Salesforce Google Drive Integration for FinTech Organization

Technology Used

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Apex, Apex Governor Limits for performance tuning, SOAP and REST APIs, Salesforce SOQL, SOSL, Sales Cadence (add-on), Files Connect (integrate Salesforce/GDrive), GitHub, JIRA

Team Size

Composite from Congruent & Customer, 2 member team from Congruent

Project Duration


Congruent has seamlessly integrated Salesforce Reports with Google Drive. We also provide performance tuning, cleanup, maintenance, support, and monitoring for integration services with third-party systems using REST APIs alongside Salesforce.


FinTech – Loan Origination

Customer Profile

This customer is an unsecured business lender in Australia, focuses on enhancing the payment experience and aiding small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in managing their cash flow effectively.

Customer Situation

  • Very limited knowledge of the functionality and setup of Salesforce.
  • Challenges in monitoring and tracking the integration points.
  • Unaware of the ‘deprecation’ of several functionalities written earlier affecting the performance of the integration services.
  • Need the ability to publish Salesforce Reports to multiple merchants without procuring Salesforce licenses.

Congruent’s Solution

Congruent is providing performance tuning, troubleshooting, cleanup, maintenance, support, and monitoring services for

  • Sales Cloud integration with third-party systems via REST APIs.
  • Service Cloud case management for tracking loan application status.
  • Integration of Salesforce Cadence with Salesforce for messaging and communication.
  • Use of Files Connect and Lightning Web Components (LWC) to push Salesforce Reports to Google Drive and create a custom tab for Google Drive in the Salesforce Console.
  • Troubleshooting of issues in REST API integration with third-party systems.


  • Ongoing support with extensive product expertise for issue analysis and bug fixing.
  • Improved performance through proactive monitoring, analysis, and optimization.
  • Cost savings achieved by removing unnecessary Salesforce licenses for merchants, allowing customers to allocate their budget strategically.
  • High-quality resource monitoring for REST APIs.
  • Enhanced the product by removing outdated features and improving performance.

Congruent’s Key Challenge

  • Limited knowledge of the functionality setup in Salesforce
  • Reverse engineer and deep-dive into the code base to understand the functionality

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