Meet your data analytics requirements through expert consulting services

Data analytics services that help your business drive insights from data. Our services help businesses of all sizes and maturity levels. We unlock intelligent decision-making through smart analytics, agile BI, and advanced data practices. Get expert help in:

  • Building data strategy & roadmap
  • Establishing data governance & management frameworks
  • Enhancing reports & dashboards
  • Performing predictive analysis & forecasting
  • Optimizing BI & analytics process
  • Mitigating risk

Data analytics services we offer

Data Analytics Consulting & Strategy Building

Whether you need help refining your reports or moving to a new analytics platform, our team is here to help. Our data analyst can help you choose the right tools and find hidden insights in your data. We'll work with you to strategize an analytics solution for your needs.

Data Governance

We ensure that your data is secure, uniform, and trusted across the board. We structure the data governance framework to integrate seamlessly with your business process. This helps increase user adoption and get quicker results.

Data Management

We help you collect and store data securely. Our team delivers precise data analytics through data management solutions tailored for your needs.

Data Architecture & Migration

We design scalable & secure data architecture that offers a full view of your data. In addition, we facilitate seamless data migration with minimal interruption to your business. Our experts align the migration scope and suggest the best approach for your needs.

Data Conversion

We help convert raw data into a format suitable for analysis & reporting. Our services include data cleaning, wrangling, engineering, and enrichment. This helps improve data quality and make them usable.

Data Warehousing

We offer data warehouse development and support services. In addition, we enhance your data warehouse efficiency to reduce costs. We achieve this by moving your on-premises data warehouse to the cloud.

Big Data Consulting

We can support you at any stage of your big data initiative. Our experts build & implement solutions that consolidate large volumes of data into a single location. We leverage technologies like Data Lakes, Spark, and Hadoop to extract valuable business insights.

Dashboards and Reports

We transform data into compelling reports and user-specific dashboards. Our team leverages Power BI, Tableau, and Matplotlib to present insights in an easy-to-ingest format.

Modernizing Data

We analyze your current data design and assist in your data modernization journey. Our services range from data migration to setting up data warehouses & data lakes.

Our success stories

Developed Data Warehouse, Reports, and Provided Support & Maintenance for a Food & Beverage Company

The customer is in the business of quick service restaurants. They needed to have an integrated view of information and have trend analysis at a regional level. We designed & developed data warehouse, dashboards, and reports. We also provided support & maintenance for management information and data analysis systems.

Developed Analytical Application for a Healthcare Services Company

Developed a decision support system for a medical equipment provider. They needed a system with analytics and data mining ability. We designed & developed a solution based on OLAP cubes and mining models.

Designed and Developed End-to-End BI Solution for an Education Marketing Agency

Customer is one of the pioneers in the education marketing space. The customer ran paid search marketing campaigns. They needed a solution that could provide them insights into the success of their past campaigns. We helped them by developing a BI solution using Microsoft BI stack.

Types of data analytics we can help with

Descriptive Analytics

Our team enables you to analyze your historical data. They help you understand past trends, key performance indicators (KPIs), and create dashboards for better decision-making.

Diagnostic Analytics

We dig deep into your data to uncover underlying reasons behind specific events. Our root cause analysis and data profiling techniques help you identify patterns, trends, and anomalies.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage our predictive analytics skills to forecast future trends & outcomes based on historical data. Make data-driven decisions with our regression analysis, time series forecasting, and predictive modeling. You can anticipate market shifts, and optimize resource allocation strategies with precision.

Prescriptive Analytics

We seamlessly blend predictive models, simulation, and decision analysis to extract insights. Our technique provides strategic guidance and cultivates robust decision support systems. We enable you to anticipate future scenarios, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions.

What can we do for you?

Building Strategy We help you see the big picture with a custom action plan for your data initiatives. We analyze your business and requirements to find the best way for you to utilize your data.

DeploymentDeploying new data and analytics solutions comes with substantial costs and time investments. We help you design & implement the essential foundation, architecture, and data analytics tools. This will ensure your teams are well-equipped for success.

MigrationOur services enable a seamless transition from legacy data solutions to modern, cloud-based platforms.

Data Team AugmentationWe help you fill the gap in your in-house data team and technical competence. We have a team of experienced data consultants, architects, engineers and project managers. They ensure that your business meets the requirements on time.

Some data analytics tools and technologies we use

Data Visuals & Reporting

Power BI
Power BI

Data Integration

Azure Synapse
Azure Synapse


On-Premises SQL
On-Premises SQL
Azure Synapse
Azure Synapse
Amazon Redshift
Amazon Redshift

What do our customers say?

Why choose us for data analytics services?

25+ years of experience in BI & data analytics consulting services

Large team of data engineers, scientists, architects, and AI/ML experts

Thorough assessment of your requirements

Global delivery model

Complete transparency

How our data analytics services can help you?

How our data analytics services can help you?

We leverage the right technologies & tools to help you drive business value. Following are some examples of where our services can help.

  • Improve the decision-making process by unearthing the hidden insights
  • Deliver personalized experience to customers by analyzing their past patterns
  • Mitigate financial risk by analyzing sales trends and market demands
  • Streamline operations by identifying problem areas

Our data analytics process


Data Collection

We collect relevant data from various sources such as databases, data warehouses, and APIs. We ensure that data quality and integrity remains intact.


Data Cleaning

We help identify & correct errors, missing/duplicate values, and disparities in the data.


Exploratory Data Analysis & Visualization

We perform an initial assessment to comprehend the attributes, patterns, and structures within the datasets. We incorporate visualization techniques during this phase.


Data Transformation

Our team prepares the data for analysis by transforming the data. We are expert in data normalization, aggregation, feature engineering, and data enrichment processes.


Model Building

Depending on your objectives, our team builds predictive or prescriptive analytics models. To build these models, we use machine learning algorithms, statistical techniques, or optimization methods.


Model Assessment

Our experts then evaluate the performance of the different models. We use metrics such as accuracy, precision, and recall, to select the best-performing model for deployment.


Visualization and Analysis

At this stage, we help you visualize model outputs, predictions, and insights. We use interactive dashboards, charts, graphs, and reports to present meaningful insights.


Deployment and Maintenance

We implement the insights into real-world solutions. Our team ensures seamless deployment and ongoing maintenance of your analytics solutions.

Some examples of business challenges we help solve with our data analytics consulting services

Identifying Lost Opportunities

Many businesses are unable to reach their full potential. This is due to the shortcomings in identifying insights hidden deep in their data. We help you solve this problem by removing data silos and presenting critical insights in one place. We enable business users to collaborate and make faster decisions with the right analytical tools.

Inefficient Operations

Streamlining operations often poses a challenge for businesses. It becomes especially hard when inefficiencies are difficult to identify. Our solutions help you dig into the data to unearth the reasons for bottlenecks & inefficiencies. We help you optimize your process through data-driven insights.

Proactive Decision Making

Businesses face challenges in forecasting trends, identifying scopes, and making proactive decisions. With our services, we help businesses develop predictive models, perform scenario analysis, and generate meaningful insights to drive strategic initiatives.

Data Governance

Establishing data governance frameworks, meeting data quality standards, and following best practices in data management are essential. We help you ensure that your data is accurate, consistent, secure, and compliant with governing requirements.


  • Why is data analytics important?-

    Data analytics involves using tools & technologies to explore raw data. It helps to analyze & understand data to drive strategic actions by identifying patterns & trends.

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