Blockchain consulting services

Our experienced team will do a complete analysis of the current business scenario and advice on the potentials of what blockchain technology could offer. Congruent’s blockchain consultants will identify the optimal platforms and tools to build the most advanced blockchain-powered solutions for your business. With the help of our trusted blockchain consulting services, your business can reap the maximum benefits out of the advanced blockchain solutions that meet your needs.

Our Blockchain consulting process:


Our blockchain consultants will analyze the feasibility of the business requirement and define goals, workflows, and road maps for the smooth running of the blockchain project.



Analyze your current business operations and infrastructure to identify where the technology is needed the most and what are the significant values it can add to your business.


Tools & Platforms Identification

Based on the discussion with your internal teams and your business requirements, our consultants will identify the right blockchain tools and platforms for the project.



After arriving on a use case based on your feedback and inputs, we work along with your team to build the proof-of-concept. This is will confirm that our solution will have real-world applications.


Solution Development

Once the proof-of-concept is successful we will devise a plan to build the actual blockchain solution for your business requirement. Our team consists of experienced front-end and back-end developers.


Support & Upgrade

Every business-critical solution needs to be monitored/upgraded constantly and we can provide that support while you concentrate on your core business goals.

Blockchain development

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing how businesses operate, share data, and administer contracts. Our blockchain development team is extremely capable of building enterprise-grade solutions that match your business requirements and augment your in-house application development teams. We can develop decentralized blockchain solutions or solutions in the private blockchain that enhance your data security and trust verification process.

Our Blockchain development services include:

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Build a highly secured cryptocurrency wallet to protect your digital assets against frauds and unauthorized transactions. Our crypto wallet development services include multi-currency / single-currency wallet, cold wallet, bill payment solutions, mobile, desktop, and web wallet.

Smart Contracts Development

Develop smart contracts for businesses to enforce terms of agreement digitally. Our smart contract development services are smart contract architecture, design & development, smart contract audit, and smart contract optimizations.

Blockchain Application Development

We have the necessary skills and experience to build custom applications on various blockchain platforms to match the defined business requirements. Our consultants can help you to develop solutions from scratch to implementation.


Create highly secured blockchain application based on Hyperledger framework to enhance transparency, collaboration, and scalability. The Hyperledger framework our developers work with are Fabric, Burrow, Indy, Sawtooth, Composer, Cello, and Explorer.

Private Blockchain

Private blockchain solutions are the best option if you need to limit access to specific users in the organization and have complete control over the user’s accessibility.

Supply Chain Blockchain

We possess in-depth knowledge of the supply chain process of various industries which helps us to develop custom blockchain solutions for your business in any suitable blockchain platform.

What we can do for you in Private Blockchain development?

  • Build new applications in Private blockchain
  • Integrate existing applications to a Private blockchain
  • Customize the Blockchain parameters
  • Customize the runtime parameters
  • Create multiple key values
  • Create Identity databases on your Blocks
  • Track and verify at all network level