific business needs. Our services can take your sales operations and organization to the next level in the cloud by efficiently implementing CPQ, Billing, and Revenue Cloud. At Congruent, Salesforce consultants possess in-depth knowledge of CPQ solutions and offer high-quality services that empower your sales team to create sales quotes swiftly without any errors. Our Salesforce CPQ professionals are certified consultants with a strong track record of successfully implementing various complex quoting processes.

Salesforce CPQ and billing implementation services

Our Salesforce experts can help your business eliminate errors in the quote generation process and create new business proposals, contracts, and renewals at an incredible speed. With Salesforce Revenue Cloud, which offers access to both CPQ and Billing, you can configure prices and send quotes through a branded document to elevate your customer experience. We can also create a tailored experience for your sales reps by enabling them to create quotes/prices for any order quickly and accurately with the help of our certified Salesforce CPQ developers.

CPQ Consulting

Build efficient CPQ solutions with our consultants. We can help you extend your sales team’s capabilities by developing a structured and robust sales process to maximize your revenue.

Salesforce CPQ Configuration

We can help you manage complex products, calculate prices and generate quotes by configuring CPQ to your unique business requirements. We will streamline and automate all manual sales processes to save time and avoid errors.

Salesforce CPQ & Billing Implementation

Our Salesforce consultants can provide CPQ implementation services to develop a solution that can lower the time taken by the quoting process and assist you in identifying new revenue opportunities.

Salesforce CPQ & Billing Customization

Whether it is basic or highly complex customization, our certified Salesforce developers can customize a CPQ solution with standard and out-of-the-box features to satisfy your business requirements.

Salesforce CPQ Integration

Congruent will aid you in seamlessly integrating your CPQ solutions to already existing sales applications to boost productivity and unlock more value from your existing ERP and CRM investments.

Salesforce CPQ & Billing Maintenance

Focus on your business while we manage your Salesforce CPQ solution. We can help you with CPQ administration, setting up a new product, configuration, customizations, data/security management, and more.

Why choose Congruent for Salesforce CPQ consulting?

17+ Years of experience in implementing CRM solutions

Dedicated Salesforce team, with certified Salesforce developers and experts, at your service

With 25+ years of experience in software development, we deliver cost-effective quality outcomes every time

Great flexible engagement options for CPQ solution development

Congruent has a proven track record of successful Salesforce CPQ implementation

We provide a wide range of Salesforce related services that include Salesforce Implementation, Administration, Customization, Force.com Development, Integration, Migrations, and Support

Why do you need a Salesforce CPQ solution?

  • Salesforce CPQ can help you overcome problems associated with lengthy sales processes, outdated information, pricing & quotes error
  • Guided selling implemented in Salesforce CPQ streamlines the product or service selection process
  • Organize product bundles with ease and upsell the right mix of products & services to the right customers
  • Automate quote creation for subscriptions and renewals
  • Salesforce CPQ enables you to quickly create concise business proposals and contracts for your customers
  • With Advanced Order Management you can split a single quote into multiple orders and send products to different locations or at various times
  • Salesforce CPQ offers better control over creating quotes
  • Automate all manual workflow with Salesforce CPQ and eliminate human errors
  • Close more deals faster with a reduced quote to cash time

Our Salesforce CPQ solution implementation steps

Choosing a CPQ solution to shorten your sales cycle is a smart choice. You can skip all the time-consuming manual processes involved in a sales cycle. With our Salesforce CPQ implementation services, your team gets a complete 360 degree of the sales performances and predicts future revenue generation opportunities.

Implementing such a complex solution is not an easy task. You need an expert to guide you through various stages of Salesforce CPQ implementation.


Establishing your CPQ Goals

Why do you need a CPQ solution? What are your sales goals? We will work closely with you to understand your existing sales process and how we can make it better with Salesforce CPQ.

  • Shorten sales cycle
  • Speed up your quote creation time
  • Eliminate pricing and quote errors
  • Increase upselling of products/services

Configuring your CPQ Solution

We will make an overall assessment of everything as soon as the workflow is set. Our Salesforce developers will learn about your entire portfolio of products which includes SKUs, all the value-added services, contracts to payment types, pricing, discounts, and terms. We will work with your product experts and sales team to understand buyer behavior and identify channels that drive more deals to set pricing rules and configure product bundles into the Salesforce CPQ tool.


Ranking all the Required CPQ Features

As mentioned earlier, Salesforce CPQ is a complex tool and has many features. Implementing and using all the features at once can be overwhelming for the sales team. Since we have established your sales goals, we can rank the features that are in line with goals from most critical to least.


Managing your Data

At the moment your data is scattered across all of your applications. We will make sure that your sales team gets all the right data to generate a quote by identifying what data is required and from where it can be extracted. Next step, we will ensure all the data are made available for transferring between applications like CRM, CPQ, and ERP. We will also make sure that your CPQ is seamlessly integrated with ERP, CRM, and all other third-party applications that are involved in your sales process.



Testing is the key to the successful development of any solution. Our consultants will run the required number of tests to identify all the errors that need to be fixed and address all the required adjustments to the CPQ solution.


Post Implementation Support

Our Salesforce CPQ support team will be there with you even after post-implementation to make sure everything runs smoothly and make any necessary changes to the solution while your sales team can focus on their goal.

CPQ implementation is complex and it can be quite a time/resource-consuming process if you try this on your own. As an experienced Salesforce CPQ implementation partner, our team can provide support to your quote-to-cash solutions on the Salesforce platform from idea to implementation and maintenance. Salesforce experts at Congruent can simplify these implementation steps for you. We can make sure that the billing solutions are seamlessly implemented and integrated into your organization. And then you are fully equipped to compete in your respective domain.