LOB Forms Integration With Office 365 For Medical Devices

Technology Used

SharePoint Designer for form and workflow design, Client Object Model using JavaScript, Office 365 instance

Customer Profile

Customer is a medical devices company and is considered to be a leader in surgical sponge detection systems. The company is operating out of the West Coast of the US and manages the sale and distribution of its Radio Frequency based surgical systems across different territories in US through different Health Systems and Institutions.

Customer Situation

  • Deployed InfoPath based forms over Office 365 for one of their customers. This resulted in different issues in extending the boundaries of InfoPath forms with custom code over Office 365
  • Customizing the forms for workflows, field validations and rules had resulted in limited functionalities extended with InfoPath over Office 365

Congruent's Solution

  • Designed and developed web forms overs Office 365 as a Proof of Concept. The design was then validated with an MVP at Microsoft
  • Build and deployed the form to Office 365. Entire activity was performed in two steps – Step one to build 80% of the functionality as a proof for the concept and the rest 20% to complete the workflow process


  • One of the effective implementations of Line of Business forms over Office 365
  • Replaces the traditional InfoPath based LoB forms with lightweight web forms
  • Built as a sandboxed solution which can either work in an on-premise solution or the cloud based Office 365 setup
  • Provides basic approval workflow through SharePoint Designer
  • Proposal to integrate with Sales and Distribution channels

Congruent's Key Challenges

  • Deploying business rules to requisition forms
  • Minimize on InfoPath like User Interface with custom ASPX
  • Custom workflow with office 365 user/group mapping

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