Decision Support System For Healthcare

Technology Used

Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), ASP .Net

Customer Profile

A leading multinational in the business of providing biomedical equipment and sample testing services to the Health Care Industry and also serving medical research labs and food processing companies


  • Improved Product feature
  • Enhanced Customer satisfaction with better quality production and research laboratories
  • Hierarchical decision making enabled data analysis system
  • 100% offshore leverage with Fixed Price Work as high as 90%
  • Additional power of OLAP cubes in aggregating data
  • Efficient use of Data Mining Algorithms for effective trending and predictions

Customer Situation

Need for a client facing decision support system with analytics and data mining capability. The system has to overcome the need to:

  • Analyze, predict area of contamination
  • Provide a hierarchical structure to drill into contamination area
  • Web based solution to enhance analysis & decision making
  • Support pattern/trend Analysis across different hierarchical locations
  • Enable analytical decision making to improve product usage

Congruent's Solution

  • Design and development of OLAP cubes and Mining models
  • Design, Development of Analytical application based on OLAP cubes and mining models
  • Support and maintenance of decision support system

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