To meet strict project deadlines

  • Like with any other project, PHP development project also needs to be completed and released in a timely manner. Though PHP itself is free and doesn’t require any licensing fee, project on PHP does have a cost associated with it. Though you might have a skilled in-house team, but are they able to quickly scale-up to the increasing demand? In many cases, the answer is no. In such circumstances, partnering with a PHP development company helps you to quickly fill the gap.

Cost-effective solution

  • Outsourcing PHP development needs to a company like Congruent can significantly reduce cost to your company through leveraging the offshore rates. You can also eliminate the costs associated with full-time development team such as salaries, benefits etc. This enables you to not only save your dollars, but also get access to a team of highly skilled professionals who deliver quality.

Security and reliability

  • PHP already offers a secure infrastructure, and when you partner with a PHP development company, you get access to experts who are well versed in detecting and addressing threats and vulnerability. Thus, providing you with an additional assurance about the security and reliability of your product.