We can build you visually stunning and engaging SharePoint intranet sites

Congruent has been a Microsoft partner since the launch of SharePoint. We possess 20 years of experience in delivering SharePoint solutions to businesses worldwide. We can help you build a modern SharePoint intranet that meets your unique requirements.

Our SharePoint intranet portal includes the following features and more:

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 apps
  • Custom dashboards and reporting
  • Robust security and compliance features
  • Microsoft List and Teams integration
  • Integrated Microsoft Viva connections and Viva Engage
  • AI-powered search and content recommendations
  • External sharing and collaboration
  • Forms and PowerApps integration
  • Integrated Power Automate and approvals processes
  • Streamlined business processes with forms and workflows
  • Multi-language support
  • Mobile friendly communication sites
  • Customized team sites

Our SharePoint intranet development services include

You deserve a top-notch SharePoint portal development to streamline your business operations. By leveraging our services, you ensure a seamless, and engaging user experience for your team. Let us address your SharePoint intranet needs.

Strategic Planning & Design

  • We start by gathering your requirements through user research and interviews with stakeholders.
  • We then create personas and user journey maps to guide our design decisions. This ensures that we're building an intranet that meets your users' needs.
  • Creating wireframes and prototypes for user testing and feedback. This allows you to see how the intranet will look and function.

Development & Customization

  • We implement responsive design principles on all devices. Intranet will perform seamlessly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • We can integrate third-party applications to extend your functionality. You can add more features and tools that are specific to your needs.
  • Your intranet needs to be secure and up to date. Establishing version control and change management processes ensures it.

Workflow Automation

  • We will automate your business processes to reduce manual tasks. It includes creating approval workflows with multiple stages.
  • Setting up reminders to keep users informed about pending tasks.

Content Management

  • You must maintain the quality and integrity of your intranet content. We will help you establish content governance policies to ensure that.
  • Archiving or deleting outdated content keeps your intranet organized. We will set up content lifecycle management processes to help you with that.
  • All content published on your intranet must meet your compliance standards. Our content approval workflows will ensure that it does.

Search & Navigation

  • We will customize search results pages to make it easy for you to navigate.
  • By implementing metadata tagging, we'll enhance your search accuracy and relevance.
  • Our faceted navigation options allow you to refine your search results. Making it easier for you to find relevant content.

Integration Services

  • We will configure single sign-on (SSO) so that you can seamlessly access integrated apps. Gives you a smooth user experience.
  • Our data synchronization processes keep your intranet data in sync with external systems. We ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date information.
  • We can enable real-time data exchange with other platforms by using API based integrations.

Branding & Theming

  • We will create custom site templates and page layouts that reflect your branding and design aesthetic.
  • Our responsive design elements ensure that your intranet looks great and functions well on any device.
  • We will design personalized user experiences based on user roles. It enables each user sees content and features that are relevant to them.

Mobile Optimization

  • Your intranet will be compatible with popular mobile browsers and OS.
  • We will optimize page load times and performance for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth experience.

Security & Compliance

  • We conduct regular security audits to address any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Our multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps enhance login security.
  • We enforce data encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) policies to protect sensitive information.

SharePoint intranet migration services

Looking to migrate your existing intranet portals to SharePoint? Congruent Software has you covered. Our intranet migration involves seamlessly moving your content, data, and customizations to SharePoint. Our primary goal is to ensure your smooth transition to the new platform while minimizing disruption to users. This is how we can assist with your SharePoint intranet migration needs:

SharePoint intranet migration services
  • SharePoint migration services from older versions, such as SharePoint 2010, to newer versions
  • Migration from on-premises file servers to SharePoint or SharePoint Online
  • Migration from legacy intranet systems to SharePoint or SharePoint Online
  • Content migration, including documents, lists, libraries, and other data
  • Transferring settings, customizations, and configurations from the old environment to the new one
  • Migrating user accounts, permissions, and access rights for user migration
  • Moving custom-developed apps to SharePoint on-premise or SharePoint Online
  • Cleaning up data, optimizing data structures, formats, and metadata
  • Post-migration support and assistance to users. Resolving issues and offering training

SharePoint branding for intranet

SharePoint branding for intranet

We can assist you to customize the look and feel of your SharePoint intranet to match your brand’s identity. Branding ensures that SharePoint sites represent the brand consistently, fostering trust and recognition among users. It creates a positive impression on users, clients, and stakeholders. Our SharePoint branding services includes:

  • Design and implement custom site templates tailored to your brand guidelines
  • Creating custom themes, color schemes, and styles to matching your branding
  • Build user-friendly navigation menus that are consistent with your brand
  • Revamping the look and feel of current SharePoint sites to align with your branding guidelines
  • Creating custom master pages for consistent branding across all pages
  • Consistent branding across all aspects of your intranet, including web parts, lists, and libraries
  • Develop custom web parts and components tailored to your specific branding requirements

What kind of SharePoint intranet portal we can build for you?

Internal Website

This will serve as your central hub for internal communication, document sharing, and company news.

Employee Intranet Portal

Designed for your company employees to HR resources, company policies, employee directories, and more.

Mobile-First Intranet

Optimized for mobile devices, enabling employees to access information on the go. They can do so from any location.

Departmental Intranets

Dedicated to specific departments within your company. Serving tailored content and resources relevant to each department's needs.

Project Management Sites

We can build you SharePoint sites for specific projects or initiatives. Enable your team members to collaborate, share documents, and track project progress.

Knowledge Management Portals

Intranet portals focused on knowledge sharing within your team. You can access company knowledge bases, FAQs, training materials, and best practices.

Social Intranets

Intelligent intranet portal with social networking features. Empower your employees to connect, share ideas, and collaborate in online communities.

Customer-Facing Extranets

SharePoint intranet sites for external partners, clients, and customers. You can provide users with secure access to resources, project updates, and other tools.

Compliance and Governance Intranets

Intranet sites designed to support compliance and governance requirements. Your employees can access to policies, procedures, and compliance information.

Why Congruent Software for SharePoint intranet project?

Two decades of SharePoint expertise tailored to your needs

Pioneers in SharePoint consulting, ensuring cutting-edge solutions

Extensive talent pool for projects of any size or complexity

End to End intranet development services

Transparent development process with regular status updates meeting

Certified project management for seamless execution

Flexible support plans tailored to your specific needs and budget

Why should you trust SharePoint for your intranet needs?

Microsoft SharePoint is the ideal choice for meeting all your intranet needs. SharePoint has the potential to create a digitally connected workplace for business of all sizes and needs. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with your favourite Microsoft apps and tools. SharePoint is reliable and versatile platform that is ready to meet your every complex business needs.


SharePoint evolves along with your business requirements and caters to your every business needs.


SharePoint scales with your business and offers extensive customization options. It allows you to tailor the intranet to your specific needs and branding.

Powerful Search Features

Robust search features enable users to locate information and resources with ease.

Robust Document Management System

SharePoint enables multiple users to work on a document in real-time. You can monitor document changes using its version control features.

Cost Effective Solution

SharePoint offers various pricing plans and subscription options. You can choose any plan that aligns with your budget.

Seamless Integration with Office 365

SharePoint seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft apps like Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive. It provides a unified digital workplace experience.

Flexible Deployment Options

You can choose SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server (on-premises) for your needs. You have the option to go hybrid if your needs demand it.


  • Will SharePoint intranet solution meet my needs?-

    Yes, SharePoint intranet solution can meet the various needs of your business. Its extensive sets of features enables us to build dynamics and engaging solution for you.

  • What if I need to customize my intranet?+
  • Can you help me migrate?+
  • Are you any good with intranet development?+