Financial Management

  • Real-time financial visibility tracking cash flow, expenses, profits, and margins
  • Automation of Invoices, payables, and bank reconciliation
  • Fixed assets - allocation, insurance, and maintenance
  • Bank account management and cash flow forecast

Business Intelligence

  • Pre-built personalized analytics, reports, and dashboards
  • Advanced insights with Power BI integration
  • Customized reporting using essential data for monitoring business health
  • Insights from data through charts, graphs, and other visual elements

Sales & Customer Relationship Management

  • Sales invoicing and order management for maintaining invoices and order processes
  • Contact and campaign management for personalized targeting
  • Opportunity management for tracking sales prospects
  • Efficient lead to cash process through Dynamics 365 sales integration

Supply Chain & Inventory Management

  • Purchase invoicing, purchase order management, and invoice discounting
  • Vendor management for ease of supplier coordination
  • Sales & Inventory forecasting for maintaining stock levels & reducing holding costs
  • Real-time inventory visibility for stock level transparency across locations

Project Management

  • Manage resources by optimizing resource allocation and ensuring project completion
  • Set budgets, track expenses, and identify cost overruns with budgeting & cost control
  • Project collaboration for improving team member communication and collaboration
  • Capacity management to plan capacity, sales, and usage statistics

Service Management

  • Contract management to set up agreements with customers about service levels
  • Item management to record and track contracts, components, and warranties
  • Order management for managing service orders, requests, and repairs
  • Price management for maintaining and monitoring service prices

Warehouse Management

  • Inventory pick and put away lists for efficient warehouse operations
  • Warehouse receipts & shipments from a separate user interface
  • Warehouse optimization reduces labor costs and efficient resource allocation


  • Assembly management to manage BOMs, assembly orders, and customer-specific kits
  • Version management to track changes to BOMs and routings
  • Subcontracting for delegating operational work to external centers
  • Cost analysis to gain insights into manufacturing costs and improve profitability