Developing tailored applications and products is our forte. Ever since its foundation in 1994, Congruent has been involved in custom application development and helped numerous businesses meet their unique requirements. In these years, our team has worked with clients from varied industries and gained deep expertise on various technologies, platforms and tools. Our expert PHP offerings are also a part of our comprehensive software services that delivers robust and unparalleled enterprise application, web portals, CMS and other web-based solutions.

When you need PHP solution that is custom built for your specific requirements, our consultants and developers provide services that suits your business-specific needs. The solutions delivered by our experts are scalable and intuitive, which means, your solution can be customised to your changing needs.

Maximize your business potential with cutting-edge PHP development services

PHP Consulting

Our consultants help you navigate through technical challenges and overcome bottlenecks by making expert recommendations after analysing your requirements and problems you face. In addition to that, our consulting services also check for the vulnerability to ensure your applications are highly secured.

E-Commerce Solutions

Designing, developing and implementing e-commerce solution is one of our specialties. We have helped many businesses take the full advantage of the flexibility, speed and cost efficiency offered by PHP. From designing and developing e-commerce website & shopping cart, to integrating payment gateway and third-party module, our comprehensive services enable your business climb new heights.

Custom PHP Development

With years of experience working on different projects, and various technology frameworks, our team is a right fit for your custom application software and web-portal development needs. Whether it is a new product, software or web application / website, our team can help you with planning, strategizing, designing, testing and implementing your solution with minimal downtime, regardless of its complexity and scale.

CMS Development and Support

We have one of the most skilled team when it comes to working with PHP based content management system. Whether you need development and support services on existing CMS like Drupal, or you want to develop your own proprietary CMS, our team can help you achieve your objective by leveraging the experience and skills we have gathered over the years.

PHP Application Modernisation / Redesigning

Do you have an existing website that needs further enhancement? Is your business limited by legacy application / product? Do you wish your existing software / product had the scalability, flexibility and security to meet your changing business needs? If your answer is yes to these questions, our application modernisation services can help you. Our consultants and developers work with you to get an understanding of the issues you face currently, and re-engineer your product / application on PHP framework. This facilitates your business to stay competitive.

API Development and Integration

We provide professional API development service that helps you connect multiple business systems. Our professionals develop API in PHP keeping your requirements in view. This helps your business improve its efficiency, automate data flow and connect business application for seamless operation. Our range of PHP API development include, custom APIs for your specific needs, web APIs, and APIs for mobile apps. We can also help you integrate APIs with PHP systems, websites and CMS.

Upgrade / Migrate to PHP

As technology keeps evolving, any system developed years ago, regardless of its technology or platform, becomes outdated today. These systems and software need to be upgraded to the latest version in order to keep your business running efficiently. This holds true for PHP as well. When you need your PHP based systems to be updated or want products that were developed using other technologies migrated to PHP, we can help you achieve your objective.

PHP Code Audits & Performance Improvement

Complex data structure and improper server/system configuration can lead to decreased system efficiency & performance. Our experts can help you identify these problems and provide you with solutions, so that you can get the best out of your business systems. We also perform PHP code audit to ensure good quality codes and suggest opportunities to improve security.

UX / UI Design

In today's digital age, website acts as a face of your business. Therefore, having an impressive UI goes a long way when it comes to impressing your potential clients. We have a dedicated in-house team of UX/UI designers who work along with our PHP developers to present your business with a website that leaves a positive mark on your website visitors. It not only helps you stand out from your competitors, but also boosts your business. When a potential client visits a website that is designed correctly, they are more likely to remember your business and convert to your clients.

Efficient PHP development lifecycle - Our proven process for success


We initiate the PHP development process by analysing your project and business requirements. In this stage, we put the foundation for strategising and planning the best route to meet your needs.


Once the analysis stage is completed by our consultants, we move towards preparing the design, architecture, choosing the right tools, and platforms for optimal results. Also, we divide the project into multiple sprints for better management and change implementations.

