As your business evolves, the need to scale your Salesforce environment also arises, demanding constant updates and meticulous maintenance. The resources and skills required to maintain your Salesforce org will also grow exponentially and addressing them with in-house resources might prove to be a challenge. As an experienced Salesforce partner, Congruent possesses the essential expertise and skills to manage and maintain your Salesforce platform's day-to-day operations for the long term. Our services allow you to concentrate on your core business operations and goals while we ensure that your Salesforce platform experience is seamless, efficient, and risk-free from errors and downtime.

Our Salesforce managed services

Strategic Planning

Our Salesforce managed services entail strategic planning that includes setting clear objectives, evaluating your existing system, designing a roadmap, prioritizing tasks, and executing continuous improvements to optimize your Salesforce environment.

Salesforce Optimization

We will perform an extensive review of your current configurations to ensure that you are maximizing the value of your Salesforce platform by identifying unused/outdated system features and upgrading functionalities when necessary.

Salesforce Administration

Our certified Salesforce administrators can maximize your platform's value by assisting you in managing user access, security, and permissions, customizing Salesforce to meet your specific business requirements, and performing routine maintenance.

Ongoing Maintenance

We perform regular tasks to ensure the smooth performance and stability of your Salesforce platform. Our ongoing maintenance tasks involve bug fixes, system monitoring, data backups, users support, and more.

Custom Salesforce App Development

Helping you with custom development requirements including app development as you scale. We can help you with ideation, design, development, testing, and support.

Classic to Lightning Migration

Congruent can help you make the switch to upgrade your user experience. Migrate your classic user interface, underlying components, and features of the existing Salesforce setup to the Salesforce lightning experience with ease.

Performance Enhancements

We specialize in performance enhancements by continuously monitoring, conducting performance analysis, identifying problem areas, and fine-tuning Salesforce applications for efficient performance.

Certified Experts & Specialists

Our certified experts possess in-depth knowledge, understanding of best practices, and experience to deliver faster resolutions at significantly reduced costs, ensuring that you receive high-quality Salesforce support.

Salesforce Integration

We specialize in Salesforce integration with a wide range of applications, platforms, and systems. With in-depth knowledge of Salesforce's architecture, APIs, and integration tools, our Salesforce developers can accelerate your integration projects toward success.

Salesforce Data management

Effectively manage data within the Salesforce platform with our assistance. We can help you with data cleansing & enrichment, data migration, data integration, data governance, analytics and reporting, and data security.

Release Management

Effective release management strategy designed to deploy new features and functionality of the Salesforce application to provide various benefits, such as the reduced risk of errors/data loss and faster time to market.

User Training & Support

We offer comprehensive user training and support programs for end-users, resulting in increased user engagement with the Salesforce platform and enhanced productivity.

What do you get from Congruent with its Salesforce managed services?

Superior Salesforce Expertise

Our certified Salesforce experts are highly experienced in managing, maintaining, and enhancing Salesforce platforms and you can achieve faster time to market.

Reliable Solutions

Highly reliable and scalable Salesforce solutions that can evolve with your business requirements.

Effective Cost Management

We offer end-to-end managed services and by hiring us you can eliminate the cost of maintaining a large in-house development team.

Enhanced Performance

With our continuous monitoring and optimization of your platform, you will experience enhanced application performance and closer to zero downtime.

Scalable Development Team

Proactive development team that you can scale up or scale down according to the project needs and you can focus on your core business.

Proactive Maintenance

We do not rely on a break/fix approach instead we practice proactive maintenance where we do our best to prevent problems and perform continuous improvement.

We tailor our managed services to meet your specific business needs

Congruent offers customized Salesforce support packages to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our certified experts will study and understand your organization’s business processes, and then design a customized package that can address your ongoing Salesforce support needs. Depending on your needs, our solution can range from basic Salesforce support to end-to-end Salesforce administration. Some of our basic Salesforce support includes:

System Administration

Managing user access, creating custom objects, fields, and workflows, and setting up reports and dashboards.

Data Management

Our experts can perform data cleansing, deduplication, and migration to ensure data accuracy, data quality, and data integrity.


Managing data backups, database optimization, and application updates to ensure smooth performance.

End User Support

Supporting end-users to navigate Salesforce and helping them with smaller tasks such as user access management.


We offer training to new users and existing users to improve their knowledge and usage of Salesforce to maximize productivity.

System Troubleshooting

Identifying and resolving basic issues such as login errors, functional & technical issues, and performance problems.


  • What is Salesforce managed service?-

    Managed service is the ultimate solution for effectively running and managing your Salesforce CRM. It provides comprehensive support to address all platform requirements, ensuring seamless and streamlined business processes. From routine ongoing support to advanced Salesforce integrations, managed service takes care of all your needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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