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Leverage The Most Advanced JavaScript Library With Our ReactJS Professionals To Build Intuitive & Interactive Applications.

Created by Facebook, ReactJS is the most advanced JavaScript library which gives developers the ability to build high performing solutions across web & mobile platforms. With the ability to render a specific component rather than the whole page & a search engine friendly UI, ReactJS framework ticks all boxes to develop an interactive & high performing application.

ReactJS gives the advantage of code re-usability which is essential in developing multiple applications in short duration. With the combination of HTML and JavaScript, React based framework works well for data-abundant applications, for developing APIs and real-time conversational applications. Recognized and utilized by major brands such as Instagram, Airbnb, Sony & Netflix, ReactJS is by far the most preferred open source JavaScript framework with an ever-growing developer community.

Lightweight Document Object Model

React uses a virtual DOM instead of the real DOM to update the minor changes without disturbing the other sections of the interface.

Zero Dependencies

With ReactJS being independent of other technologies, each feature & functionality can be tested separately in an ongoing project.

Site Component Re-usability

One of the major benefits of ReactJS is re-usage of components. The interface segments can be split into little elements which can be reused in different section of the pages.

One-Way Data Flow

For code stability, ReactJS performs one direction downward data flow where secondary elements do not affect the primary data.

Our ReactJS Development Services

As a renowned ReactJS development company, Congruent provides you with best-in-class frontend development services to answer your ever growing customer requirements. With an intuitive and highly responsive JavaScript library, leverage our ReactJS developers who are not only involved in developing highly responsive UI but also has worked across diverse industry verticals from small businesses to large enterprises. With a robust, quick & search engine friendly user interface & a top ReactJS development company, you get the best technology solution meeting the business objectives of your customers.

Leverage our skilled ReactJS developers with experience across multiple verticals including E-commerce, SaaS software & Social media, to build quick, interactive and user friendly UI. As a top ReactJS development company, our dedicated resources can act as your extended team and help you save on your in-house development costs. With our experience in front-end development, our experts create high quality codes as well as improve your existing applications with enhancements & support.

  • Single Page Applications
  • Web App Development
  • Enterprise Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Component development
  • API Integration
  • Migration Services
  • Support & Maintenance

Develop Apps with trusted React Native Development Company

A highly responsive application with good user experience never fails to delight its users. Equipped with cross platform framework, reusable codes & same UI building blocks used by native platforms, React Native removes all shortcomings in your app development process. As a React Native Development company, we can create top notch apps in less time across multiple business verticals. Hire our React Native app developers to enhance your in-house team and regulate on-time delivery with support and maintenance.

  • Highly transparent with experienced team

  • Cross platform expertise

  • Highest coding standards

  • Quality assurance & load testing services

  • ReactJS App Development
  • ReactJS App Development Screens

Hire Our Dedicated ReactJS Developers

Leverage our skilled ReactJS developers to build quick, interactive and user friendly UI across multiple industries including E-commerce, SaaS software, Social media. As a top ReactJS development company, our dedicated resources not only act as your extended team but also save on your in-house development costs. With our experience in front-end development, our experts create high quality codes as well as improve your existing applications with enhancements & support.

High code & security standards

Scale-up and scale-down resources

Strict adherence to Non-Disclosure Agreement

Support in your time zone


Why Congruent Is a Top ReactJS Development Company

End-to-end architecture

Complete end-to-end architecture with expertise in technologies including .Net, Java, Node.js, Angular.js, Express.js, MySQL and MongoDB

Multiple cloud deployment

We help you deploy ReactJS Web applications across all the major cloud platforms such Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud Platform

Multiple engagement models

Based on your requirements, you can choose a retainer resource, resources for a project or resources on hourly contracts

Competent across project management tools

With experience of using top project management tools such as Jira, Slack, we take care of your entire project development process

Work in your time zone

Hire our ReactJS developers to work in your time zone with the option to scale up and scale down as per your business needs.

Experienced In Working With Fortune 500 Companies

Our clientele varies from Global Fortune 500 companies to small businesses & StartUps, paying closest attention to their unique requirements

Software Development For A Multinational Manufacturing Conglomerate

Technology Used

Front End: ReactJS

Back End: Web services, Spring-boot, AWS Deployment

Customer Profile

Based in Minnesota, the customer is an American multinational conglomerate corporation producing multiple products in fields of safety, transportation & electronics, health care, and consumer goods. To simplify and integrate their global supply chain processes, the organization innovates continuously to enhance the quality of their products & processes across 200 manufacturing plants, 100 warehouses, and 25 customer-facing divisions all over the world.

What was the problem?

  • Lacked a stand-alone tool to capture all the master information of supply chain model
  • Need to optimize SKU to work center assignments across the planning horizon
  • Unavailability of time based and capacity based models in their tools

How did we help?

Developed and implemented a web-based application to identify the finished goods demand in each planning horizon to identify the following results

  • Total hours required across work centers against available hours (Time based model)
  • Total quantity of semi-finished goods required from work centers against available capacity in the work centers expressed in units of semi-finished goods (Capacity based model)
  • Constitute the demand based capacity chart

Key Challenges

  • Dealing with data has been a challenge throughout the project. Exposure to real-time data is limited due to security reasons
  • Automating the business formulas and process like bill of materials was a great challenge as it involves complex algorithms
  • Dependence on alternative data sources

Impact & Benefits

  • Ability to strategize production based on forecasted product demand, and help customer to plan for procurements
  • Demand propagation across value stream to identify the work center’s input and output demands
  • Selection of work centers through ‘what if’ analysis & scenario comparison
  • Visual representation of the capacity required to meet demands for a particular time period

Software Development For Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Technology Used

Front End: ReactJS

Back End: Spring, Java, AWS, TDD, JAX-RPC, XML

Customer Profile

Emphasizing science in what they create, the customer is a global manufacturing company with offices in 70 countries, producing abrasives, passive fire protection, personal safety equipment, dental and medical products.Evolution in health care industry has become inevitable. To improve the lives of millions with their collaborative way of innovation, the customer was looking for a solution to enhance their process of getting the right information to the right people.

What was the problem?

  • Unavailability of a customized user centric application that provides access to the relevant data to eliminate administrative costs and automate care processes
  • Huge gap between clinical (care) and billing (cost) data
  • Customer required a Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution which would identify the tokens for coding from the documents

How did we help?

  • Congruent provided a user interface developed in ReactJS, which facilitates the user to access information about patients stored in the form of registries
  • Enabled Users can apply universally accepted SNOMED codes to the annotations identified by the Natural Language Processing solution
  • The solution bridged the gap between billing and care departments

Key Challenges

  • Coordinating with multiple applications for coding documents
  • Adapting to new continuous integration tool, black bird

Impact & Benefits

  • Data mining process automation and abstraction for eligible registry patients
  • Complete and consistent data collection
  • Decreased data collection time
  • Highlight areas of documentation clarification
  • Increased opportunity for targeted care improvements

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