Salesforce Data Migration from Pivotal CRM for Non-Profit Asset Management Firm

Technology Used

Microsoft Dotnet, C# for middleware, Salesforce Connected App

Team Size

6 members

Project Duration

6 months, Ongoing support and maintenance

Congruent executed this project by seamlessly migrating data from Pivotal CRM platform & Customer’s Master database (Account & Security applications) to Salesforce CRM platform through a middleware solution.


Not-for-Profit Asset Management

Customer Profile

The customer is a leading asset management firm that empowers educational institutions, foundations, pension funds, family offices, RIAs, and other sophisticated investors.

Customer Situation

  • Need to seamlessly migrate data from Old CRM platform to Salesforce.
  • Customer needs to sync the data between their Master database and Salesforce bi-directionally with the exact field mappings.
  • All sync schedulers need to run daily/weekly on a separate server to sync data between Master database and Salesforce bidirectionally.

Congruent’s Solution

  • A middleware plugin was developed in C# that acts as an intermediary layer to handle authentication with Salesforce and to perform data operations, including inserting and updating records.
  • This plugin is being used across various C# synchronization projects to facilitate the data synchronization process.

Impact & Benefits

  • Unified view of customer information across all platforms
  • Access and update the data in real time across all platforms.
  • Eliminating manual data entry, duplication, and reconciliation.
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration among sales teams
  • Offer more flexibility and choice for the business.

Congruent’s Key Challenge

  • To devise a dependable and thorough data mapping and transfer procedure using a resilient and adaptable technological platform.
  • High-volume dataset considerations during the sync of data between Salesforce and CF Master

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