Healthcare Portal and Business Applications

Congruent SharePoint consultants can help you achieve your unique SharePoint requirements for healthcare facilities. We can help you develop anything from simple SharePoint document sharing applications to complex custom SharePoint portals with custom templates, SharePoint workflows, web parts, custom searches, and integrate SharePoint applications into other tools that are being used at the facility.

Congruent can aid you in developing SharePoint portals for:

Accessing patients’ information through a single point of entry for physicians/hospitals.

Access to business and financial data within one healthcare or a group of related healthcare organizations to monitor the dashboards and create reports on time to take business critical decisions.

Role based access to staff for accessing HR information, training, inter departmental information, and Electronic Health Records.

Portals for patients to access information on healthcare and communicate with hospitals/physician.

SharePoint Custom Workflows, SharePoint Web Parts, Reporting, and Dashboards

Congruent can help simplify the existing business processes in any healthcare and also make improvements to the existing approval process with our custom web parts and SharePoint workflow solutions. With Congruent leveraging SharePoint, you can optimize your collaboration process and use real time dashboards & reports to improve your operational efficiencies.

Using Microsoft SharePoint Solutions, Congruent promises to provide you with an application that allows you to access all the clinical and administrative information in your healthcare facility in a more secure, quick and efficient way possible.