Get your data challenges met with expert data engineering services

Our data engineering services assist businesses in overcoming data challenges. They aim to improve user satisfaction and drive business strategies. Get expert help in:

  • Analyzing structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data
  • Overcoming siloed and expensive in-house data infrastructure
  • Scaling your data processing capacity
  • Transforming big data pipelines for intelligent & agile analytics
  • Improving data quality and governance
  • Data lifecycle management

Data engineering services we offer

Data Engineering Consulting

We help you make full use of your data. We assist you to strategize, organize, and manage data better. In addition, we develop expert solutions & predictive systems to generate quicker insights. This enables you to get the highest ROI and drive revenue growth.

Data Collection and Quality

We help pull, cleanse, and integrate all types of data from different sources. We use both streaming and batch-processing models for this purpose. We also specialize in building automated data quality solutions to help with data correction, enrichment, and removal of duplicates.

Data Storage, Integration and ETL/ELT

We extract, transform, and load data into various data systems. The choice of the data system depends on your requirements, type, and volume of data. Our team is also competent in cloud data lake and warehouse implementation.

Data Migration

We assist in migrating data from on-premises or legacy data systems to any desired platform. Our services ensure that no data is lost, and there is minimal downtime. This helps ensure daily business operation without interruption.

Data Pipelines & Orchestration

We build efficient data pipelines to improve query performance and generate quicker insights. Our team assists in automating data ingestion from diverse sources utilizing data connectors and low-code, no-code frameworks. We also process data in batch and real-time using big data and cloud orchestration tools and techniques.


We offer data management and governance to mitigate risks and reduce downtime. Our DataOps services ensure high availability, testing, and monitoring of data operations.

Data Architecture

We assist in implementing a highly accessible architecture. The architecture is scalable, secure, and offers a complete view of data.

Data Analytics

Our services do not stop with just data structuring and processing. We offer a complete service that lets you convert data into insights. Our service helps you to identify patterns and trends accurately. Thus, enabling you to predict the market and adapt accordingly.

Big Data Consulting

We provide complete big data services. Our service includes consulting, implementation, and support services. We assist you in managing and processing large volumes of data in real time.

Performance Optimization

Our services consist of Query optimization, database indexing, and tuning. In addition, we help tune distributed system performance as well.

Data Modeling & Design

Our data modeling approach ensures that your data is dependable. It helps lay the foundation for the creation of impactful ML solutions.

Data Governance

Data governance program that ensures data accessibility, security, and consistency. We design the framework to seamlessly integrate with your business processes. It helps promote higher user adoption and faster results.

Data Security

Data security services to ensure the security of data across the business. Our team helps you encrypt data at rest and in transit. We also set up access control and authentication mechanisms. It provides you with total control over access to your data.

How can our data engineering service benefit you?

Improve Operational Efficiency
Faster & Accurate Customer Insights
Improve User Satisfaction
Boost Sales and Profit

Data engineering tools and technologies


Google Cloud

Data Integration Tools

Azure Synapse
Message Brokers (Kafka, RabbitMQ)




On-Premises SQL
Azure Synapse
Amazon Redshift

Data Visualization

Power BI


Docker Swarm

Other related services

Data Science Consulting

Get faster actionable business insights with the help of data science and advanced ML & AI techniques.

Data Visualization

We empower your team to make quicker and more informed decisions. We develop visually engaging and user-specific interactive dashboards. This is accomplished through tools such as Power BI and Matplotlib.

Predictive Analytics

We develop tailored solutions for predictive analysis, enhancing your forecasting capabilities.

Our engagement options

Dedicated Remote Team

You can hire dedicated resources for your data engineering project. This is useful in the absence of an in-house team. It provides you access to skilled resources. You don't have to incur heavy costs of building and maintaining an internal team. In this engagement, our team of engineers will work with you to understand your project requirements. They will lead the project scope and development process. The goal is to create a solution that aligns with your requirements.

Team Augmentation

Our data engineers can help you when you need additional resources to meet deadlines. You can also leverage them to bridge the gap in technical expertise or experience. The team size can be scaled up or down according to your changing project needs.

Why choose us for data engineering services?

More than two decades of expertise in providing end-to-end data analysis services

Experience in multi-industry implementation

Flexible engagement model

Experienced in various cloud platforms, open-source technologies, and data technology stack

A large team of skilled consultants and engineers


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    Data engineering involves collecting and transforming large volumes of data. This process prepares the data for analysis and data science.

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