Salesforce has become a vital tool for many businesses. It helps them to manage customer relationships, streamline sales/marketing operations, and drive growth. To harness the full potential of Salesforce, you need skilled developers who can customize the platform for your needs. But where can you find such skilled developers? Do you want to hire and maintain full-time resources? Do you have the budget to maintain a large team of in-house Salesforce developers?

Hiring and retaining full-time Salesforce developers is a daunting process. It will be expensive and tiring for your company. This is where Salesforce staff augmentation comes into play. Hire Salesforce developers on a contract basis. Pay only for the work performed. You can part company when the project is over. There are no overhead costs involved.

What is Salesforce staff augmentation?

Salesforce staff augmentation is a strategic model for hiring developers. Companies sign partnership agreements with Salesforce outsourcing partners to expand their current Salesforce team. These experts bring years of experience and their in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce platform to the table. Companies prefer this model when they are faced with resource shortages or gaps in skill sets.

Salesforce factors significantly for your success

Salesforce is not just another business application. It has a key role to play in your business success. Salesforce empowers you to manage your sales, customer service, marketing, and more. Salesforce, when implemented, can boost your productivity and drive business growth. Salesforce can grow with your business and provide continuous support to your evolving needs.

Why consider Salesforce staff augmentation for hiring developers?

As discussed earlier, staff augmentation enables you to augment your current Salesforce team with outside experts. Salesforce staff augmentation helps you to solve issues like a temporary increase in workload or lack of skills in your team. Hired Salesforce developers will work alongside your existing team to provide extra support. The experts could be admins, developers, architects, consultants, or project managers.

Access to Salesforce Expertise Around the Globe - Salesforce staff augmentation allows you to tap into a global pool of various talents. You can choose developers with specific skills and experience that match your project requirements. You do not have to limit yourself only to the local talent. You can choose your own Salesforce partner who is best suited for your needs. Interview their resources and hire talent.

Flexible and Scalable Solution - Staff augmentation gives you great flexibility and scalability in terms of resources. Whether you need a Salesforce developer or a team of experts, you can hire them according to your needs. You have the option to scale it up or down based on your project's needs.

Saves Money - Hiring full-time, in-house developers is expensive. Especially if you do not have a constant flow of Salesforce projects. You may end up paying for resources even when there are no new Salesforce projects. With staff augmentation, you only pay for the work performed. You do not have to worry about staff salaries and benefits.

Minimizes Resource Management – One of the major problems with maintaining a large in-house team is maintenance. Resource management is an intensive process, and it needs a lot of investment. With staff augmentation, the Salesforce partners will handle the hiring and managing. You get more time on your hands to focus on your core business functions.

24/7 Salesforce Development – With no geographical restriction to hire talent, you can take advantage of time differences around the globe. By hiring developers from different time zones, you can achieve round-the-clock Salesforce development. When your team logs out for the day, the external developers will continue your work. This ensures faster project delivery and support whenever you need it.


Salesforce staff augmentation is a cost-effective way for you to address your needs. You can skip the lengthy process of hiring and retaining full-time resources. There are some cases where due to company policy you can only hire in-house developers. It justifies the reason for choosing the expensive approach for your needs. In most business scenarios, staff augmentation is the optimal approach. The benefits acquired through Salesforce staff augmentation outweigh the expensive in-house team.

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