Salesforce CPQ Solution Developed for an Independent Software Vendor

Technology Used

Force.Com, Apex, Apex Governor Limits for performance tuning, SOAP and REST APIs, Salesforce SOQL, SOSL, JavaScript, Handsontable (XL-like grid handling), Motion for task management

Team Size

5 member maximum team size

Project Duration

Ongoing - started 24 months ago

Congruent provided Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) development services to assist the customer in building a new CPQ solution. Collaborating closely with the customer's architects and QA/Automation teams, Congruent leveraged its deep expertise in CPQ to navigate the complexities of specialized product development.



Customer Profile

The customer offers a revolutionary service quoting solution that solves the age-old problem of lengthy quoting and deal construction processes.

Customer Situation

  • The customer is developing a flavor of CPQ that deals with professional services.
  • Congruent has a deep knowledge of CPQ for products and is uniquely positioned to provide development services for this product.
  • Solution is driven by Rate Cards, Attributes and Activity groups.

Congruent’s Solution

We worked closely with customer’s architects and other QA/Automation teams to help them develop,

  • Automation tools based on the type of quote.
  • Better collaboration with the automation team for higher quality and more efficient use of resources, ensuring faster delivery of product features with higher quality.
  • Components with a high emphasis on reusability.
  • Customizations and extensions to grid handling using handsontable.
  • Custom workflow and approval processes utilizing standard Salesforce Approvals


  • Establishing ongoing relationships across various technology areas with Congruent.
  • Extension of deep CPQ knowledge for products to the customer's solution.
  • Cost-effectiveness through outsourcing development services.
  • Access to a diverse pool of talented, experienced, and certified resources.
  • Achieving scalable and fast delivery coupled with enhanced quality and reliability.

Congruent’s Key Challenge

  • Process changes constantly
  • Very high learning curve

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