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Congruent has a talent pool of skilled professionals extending their support to you as your virtual software development team. Our experienced developers help you with your development requirements on Salesforce, Microsoft Technologies (.NET, SQL), SharePoint, Microsoft BI, Dynamics ERP & CRM, Mobile (iOS, Android and Windows based phones & tablets) and IoT applications.

How our virtual software development team works?

The dedicated resource(s) from Congruent’s pool of software professionals help in your projects by collaborating with you as your extended development team. The team can be ramped up / down to keep it in-line with the flow of your business.

To help you coordinate effectively with the virtual software development team, Congruent utilizes live communication facilities such as:

  • Video conferencing
  • Dedicated Microsoft SharePoint site
  • Web meetings
  • VoIP & IP Phones
  • IM

Our project manager / developers can be interacted directly to share project status, progress, reviews and feedback. These interactions facilitate the members of a team across the shores to understand each other better, thus, helping them to achieve the goal in coordination.

Key features of our virtual software development team

  • Experienced team of software professionals
  • Hardware / Software resources and office infrastructure in place with secure firewall and encryption protection
  • High-speed communications and live chat conferencing facilities
  • Complete intellectual property protection

Benefits of our virtual software development team

Ramp Up / Down
of team as per
Work Timings
Seamless Transition
  • Ramp Up / Down of team as per requirement
  • Unified Communication
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Overlapping Work Timings
  • Seamless Transition

Who is using Virtual Software Development Team? And who is it for?

  • Established companies needing to extend their technical staffing, in order to meet market demand
  • Software vendors who are looking for a dedicated resource / resources to work on their projects offsite
  • Growing businesses that need access to exceptional talent while minimizing risk and operating costs Independent
  • Software vendors, software partners, product developers, start-up companies are some of the ideal contenders for Congruent’s virtual software development team
  • Businesses that require substantial reduction of initial system setup cost in terms of infrastructure, hardware and software resources and manpower
  • Organizations looking forward to reduce overall IT cost and flexible usage of resources for revenue generation

Our dedicated offshore developers work as an extension to your in-house staff and you are saved from all the overheads of managing a local team at your end. This concept enables you to pick up projects without worrying about going through the trouble of hiring / maintaining staff. You can hire dedicated developers on monthly contract basis and our usual contract of dedicated developer service is three-months to six-months at the minimum.

How our virtual software development team is different from others

Outsourcing complete projects is just like giving us your overall requirements and we will deliver you the final solution. We will be responsible for handling complete software development life cycle starting from the requirements gathering to delivering the end product.

While in case of Virtual Software Development Team, you manage the entire project execution process from your end. Our developers will work dedicatedly as a part of your in-house staff. They work on the assigned tasks and report the same to you.

For further queries or to express your interest in our virtual software development team, please fill in the enquiry form for us to touch base with you.

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