New to PowerApps?

We can provide advisory services on how PowerApps can address your business challenges and how to get the best out of PowerApps. Our experts can help automate your business processes and build solutions to improve productivity.

Looking to enhance existing solution?

Our developers can enhance the existing solution to meet your growing needs or address issues with your current solution. We can help integrate with your other critical business applications to ensure seamless flow of information.

Need ongoing support?

Our managed services ensure your apps and solutions are continuously supported and optimized. Flexible support options to assist you in fixing issues and maintaining your applications with a proactive approach.

Want PowerApps staff augmentation?

Just looking for additional developers to manage workload? You can hire our expert developers on a retainer basis. We just provide the resources, you have complete control. You can scale up/scale down based on your changing needs.

Our PowerApps service offerings


Does lack of expertise stop you from building your business application in the power platform? We can engage with you on an advisory level to create the scope of the application and guide developers for a smooth & quick development process.

Custom Application Development

Build enterprise-grade apps with low-code tools from PowerApps. We can enhance your team performance with highly secure and scalable apps, enabling better collaboration.

Canvas Apps or Model Driven Apps

For role-based requirements or end-to-end solutions, we can help you build both canvas applications or task-based model applications.

Embedded Apps

We can embed canvas apps into your model-driven applications to widen the app's functionality and offer a consistent user experience.

Azure Functions Development

We can help you build custom logic azure functions to integrate with other data sources resulting in improved app functionality.

PowerApps Portals

Develop superior low-code websites and app portals with external access options. We can help you build and manage portals to get vital information from various data sources and make it accessible for all users.

Custom Connectors

We can help you bridge apps, data, and devices in the cloud with custom-created connectors. With their triggers and actions, the connectors can help you collaborate and access third-party services within PowerApps.

Modern UI / UX

Our experts can help you create a robust framework with user-centric visual elements and structures for a rich user experience with ease of navigation.


Helping you migrate from InfoPath forms, Excel, and other legacy business apps to Microsoft Power Apps. Gain more insights with the low-code data platform, Microsoft Dataverse.


Our PowerApps specialists can engage with your resources to educate them in app configuration, execution and maintenance, to ensure the application is used to its full potential.

Get the most out of the Microsoft Power Platform

We can help you develop low-code business applications, streamline recurring activities & discover hidden insights within data with our expertise in Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI platforms.

Power BI

Build coherent and visually attractive reports from multiple data sources across your enterprise to gain meaningful insights. Whether it's an excel sheet or data from a complex business process, we can create dashboards and reports that are accessible throughout your business.

Power Automate

Driving business transformation, Power Automate helps to regulate repetitive tasks and processes by increasing business efficiency. By implementing connectors, we can help you improve the flow of information across apps, departments, and services on any device.

Power Virtual Agents

Create conversational chatbots for superior customer service using Power Virtual Agents. Focus on your business while the AI-based chatbot takes care of all the repetitive interactions within your apps.

Power Pages

As an upgrade to PowerApps portals, Power pages helps to create, host, and manage modern low-code websites. We can help you build secure, enterprise-grade websites that work across browsers and devices.

Our PowerApps integration services

Get the most out of your PowerApps by integrating with other enterprise apps and solutions. Using connectors, we can modernize your operational process by integrating with other apps.

We are a Microsoft gold certified partner, experienced in working across the Microsoft tech stack for more than two decades. Our PowerApps developers can build business solutions from small to enterprise-level applications using the rapid application development interface. Our PowerApps consulting services can help you build low-code apps that integrate across systems ensuring better visibility of information across all departments.

  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • 25+ years in software development
  • Experience of working with multiple global enterprises
  • Flexible business models
  • Vast technology expertise
  • Collaborative and transparent engagement process

Introducing AI builder

Integrated directly with PowerApps, AI builder helps automate processes and forecast results, thereby improving business performance. AI Builder is an intuitive solution that offers the power of Microsoft AI with an easy-to-use point-and-click approach that expands the PowerApps solutions with human like ability. Microsoft AI provides an immersive experience while storing the data within the secure Microsoft platform. Data from your existing system can be used to train and build AI models to improve your business operations as well as reduce manual repetitive tasks. Our PowerApps specialists can help you deploy your own AI models or customize pre-built templates across multiple touchpoints to retrieve information and make informed decisions.

Object Detection


Text Classification

Form Processing



Our seasoned consultants will engage with you to identify and gather the required information to formulate solutions to your business challenges.



Our PowerApps experts provide their ideas & recommendations considering the business functions that can be regulated & integrated for a seamless flow of information.



Our experts can build custom applications by automating tasks and implementing process automation, thereby improving your business operations.



Our experts can integrate your applications with various data sources through custom-built connectors to access vital information.


Test & Deploy

We test the application extensively to ensure that the data points, custom-built features, and applications are functioning efficiently. Only after passing the test, the application is deployed.


Training & Support

Post deployment, we can train and educate your resources on how information is streamlined and how to derive insights from it. We can also assist in upgrading/enhancing your apps to improve app functionality in the future.

What is Microsoft PowerApps?

An integral part of the Microsoft Power platform, PowerApps helps you manage tasks and processes effectively with its pick-and-place method (Low code) of building applications. The AI components and models have further enabled PowerApps to be among the leading players in the low-code development space. Capable of being developed at a quick pace & with cross-device compatibility, Microsoft PowerApps empowers companies to build applications with little or no technical experience.

Benefits you can gain with our PowerApps consulting services

  • Scalable and robust apps that can be expanded as an enterprise solution and utilized in the future
  • Serverless Azure functions development for event-driven computing without managing infrastructure
  • Application extensibility with on-premise & other systems using azure functions and connectors
  • Process automation for business applications to attain specified goals with better productivity
  • Streamlined workflows to simplify tasks and achieve process efficiency
  • Better data integration for seamless connectivity through common data model (Microsoft Dataverse)
  • Multiple device compatibility to analyze and monitor information across desktop, laptop, and mobile
  • Enhanced security as the data retrieved are stored within the secured Microsoft platform