Cloud Migration Services

Migrate to cloud with confidence. We ensure your migration is non-disruptive and enable you to minimize your IT costs & take full advantage of cloud.
  • Microsoft Azure

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Reduction in infrastructure costs & enhanced security has encouraged businesses to adopt cloud practice. Through migration, the infrastructure, applications and the business processes are moved to cloud, thereby minimizing infrastructure space & costs, improving performance & maintain highly secure business applications.

Our cloud migration services can resolve any fit gaps with our strategic model which involves cloud assessment, plan and migration execution. Congruent’s expertise extends beyond migration as we provide on-going support & maintenance to help businesses to adopt the cloud mechanism.

Challenges Addressed by Congruent’s Cloud Migration Services

Which cloud platform should I choose?

"Cloud Platform Discovery"

From analyzing your business processes, our cloud architects can suggest which platform to adopt considering factors like compatibility, security, costs & tools involved.

Which apps should be migrated initially?

"App Prioritization"

Congruent’s App Prioritization approach distinguishes applications, servers and its dependencies on other process to ensure which apps to be migrated initially.

Which migration model should I choose?

"Cloud Migration models"

We can migrate your infrastructure, data, applications & platform separately, or can take full responsibility of your entire migration cycle to ensure the process is risk-free.

Our Cloud Migration Services

Congruent has helped many businesses to migrate their workloads to cloud. Whether it is public, private or hybrid cloud, we are capable of handling migrations of any scale and complexity.

Infrastructure Migration

Our cloud architects are efficient in migrating your on-premise IT infrastructure to cloud without any hassle. Furthermore, after re-hosting we also suggest options to enhance your cloud investment & improve performance.

Platform to Platform Migration

To address your growing business needs and to extend your cloud capabilities, our experts can move your applications, tools and processes from one platform to another without hindering the existing functionalities.

Workload Migration

We ensure zero loss of data & no downtime using our re-usable, tested framework which offers robust disaster recovery process if any contingencies occur.

Application Modernization

We can re-architect / modernize your existing apps to enhance it with cloud native technologies, frameworks & functionalities. Migrate your apps with our tested framework of tools & processes ensuring accurate and faster migration to cloud.

Complete Cloud Migration

Our profound methodology & risk-free approach has made several businesses to entrust us with their complete cloud migration, from platform identification to post migration support.

Cloud Monitoring

We can assist you to monitor and manage all your cloud applications, subscriptions that consumes your cloud usage and entire infrastructure.

Our Cloud Migration Process

01Cloud Migration Assessment

Technical Analysis

Analysis on how cloud can help your business, what business needs to fulfil and framing of strategic methodology for adopting cloud in your organization.

Study on Infrastructure

An in-depth research on the existing technologies, scalability, security, risk aversion, disaster recovery processes, automation & monitoring processes.

Cloud Migration Process - Congruent
Cloud Migration Process - Congruent


Architecture Design & Automation

Selecting the cloud platform, creating logical flow diagrams, followed by developing the cloud architecture system.

Automation & Data Migration

Applications are moved, deployed and tested in cloud environment. Less complex to highly complex data are migrated with least downtime.

03Testing & Optimization

Performance testing

The new applications are frequently monitored and tested for any issues related to speed, performance, bugs or any other irregularities.


After migration, the applications are optimized to improve on security, infrastructure, native cloud technologies to add better enhancements for your cloud applications.

Cloud Migration Process - Congruent
Cloud Migration - Congruent

Our Cloud Platform Expertise

With unparalleled experience in the top two cloud platforms, Congruent can take care of your entire cloud adoption journey. Experienced in managing & migrating infrastructure, applications for businesses across multiple verticals, our cloud architects make the entire migration process hassle-free , as well as leverage all the benefits of the cloud ecosystem.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Microsoft Azure

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