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Congruent possesses an immense amount of experience in developing complex enterprise grade Java applications. With our exposure to all the ground breaking new technologies we can develop platform independent Java applications with advanced security features using Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts and JavaServer Faces framework. Our Java developers can get an application up and running faster by using reusable Java components, codes that are ready to integrate, and highly proven delivery practices. Whether it is Java application development, application enhancement, migration or Java implementation, Congruent as a Java Development company provides end-to-end services across Java.

Our Java Development Services

Java Web Applications

Congruent develops productive and robust Java Web applications using Java, J2ME and J2EE technologies.

Java Enterprise Applications

Mobile and web-based enterprise-scale Java applications to continuously satisfy the demands of a rapidly growing business.

Java Based Content Management System

Develop scalable and modern Java based content management system (CMS) using Alfresco, OpenCMS, Walrus etc.

Java Mobile App Development

Tailored made Java mobile app / game development services for businesses to leverage the complete potential of mobile marketspace.

Java Maintenance & Support

As an end-to-end Java development company we also provide reliable maintenance / support services for legacy and latest Java applications.

Java Migration Services

Our Java developers can help you migrate third-party app and legacy Java applications to the current Java based systems.

Java Application Enhancement / Re-engineering

Congruent provides application enhancement / re-engineering services to help you keep up with the rapidly evolving business requirements.

Java Application Testing

As a full stack Java development company we also provide Java application testing services to ensure that applications performs as expected

Java Based BI Reporting Tools

With our vast experience in business intelligence domain, Congruent is proficient in developing high performing Java based BI reporting tools.

Hire Java developers from one of the top Java Development Company


Maintaining full-time Java resources is not an ideal option for many business especially for ad hoc requirements. The requirements and the scale of projects vary from time to time. With these variations, businesses need to scale up or scale down their Java application development team to keep it efficient and cost-effective. Our Java development team can help you in such scenarios by working as your extended development team so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining a big team in-house.

Our Java developers possess the right amount of experience and knowledge in Java platforms, current trends & technologies and show prudence when developing a Java application by taking all this information into account. Congruent, as a Java development company will make sure you get access to experienced Java developers round the clock, regardless of where you are located. All you have to do is connect with us to take a look at our Java developers’ profile.

  • Our team possess certified Java professionals.
  • Java developers with expertise in Core Java, MongoDB, JSP, JDBC, Java mail, JPA, etc.
  • Their capability includes deep understanding of Java application servers, integrations tools, databases, frameworks, components and all related technologies.
  • Scalable Java development team with very flexible work timings.
  • Huge talent pool consisting of highly skilled Java consultants & developers with 10+ years of experience under their belt

Why Congruent is one of the most trusted Java Development Company?


Fast Turnaround Time

Being one of the top Java development company, Congruent can provide cost effective Java solutions with quick turnaround time.

On Time. Every Time

Skilled at delivering Java development projects on time.

Two decades of Experience

For more than two decades we have been providing software development services successfully.


Get More With Less

Same amount and quality of work delivered as any in-house development team at a much reduced development cost.



Congruent is trusted by Global Brands.

Going the Extra Mile

What sets us apart from other Java development company is that we are always willing to go an extra mile to satisfy our customer requirements.

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Flexibility In Engaging

Flexible engagement models to suit various project scenarios.


Highest Standards

We maintain highest-quality standards throughout our Software Development Life Cycle process.

Fuel Your Business Performance With Java Software

  • Portability − Java applications can be easily transferred from one system to another. It functions seamlessly in various software platform and environments.
  • Scalability − Java applications are highly scalable, vertically or horizontally. Growing businesses doesn’t have to switch between apps as they keep progressing.
  • Faster Time To market − Java has enabled enterprises to perform multiple deployments of applications in a short period of time.
  • Highly Secured Apps − You can implement security measures to authorize only specific users to deploy, install or access Java application.
  • Accessible by Huge Volume of Concurrent Users − Java based customer facing business applications are highly reliable as it can support any number of concurrent users. It has a robust front-end performance and back-end functionality.
  • Graphical User Interface − With Java it’s easy to design a smooth and intuitive interface which makes interaction with the application more interesting for the users.
  • Most Popular Platform − Working with the world’s most popular platform has both clear and hidden benefits. Java has massive community of developers around the globe, many with more than 20+ years of experience.

Choose An Engagement Model According To Your Needs

Fixed Bid

Projects with well-defined and signed off set of requirements, with change control procedures in place.

Time & Material

An evolving project where requirements are not clearly defined up front. This supports agile development.

Monthly Retainer

This ensures that costs are fixed and predictable, while requirements could evolve and change with the business.

Highly Competent Java Development Company For Your Needs

Our Java developers go beyond requirements to deliver scalable business solution to enterprises of any size

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