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A cloud services company specializing in enterprise software and emerging tech

As a reliable IT service provider since 1994, Congruent is the partner of choice for leading enterprises, SMBs and ISVs for IT consulting and building next-gen enterprise applications on cloud. Congruent designs and engineers state-of-the-art digital products and experiences to successfully execute your digital transformation campaign.

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For over 25 years, we have helped numerous brands with digital transformation around the world, while simultaneously enabling them to successfully navigate through a gamut of IT challenges.

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"Tell your team they are doing a FANTASTIC job!"

"The team does good work and is professional and dependable"

"Your team has risen to the challenge brilliantly. Congruent team members have been stunningly responsive..."

"This was a challenging request but the team has pulled it off together AMAZINGLY!... "

"Congruent is very responsive and knowledgeable, we are meeting our timelines and the team is always on top of any issues that arise."

"Team has done a fantastic job of identifying our business needs at a granular level, as well guiding us through high-level more complex infrastructure decisions."

"We value the relationship that we have established with Congruent to be able to provide development and production support to us for not just this project but ongoing."

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