Automotive Management System on Azure for Automobile Aftermarket Sector

Technology Used

Angular 11, Kendo UI, ASP.NET Core, Microsoft Azure - Function App, Cosmos, API management service, Front Door, Blob Storage account, Data Factory, Data Lake, DevOps pipeline

Customer Profile

3M Automotive Aftermarket Division is an expert in giving quality automotive body shop work. From window tinting and the Bondo® brand to car wraps and auto paint, 3M AAD offer the tools that help protect the customers’ reputation. 3M AAD’s car repair, automotive touch-up and car care solutions are designed to help the customers put their quality vehicles on the road

Customer Situation:

  • Customer had, in the past, collaborated with a partner to quickly establish business in the automotive repair market
  • The arrangement, though working fine, was leading to issues related to infrastructure as the current solution in on-premise and end-users were facing long loading time
  • Addressing global business users in low bandwidth and multilingual accessibility
  • Customer wants complete ownership of the solution instead of relying on the partner for changes in the solution
  • Customer wants to move away from the dated technologies and into cutting-edge cloud infrastructure

Congruent’ s Solution:

Employed scalable microservices architecture with separate databases to increase business agility and improve business workflows. This application is designed for high availability and resiliency by using cloud platform.

  • Custom developed an enterprise–grade Automotive body shop management system with intuitive, rich UI/UX capabilities and limitless customization capabilities
  • Angular’s Single Page Application (SPA) architecture takes significantly less time and bandwidth to refresh data between clicks and provided great user experience
  • This data-driven application is designed with angular form controls, binding complex data on runtime
  • Implemented with Angular 11 - i18n, which has the ability to load various localized languages at runtime
  • Azure Function apps provided unlimited cloud scale, creating and removing microservice containers guided by a flexible configuration system
  • Moved the data from relational database (SQL) to Azure Cosmos (NoSQL) to permit low latency while reading and writing data
  • Moved the Function and Angular behind Azure Front Door to make the solution fast, secure and globally scalable
  • Implemented Azure B2C based authentication flow to enable both existing 3M Active directory and external users to login and consume the applications
  • Created multiple DevOps YAML based build and deployment pipelines for each of the microservices

Key Challenges

  • Segregating the existing monolithic application into microservices based on business domain
  • Converting the existing relational data base into Azure Cosmos (NoSQL) was challenging - deciding the optimal document structure and partition key
  • Implementing role-based authorization for all UI component for each level of user and providing a mechanism to apply run-time business logic specific to access

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