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A highly responsive application with good user experience never fails to delight its users. Equipped with cross platform framework, reusable codes & same UI building blocks used by native platforms, ReactJS removes all shortcomings in your app development process. As a React Development company, we can create top notch apps in less time across multiple business verticals. Hire our React app developers to enhance your in-house team and regulate on-time delivery with support and maintenance.

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Engage with our skilled ReactJS developers on fixed price, time & material and retainer models to build quick, interactive and user friendly UI across multiple industries including E-commerce, SaaS Software, and Social Media. Get fast and cost effective applications by hiring our react native developers, capable of creating high quality codes as well as improving your existing applications with enhancements & support.

  • High code & security standards
  • Scale-up or scale-down resources
  • 3+ years of developer experience. No freelancers
  • Complete control over the team
  • Strict non-disclosure agreement
  • Quick & easy onboarding
  • Hassle-free project management
  • Projects delivered using DevOps methodology
  • Support in your time zone

Our flexible hiring models

Dedicated Monthly Retainer

Hire our dedicated resource / team to work on predicted requirements based on your business requirements.

Fixed Price

Engage with our developers to work on pre-defined projects with a definite scope and time duration.

Hourly Basis

Address your ad-hoc project requirements by hiring our developers with no hidden costs.

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We help you build the right solution by leveraging our expertise in diverse technologies, platforms & products.

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Our ReactJS development services

As a renowned ReactJS development company, Congruent provides you with best-in-class front end development services to answer your ever growing customer requirements. With an intuitive and highly responsive JavaScript library, leverage our ReactJS developers who are not only involved in developing highly responsive UI but also have worked across diverse industry verticals from small businesses to large enterprises. With a robust, quick & search engine friendly user interface & a top ReactJS development company, you get the best technology solution meeting the business objectives of your customers.

Leverage our skilled ReactJS developers with experience across multiple verticals including E-commerce, SaaS software & Social media, to build quick, interactive and user friendly UI. As a top ReactJS development company, our dedicated resources can act as your extended team and help you save on your in-house development costs. With our experience in front-end development, our experts create high quality codes as well as improve your existing applications with enhancements & support.

Single Page Applications

Develop Single Page Applications for better interaction & high productivity

Web App Development

Build customized web page applications based on your business requirements

Enterprise Development

Enterprise application development to help you manage your business effectively

Plugin Development

Enhance your application features & functionalities by developing plugins

Component Development

Create a component and re-use it across your various app segments without re-entering codes

API Integration

Integrate with API of other applications to get more out of your application

Migration Services

Error free migration from your previous react setup to the upgraded version

Support & Maintenance

End-to-end support & maintenance to ensure applications are always error-free

Created by Facebook, ReactJS is the most advanced JavaScript library which gives developers the ability to build high performing solutions across web & mobile platforms. With the ability to render a specific component rather than the whole page & a search engine friendly UI, ReactJS framework ticks all boxes to develop an interactive & high performing application.

ReactJS gives the advantage of code re-usability which is essential in developing multiple applications in a short duration. With the combination of HTML and JavaScript, React based framework works well for data-abundant applications, for developing APIs and real-time conversational applications. Recognized and utilized by major brands such as Instagram, Airbnb, Sony & Netflix, ReactJS is by far the most preferred open source JavaScript framework with an ever-growing developer community.

Lightweight Document Object Model

React uses a virtual DOM instead of the real DOM to update minor changes without disturbing the other sections of the interface.

Zero Dependencies

With ReactJS being independent of other technologies, each feature & functionality can be tested separately in an ongoing project.

Site Component Re-Usability

One of the major benefits of ReactJS is re-usage of components. The interface segments can be split into little elements which can be reused in different section of the pages.

One-Way Data Flow

For code stability, ReactJS performs one direction downward data flow where secondary elements do not affect the primary data.

Our success stories

Supply Chain Application on AWS Platform

Customer : Multinational Conglomerate

With over 60,000 products in the fields of safety, transportation & electronics, health care, and consumer goods, an American multinational conglomerate was looking for a standalone tool to store all data of their supply chain model. Additionally, they were limited in terms of time & capacity-based work applications. We developed a web-centered app to identify the demand for the finished goods in their work centers. Also, we built time-based and capacity-based models to measure the ratio of work hours available and the amount of supply required against the available units for production.

Natural Language Processing Solution for Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Customer : Global Manufacturing Company

Renowned for producing abrasives, personal safety equipment, and medical products, a medical device manufacturing company was looking for a solution to access their data from a common source. Also, they were looking to locate tokens for coding from their internal records. We built an interface using the ReactJs framework, helping users to access each patient's records. Further, we developed an NLP solution for locating tokens from their documents. This solution connected the billing and care segments of the company, ensuring consistent data collection and a focused patient care process.