Developed a Supply Chain Application on AWS for a Global Manufacturing Company

Technology Used

Front End: ReactJS

Back End: Web services, Spring-boot, AWS Deployment

Customer Profile

Based in Minnesota, the customer is an American multinational conglomerate corporation producing multiple products in fields of safety, transportation & electronics, health care, and consumer goods. To simplify and integrate their global supply chain processes, the organization innovates continuously to enhance the quality of their products & processes across 200 manufacturing plants, 100 warehouses, and 25 customer-facing divisions all over the world.

What was the problem?

  • Lacked a stand-alone tool to capture all the master information of supply chain model
  • Need to optimize SKU to work center assignments across the planning horizon
  • Unavailability of time based and capacity based models in their tools

How did we help?

Developed and implemented a web-based application to identify the finished goods demand in each planning horizon to identify the following results

  • Total hours required across work centers against available hours (Time based model)
  • Total quantity of semi-finished goods required from work centers against available capacity in the work centers expressed in units of semi-finished goods (Capacity based model)
  • Constitute the demand based capacity chart

Impact & Benefits

  • Ability to strategize production based on forecasted product demand, and help customer to plan for procurements
  • Demand propagation across value stream to identify the work center’s input and output demands
  • Selection of work centers through ‘what if’ analysis & scenario comparison
  • Visual representation of the capacity required to meet demands for a particular time period

Key Challenges

  • Dealing with data has been a challenge throughout the project. Exposure to real-time data is limited due to security reasons
  • Automating the business formulas and process like bill of materials was a great challenge as it involves complex algorithms
  • Dependence on alternative data sources

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