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Congruent is one of the best AngularJS development company, delivering highly secured, robust and easy to maintain mobile and web apps to customers in various verticals. Once you share your app ideas or requirements with our AngularJS developers, we will develop a comprehensive web app that is perfectly suitable for your business needs and/ or users. With hands on experience and knowledge of all the cutting-edge tools & technologies, Congruent is one of the most sought after AngularJS development company. Our AngularJS development team is capable of developing cost-effective data-driven web applications using features like Model View Controller Framework, HTML User Interface, Two-way binding, POJO Model, and Testing.

Our AngularJS Development services

AngularJS Customization

Customize your existing web applications in line with your business or user requirements

Web Application Development

AngularJS developers delivering customized single-page applications

Framework Plugin Development

Developing AngularJS plugins for extending your apps’ features and functionalities

AngularJS Version Migration

Seamless migration to the latest version of AngularJS

AngularJS UX/UI Development

Dedicated UX/UI developers delivering rich applications with high-end user experience

AngularJS QA and Testing

Karma, Jasmine, MochaJS etc are some of the tools we utilize for testing

  • AngularJS Development Services
  • AngularJS Development Services
  • AngularJS Development Services

Top reasons to choose Congruent as your AngularJS development Company

Technical Expertise

Vast team of experienced AngularJS developers with profound knowledge of all the latest AngularJS frameworks.

Transparent Process

We have a very transparent development process. Our developers will report to you on a daily basis which helps you keep track of progress.

Reliable Team

Our team has successfully delivered many AngularJS project, driving great customer satisfaction from globally renowned brands.

Strong NDAs

We value your privacy and we make sure the terms under NDA are being followed through the entire development process.

Highest Development Standards

Congruent offers highest degree of quality to its customers throughout the development process at a competitive cost.

Flexible Engagement Models and Work Hours

We offer many engagement models suitable for your different project needs and developers working in your time zone to avoid any communication gaps.

AngularJS Application Development Process

Congruent follows a set of proven software development process to save cost and time associated with the AngularJS application development. Being in operation for over 25 years, Congruent has developed the necessary competencies to understand & analyze customer’s unique business needs and deliver cutting-edge AngularJS application to address it.


Gathering Requirements and Analysis

Discussing the project related details with customers, starting from their idea of what they had visualized as an end product, on-site analysis to process specifications. Once the requirements are gathered, we analyze the collected information and establish the project goals and objectivities.


Our experienced AngularJS developers will design the architecture of the project based on the requirements that are gathered earlier. Once this is done, customers will validate the user interface and the prototype. This process eliminates any chances for flaws during the development phase.


This is when we start developing AngularJS applications in accordance to the design that was approved by the customer. We follow a very transparent and an agile development process so that our customers are always updated throughout the AngularJS application development cycle.


Once the AngularJS application is developed, we follow it up with application quality testing, debugging testing and customer acceptance testing. When the customer approves the developed application, we move onto the deployment phase.


Finally we will make the AngularJS application available for its intended users. The application is deployed in the live server and monitored closely by our AngularJS developers to see if the application is functioning to its optimal level.

Maintenance and Support

All the AngularJS applications that are successfully deployed will need a fine performance tuning at some point of time in future. As an end-to-end AngularJS development company, Congruent offers many flexible support plans for customers to maintain their AngularJS applications and stay updated always.

Advantages of AngularJS Application Development

Model View Controller

MVC architecture enables rapid & parallel development process, provides multiple views, supports Asynchronous programming and offers a SEO friendly platform for app development.

Model View Controller
Two-Way Data Binding

Two-Way Data Binding

Changes made in user interface are immediately reflected in respective data model and vice versa. This process prevents any manual intervention needed from the programmer when a data is changed.

Faster time to market

All the features in AngularJS enables the developers to build comprehensive apps faster than any other platform.

Faster time to market


AngularJS codes are unit testable and with the dependency injections feature it’s easier to conduct end to end testing.

Dependency Injection

Dependency injection makes it easier for developers to build, understand and test AngularJS apps.

Dependency Injection
Reusable Codes

Reusable Codes

Existing components can be reused in new applications. Avoid writing identical codes for various components. This saves lot of time and money.

Recent Software Development Project For Nonprofit Organization Using Angular

Customer Profile

Customer is a global nonprofit organization fighting to eradicate pediatric HIV and AIDS. With presence in 15 countries and more than 6,000 sites, the customer is working tirelessly to prevent HIV getting transmitted to children and helping those who are already infected.

What was the problem?

  • Customer was using a legacy SaaS Procurement Management System which was not compatible with advanced enterprise features and lacked business processes automation. Because of limited customization capabilities, many of their business processes were not mapping exactly with the existing system.
  • Used manual spread sheets to manage grants. Therefore, the customer needed an IT partner with right technical skills to coordinate data with business workflows.
  • Difficulties in synchronizing data between systems.
  • Limited capabilities on data management and integration.
  • Difficulties in catering to global business users who have low bandwidth connection, and support multiple languages.

How did we help?

We employed scalable microservices architecture with shared database to increase business agility and improve business workflows. This application is designed for high availability and resiliency by using cloud platform.

  • Developed a custom enterprise–grade Procurement Management System with intuitive, rich UI/UX and limitless customization capabilities.
  • Angular’s Single Page Application (SPA) architecture takes significantly lesser time and bandwidth to refresh data between clicks and provide great user experience.
  • Data-driven application designed with Angular form controls, binding complex data on run-time.
  • Implemented with Angular 6 - i18n, which has the ability to load various localized languages on run-time.
  • Azure Service Fabric provided unlimited cloud scalability, creating and removing microservice containers guided by a flexible configuration system.

Key Challenges

  • Automating with versatile rule engine, specific to business that synchronizes data between users and systems, with the goal to improve efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Implementing role based authorization for all UI component for each level of users, and providing a mechanism to apply run-time business logic specific to access.
  • Developing a configurable dynamic workflow management system

Technology Used

Angular 6, Kendo UI, ASP.NET Core, Web API, Docket Containers, Microsoft Azure (Service Fabric, SQL Database, Blob Storages, AD and B2C), Okta authentication and BI360.

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