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HTML5 Application Development

With the advent of HTML5, software application development landscape is to witness substantial transformation. A combination of CSS, HTML & JavaScript, HTML5 is an excellent platform for application development that would provide great user experience. It’s acceptance by almost all technology giants owing to its widespread capabilities has made HTML5 the most sought after web programming languages.

HTML5 platform is equipped with a comprehensive set of API and technologies that enables development of applications that are not limited to just one platform, device or form factor. It can be used to build desktop browser applications, mobile/tablet web and hybrid applications as well as Windows 8 native Metro style applications. This enables businesses to save huge costs by eliminating the necessity to develop and deploy multiple applications for multiple platforms to meet varied needs.

We at Congruent always embrace new technologies and HTML5 is no exception. Our tech savvy developers with their great proficiency are highly competent to understand and deliver what best suits our clients, thereby making us one of the best in class HTML5 application development companies in the market.

Congruent's HTML5 application development competencies

With the technical know-how, Congruent can help develop

  • State-of-the-art WEB2.0 / 3.0 apps
  • Mobile web apps and apps for PCs & Tablets
  • Media intensive & entertainment apps
  • Location aware geo-spatial apps & mashup
  • Windows 10 Universal apps
  • Native apps for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux etc. (HTML5 apps packaged to run in the native mode)
  • Mobile Hybrid apps (apps that will have the most basic functionalities available as native with advanced features downloaded from a web server as needed)

In addition to the above, Congruent can also build ASP.NET apps that emits HTML5 output, enabling clients to be compliant with their IT investments made on Microsoft platform while leveraging the power and inclusiveness of HTML5.

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For further queries or to express your interest in our HTML5 application development services, please fill in the enquiry form for us to touch base with you.



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