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Custom software development services from seasoned developers. By developing software for businesses from diverse industry verticals for over 25 years, Congruent has grown into a highly specialized custom software development company that holds unmatched skills in working with front end & back end Technologies, Database as well as providing Quality Assurance services delivering end-to-end solution to our customers.

Our pool of skilful software professionals comprises of front end software engineers, back end engineers, database engineers and system admins who are expert in a wide spectrum of technologies, capable of helping you with diverse development needs, starting from simple front end prototyping to intricate back end development services, and everything in between.

Front End Development

Design Centric Front End Development

We recognize how important it is for a business to have a website/application that looks good, performs at a lightning speed and captivates the users with its stunning UI/UX design. That’s why our skilled professionals put all their experience in to front end development that leaves the website/application users absolutely awestruck.

Our developers hold expertise in all the latest front end technologies including,

ReactJS / React Native
Material UI
If you have any other technology in mind, just name it, and we’ll build your application on it.

UI /UX Development

Interactive UI

Not just an informational view, but rather an amazing experience through our user friendly UI design

Unparalleled UX

Increased customer satisfaction with user centric UX design

KPI Led Design

Design that is led by KPI metrics like conversions, customer lifetime value, click-through rates etc. so that you can gauge your success at achieving major business objectives.

UI/UX Development

Multi Layer API Development

Our custom software development services comprises of complete API development. By leveraging our expertise in several languages, we deliver secure, robust and speedy APIs that are capable of handling large amounts of traffic and data with ease. We have one of the most experienced development team that is capable of handling all types of API development requirements both simple and complex using any of the following programming languages or packages.

API Development

Secure & Stable Back End Development

The inventive team of back end developers are skilled on an array of different back end technologies. We deliver outstanding results using RESTful API, Microservices based architecture and other cutting-edge technologies while ensuring airtight security for meeting the highest possible standards. The client centric approach adopted by us lets us create client-friendly and highly customizable back end interfaces for a range of software.

Backend Development Backend Development

Database Development

Database Development

Developers highly adept at integrating a variety of database technologies, ensure security of your application’s data while keeping it easily accessible whenever required. With over a decade of experience in database development, our team is always ready to meet the challenges with expertise that extends to many database technologies on the stack.


Handpick the cloud platforms to build, deploy & manage applications from the gamut of cloud platforms that offer a great degree of interoperability, high-performance, and cross-compatibility of web and mobile apps.

AWS- Highly skilled AWS professionals helping you with the technicalities of managing Amazon Cloud through our comprehensive AWS services & tools sets
Microsoft Azure – Get leverage through our Microsoft certified consultants & engineers with enormous experience in cloud strategy development, deployment and technology infrastructure maintenance.
Google Cloud – Consulting, deployment, management, migration and support for Google Cloud with global data security and privacy protection.

Cloud Enabled

Cloud Enabled

Continuous Delivery & Integration with DevOps

Our state-of-the-art DevOps services emphasizes on communication, collaboration, integration, and automation, which helps to bridge the gap between software engineers and IT operations. Our DevOps engineers enable you to achieve optimized and automated processes, eliminating any tailbacks while ensuring agile software development & delivery.

DevOps Consulting

Evaluating current state of Development, Operations and Control within the organization and creating roadmap

DevOps Implementation

Analyzing current technology stack, identifying the right set of tools to implement agile and efficient DevOps environment

Automation and Integration

Establishing robust ecosystem of software development by automating and setting up end-to-end delivery pipeline.

DevOps Management

Round the clock monitoring & problem resolution and managing entire DevOps processes along with proactive health checks and continuous improvement of operations.

Testing & QA Ensuring Optimal Performance

In house independent testing & QA division that performs rigorous tests on all the developed application, making sure that the deliverables meet the quality standards with zero-defect.

  • Smoke Testing
  • API Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Security Testing

Hire Custom Software Developers

Leverage the benefits of solutions built using top-notch technology by seasoned professionals through offshoring your application development requirements to us. Our developers have in-depth knowledge, and extensive experience in building all types of web, mobile and desktop applications, starting from scratch. They can also be used to augment your internal development team.

Leave your software development to us and remain assured that you’ll be delivered a robust solution which maximizes your ROI.

How Do We Turn Problems Into Solutions?

We Gather All The Requirements

  • Obtain all the documents to outline Minimum Viable Product
  • Document your requirements and expectation in great details by collecting all the answers through questionnaires
  • Understand your existing challenges & organizational goals and prioritize accordingly



Carry Out Research And Technical Analysis

  • Perform a study of feasibility for each element in the project to make final recommendation
  • Prepare scope of work that lists all the features, functional specifications, technology use, and estimation.

Plan The Project

  • We work with you to develop the project plan that outlines the different elements including activities, tasks, dependencies, and timeframes
  • Determine the technical scopes, development methodology, milestone breakdown and delivery time
  • We also work on the application architecture



UI / UX Designing

  • Our UI /UX connoisseurs come together to build mockup design that are intuitive and awe-inspiring
  • Developed wireframes are uploaded to Basecamp to collect clients’ feedback
  • If the design hits the spot, it is passed on to the development phase, otherwise we work on it again

Develop The Product

  • With agile development process, daily development and progress information is shared through regular team meetings
  • The developed components are tested thoroughly to ensure that they perform as they should
  • New changes (if any) are logged separately as a ‘Change Request’ along with estimated hours and implemented in the next phase



Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Our in-house team of testers ensure that the developed products are bug free and surpass the set quality standards
  • Issues tracking and debugging are done using JIRA
  • The bugs and errors are fixed by our developers during each sprint along with execution of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Overall Functional Testing
  • Get beta and live testing across all types of screens along with optimization testing throughout staging and live server

Post Delivery Support, Maintenance And Training For Products

  • Our work doesn’t end with mere delivery of the product, we provide complete technical and functional support to our clients
  • We provide user training for the clients that are tailored to their needs


Industries We Serve

  • Advertising
  • Automotive
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Event & Tickets
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Publications
  • Non Profit
  • Real Estate
  • Social Networking
  • Software
  • Sports
  • Tourism

Why Congruent For Custom software Development?

One Source For Multiple Technology Needs

Expertise across various cutting edge technologies and numerous framework makes us one stop shop for your IT needs. Whatever your requirements are, you name it and our developers will put all their experience into building a solution specific to your needs.

Highly Customized Solutions

It’s a known fact that when it comes to applications, one size doesn’t fit all. Therefore, we offer you solutions that are completely tailored to fit and accommodate your business requirements.

Reduced Time - To – Market

In a market that has fierce competition, it’s not enough to have just the right solution, having the right solution at the right time is far more critical. We make that possible with our skills, methodology and efficiency perfected over many years in business.

Working Time Based On Your Time Zone

Our developers work according to your time zone for minimal time lag and optimal efficiency.

NDA & Data Security

Security of data and information is of top most priority for us. We have thorough NDA in place covering your business critical information and data security.

Quality Assurance Is Not Taken Lightly

We have an independent division dedicated to Testing & QA. The testing professionals in our QA team are highly experienced and execute their tasks very seriously. All the test cases, issues and bugs are documented in details and addressed at the earliest stage.

Complete Support & Maintenance

Our work doesn’t end with just the delivery of the project. We provide comprehensive post-delivery technical & functional support along with periodic maintenance of your application throughout the application lifecycle.

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