Designed, Developed And Deployed Edu Portal For Education Sector

Technology Used

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 with MVC templates, C#.NET, SharePoint (Foundation/Server), Microsoft SQL Server, WCF Services, Third Party Tools to connect with

Customer Profile

Customer is a leading provider of Integrated IT services to small, medium and large enterprises. The company offers Engineering and R&D services, Outsourced Product Development (OPD) services, Managed Services and Enterprise Applications for Banking, Telecom and Manufacturing domain.

Customer Situation

Colleges use systems that are designated for specific purposes – like Assignments, Announcements, Mails, and Printing Systems etc. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, colleges are intending to have mobility solutions that can keep the students updated with data from different systems in one view. The portal dashboard solution will ensure the one-stop view of summary information from all the supporting systems.

Product Development Partnership

Customer conceived the product idea to build a student dashboard which would pull information from heterogeneous sources that would enable students to effectively communicate, collaborate and enhance their learning skills.

Customer partnered with Congruent to design and build this product. The product is built in two flavors: SharePoint based Dashboard and ASP.NET MVC 4.0 based mobile web site with different backend systems – either local Database based/Cloud based web services.

The product has different modules to help users with emails, socialize, track assignments, plan for individual improvements to name a few.

Congruent managed the entire project in typical waterfall model. An extensive requirements analysis phase followed by exhaustive design sessions setup the base for the product development phase. Customer had UAT in phases taking stock of the proceedings during the course of development to plan for their sales and deployment cycles.

What is EDU Portal?

EDU Portal provides a unified view for the students who might have different information systems available within their college premises.

Students can login to the application through their smartphone over wireless/3G/Edge connection to access their emails, assignment targets and submissions, library activities, calendars and remote file sharing options.

Application has the capability to extend its support to different back end systems through web services that expose the properties and information of the third party systems through this application. The application aggregates this information and presents them in a mobile web site.


  • One stop dashboard view for the internal systems enabling students learn and collaborate effectively
  • Two versions – Web and Mobile sharing common data sources
  • Accordion based User Interface with easy navigation
  • Scalable architecture enabling dynamic integration elements
  • Responsive User Interface suiting different form factors

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