Developed Mobile App for Searching and Booking Parking Spot

Team Size

6 Developers and 3 Testers

Project Duration

  • 36 months for development and testing
  • Currently in Support and Maintenance stage

GrydPark is a platform that allows drivers to find and pre-book affordable hourly, daily and monthly parking spots directly from the mobile app. Grydpark is changing the way people park through the parking marketplace, fuelled by spots in private parking lots.

Customer Profile

Gryd is a Canadian-born PropTech company that develops and deploys innovative solutions for industry-leading property managers, owners, and REITs across North America. GrydPark is a suite of parking software designed to optimize, automate, and increase the profitability of the valuable parking assets of their clients and tenants.

Customer Requirements

Needed a robust B2C application solution to serve the parking lot reservation/booking with the following features.

  • Efficient handling of parking lot searches by parkers
  • Ensuring scalability and availability of services during peak and lean hours
  • Seamless payment processing
  • Display real-time metrics in dashboard without lag or load time to compute the data
  • Additional options to visually represent the layout and status of parking lot within a property
  • Managing accounting, and payout to the property/building owners with minimal manual intervention
  • Solution to programmatically open or close the garage door from mobile and web applications

Congruent’s Solution

Working with the GRYD stakeholders Congruent developed an application eco-system for Android,iOS, and web applications for administrative needs. The application is mobile responsive. It comprises of the following features:

  • A complex parking fee calculation engine taking into account
    • Parking spots with different hourly prices on a given day
    • Location, accessibility and amenities provided factored in when calculating pricing for each parking spot in a property
    • Price cap considered (maximum amount to be charged) while parking for more than than a specific number of hours for a given day
    • Different pricing model for monthly recurring parkers
    • Pricing information stored in a relational database
  • Parking space availability in each vicinity calculated based on existing reservations and other factors in real-time taking into consideration the parker’s search criteria. Caching mechanism that maintains the state and price in temporary storage, enhances the performance
  • Kubernetes cluster implemented for efficient orchestration of API micro services
    • Automatically adjust resource allocation (both vertical and horizontal) during high-demand periods
    • Secondary cluster as a failover backup
    • Efficient traffic manager implemented to make routing decisions based on cluster availability
  • Payment procedure that involves a coordinated process for server-side and client-side components. Payment collected using Stripe Gateway with ability for parkers to make payments via their mobile application
  • User-specific metrics represented as charts in a dashboard. Data up to the previous day is aggregated and stored separately. This is combined with the real-time current day data to produce instant and accurate reports/charts
  • Property map detailing the arrangement of parking spaces created using Figma with association of specific sections of the map to individual parking spaces. Property managers and administrators get a dynamic map view with real-time information on parking spot utilization and status
  • Fully automated process of income and payments. Stripe accepts payments and Quickbooks Online automatically generates bills for leased properties
  • A new feature introduced for certain properties to have electronically operated garage-doors / gates to prevent unauthorized parking. IoT module using Eldes Gate controller used to programmatically open or close the garage doors / gates for authorized parkers through the application


  • Reduced time spent for searching parking spot
  • Increased revenue from optimized fee collection
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to ease of searching and paying for a parking spot
  • Improved safety and security due to reduced need for human intervention in the parking process
  • Environmentally friendly, with less paper usage

Congruent’s Key Challenge

Measuring the application responsiveness and performance and impact.

Technology Used

  • React Native for iOS and Android application development
  • DOTNET Core for API microservices
  • React.js for responsive web applications
  • MS-SQL-SERVER as database server
  • Azure Blob Storage for non-structured data
  • Azure Kubernetes Clusters for high scalability and availability
  • 3rd party services and SDKs
    • Stripe / Stripe Terminal for payments
    • QuickBooks Online and Xero for accounting
    • Voucherify for coupon and credit management
    • SendGrid for email
    • Twilio for SMS
    • Figma for interface design
    • Eldes Gates for IoT used to lock and unlock the garage gates
    • Chart.js for reports and charts
    • JSPDF for PDF based reports

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