PHP Development

This is the stage where the actual development process begins and your solution starts turning into a reality.


Our dedicated in-house team of testers perform all forms of testing to ensure that your deliverables are of highest quality and have uncompromised security. We deliver you your solution only after making sure that everything is functioning as intended.

Post Delivery Support

Our work doesn’t end with just the delivery of the project. We also offer SLA based support services that leaves you worry free to concentrate on your core business, while we address the issues with your solution. It doesn’t matter if you need support services on the solution developed by us or any other vendor, we provide support and maintenance service for all.

With over two decades of experience in custom software and product development, we have honed our expertise to provide exceptional PHP development services. We don’t just form business partnership, we rather work towards building relationships that span over many years. This mantra has enabled us to grow into a business technology hub that is preferred by many globally renowned businesses. Our commitment to building long-term relationships and going the extra mile for our clients has made us a trusted business technology partner for renowned brands like 3M and Starbucks. When you choose us for your PHP development needs, you can expect the same level of dedication and excellence. Here are key reasons why we are the perfect partner for your PHP development projects:

  • Extensive Experience - In the business of software/product development since 1994.
  • Wide-Ranging Technology Expertise - Expertise in vast array of technologies and platforms.
  • Highly Skilled Team - Large team of consultants, architects, developers and testers to deliver top-notch PHP solutions.
  • Project Management Excellence - In-house project managers and scrum masters ensuring smooth execution and timely delivery.
  • Thorough Assessment - Comprehensive assessment of your requirements to understand your project objectives.
  • Tailored Approach - Customized strategies and plans aligned with your unique project needs.
  • Global Delivery Model - Efficient service to clients worldwide, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
  • Priority Support - Priority based support services for timely assistance and issue resolution.
  • Stringent QA Policies - To ensure high-performance, functional, and secure PHP solutions.
  • Intellectual Property Protection - Implementing robust measures to safeguard your PHP applications and confidential information.

Flexible and scalable PHP development team tailored to your project needs

Do you want to augment your existing internal team? Are you looking for a fully-functional software development team to work on your project due to absence of PHP expertise in your in-house team? If your answer is yes to any one of these questions, we have a large team of professionals who are well experienced and skilled in PHP. You can hand-pick the team members by personally interviewing them and selecting the resources that are right fit for your requirement. Following are some advantages you get when you hire experts from Congruent.


Scale up/down the team as and when needed


We keep the selection process completely transparent

Complete Autonomy

When you hire developers from us, decision of how to utilise them lies completely with you

Reduced Turnaround Time

Tap into the skill sets of our developers to meet project requirements sooner


Hiring dedicated resources enable you to cut the cost significantly that otherwise you have to incur with an in-house team

What is PHP?

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language that is primarily geared towards web development. Though it is used to manage dynamic contents, databases, session tracking, even build websites, portals, CMS etc. This programming language can also be used for various other purposes including but not limited to graphical applications (graphical user interface), robotics and drone control.

Timely Project Delivery

  • Like with any other project, PHP project also needs to be completed and released in a timely manner. Though PHP itself is free and doesn’t require any licensing fee, project on PHP does have a cost associated with it. Though you might have a skilled in-house team, but are they able to quickly scale-up to the increasing demand? In many cases, the answer is no. In such circumstances, partnering with a PHP development company helps you to quickly fill the gap.

Cost-Effective Solution

  • Outsourcing PHP development needs to a company like Congruent can significantly reduce cost to your company through leveraging the offshore rates. You can also eliminate the costs associated with full-time development team such as salaries, benefits etc. This enables you to not only save your dollars, but also get access to a team of highly skilled professionals who deliver quality.

Security and Reliability

  • PHP already offers a secure infrastructure, and when you partner with a PHP web development company, you get access to experts who are well versed in detecting and addressing threats and vulnerability. Thus, providing you with an additional assurance about the security and reliability of your product.