Offshore Software Development Case Study - Finance Guidance System™


Financial Advising

Customer Profile

A financial advising company providing technology solutions and consulting services to independent financial advisors, banks, brokerage firms and trust companies to help them improve customer retention, boost recurring revenues and increase profitability.


  • Ease of use with intuitive browser interface
  • Remote access
  • Real world calculations
  • Seamless transition from "modular" to "comprehensive" planning perspectives
  • Integrated personal and business planning
  • Projections covering multiple generations

Technology Used

  • Microsoft .NET Framework

Software / Tools Used

  • Microsoft .Net Framework
  • SQL Server
  • XML


Congruent was selected for development of 'Finance Guidance System™'


Customer Situation

  • Required a hosted ASP.NET solution for its proprietary concept (a behavioral based ‘Financial Guidance System™’)
  • Customer tested two vendors for development with no success, after which, it approached Congruent

Software Development Partnership

  • Congruent was engaged to complete an application built on remnants of previous development efforts
  • Soon after, it became clear that previous vendor’s developments were not scalable and contained little usability
  • Congruent recommended starting over to create a stable and scalable application

"Congruent has proved to be an excellent partner, starting from a thoughtful and complete analysis of our project, through a detailed, but ruthlessly efficient discovery, fast prototyping and development process…Congruent is staffed with genuinely good people who care about their clients and their clients’ success."

Jerry Hammack
VP, Product

What is Financial Guidance System™?

  • A complex event risk management system that helps an array of financial advisors, planners and the like
  • It can complete complicated personal and business financial planning simultaneously, a first in its industry
  • Based on the financial history of the user and the various plans that one would like to have for the future, it accurately simulates event risks taking external, real world factors into consideration
  • One can define budgets, security purchase / sell / gift events, Asset purchase / sell / gift events, Annuities, Life Insurances, Loans, Note Receivables, Cash / Security / Asset gifts and more
  • Taking aforementioned into account, application generates comprehensive report along with simulated transactions
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