Capacity Optimization & Asset Loading For Manufacturing

Technology Used

ASP.NET MVC REST Web API, Kendo UI, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Azure Document DB, Azure Blog Storage

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Customer Profile

3M is a global science company that never stops inventing. From making driving at night safer, to putting man on the moon, their scientists & researches continuously work to create new breakthroughs in various fields.

The Global Supply Chain & Analysis Division of 3M helps to innovate and improve their global supply chain processing, which includes around 200 manufacturing plants, 100 warehouses, and 25 customer-facing divisions across the world.

Service Deliverables

  • Architecture/Design
  • Development
  • QA
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Program Management
  • System Maintenance and Support

Execution method

We built COAL in 3 Phases

  • COAL Phase 1 – Built the interface to capture all the required master data from SAP ERP
  • COAL Phase 2 – Built the interface to capture all model level inputs from user to handle the Demand Propagation process
  • COAL Phase 3 – Built the Visualizations and reports for the planners

Process Flow

Capacity Optimization & Asset Loading (COAL) - Process Flow

Customer Situation

  • 3M wanted to have a common system to manage the Capacity planning needs for the global operations taking place in various sites around the world
  • They were using a legacy product for their Capacity Planning needs, but most of the Customer operations were being handled outside the system
  • Translating the End-Customer demand into individual work center and operation demand, was not effectively done with the legacy system
  • Multi-Echelon based Business Analytical model was required for the Inventory Optimizations, but the existing product was Single-Echelon based
  • Consolidated Extended Value stream view was unavailable for effective planning

Congruent's Solution

Congruent developed COAL as a .NET web-based application targeting the Capacity Planning (CRP) Requirements from 3M Global Supply Chain. Given below the overview of the solution

  • Access to COAL is controlled by a Windows Single-Sign on credentials for easy access
  • Integrate with SAP and synchronize the master data from SAP into COAL
  • Create Planning models with the Product demand as user input
  • Setup the BOM and Route for each product within the planning model
  • Load the Demand splits across the work centers
  • Propagate the end Customer demand upstream in Routing
  • Identify the demand for each Semi-Finished good, Operation/Work center wise
  • Planning model can be either Time based or Capacity based. Calculate the below
    • Time based Model - The Total hours required across Work Centers vs. Available hours in the work centers
    • Capacity based model - The Total Quantity of Semi-finished goods required from Work centers vs Available Capacity in the work centers
  • Clone the existing model for ‘what-if’ / scenario analysis with work center loading changes
  • Produce Control Charts for the Demand vs Capacity for each Planning period
  • Produce Consolidated Extended value stream visualization for each planning period
  • Produce Days of Inventory Visualizations

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