Developed an Automated Invoice Generation Process for Supply Chain Technology Firm

Technology Used

Microsoft C#, Power Automate Flow, CRM Plugin, D365 Workflow and Customizations

Team Size

2 member team

Project Duration

6 months

Automating invoice creation for different types of recurring and non-recurring orders based on order contract period with a standard invoice format for the different invoice types.


Software Development

Customer Profile

Customer is a seasoned software company delivering supply chain software and mobile computing solutions to third-party logistics providers and clients across multiple sectors. They improve the software solution to meet the dynamic needs of the industries and their clients.

What was the problem?

  • Customer had a complex invoicing requirement with different payment terms for different customers, different formats for different countries, and multiple tax rates.
  • They struggled to track and maintain orders & invoices and were billing manually in Excel along with the required tax information.

How did we help?

  • We developed an automated invoice generation solution for recurring and non-recurring orders, establishing a standard invoice format.
  • Developed an automated invoice creation process.

Impact & Benefits

Standardized/Centralized database with the following benefits:

  • Replaced a third-party tool by implementing it in CRM
  • Cost-effective and improved profitability
  • Automated process generates invoices on-time
  • Automated process reduces time taken
  • Eliminates manual error in invoice processing
  • Ensures compliance with laws

Key Challenges

Achieve full scenario coverage, including managing order cancellations/extensions or contract reductions, during automation of invoice generation process.

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