Survey App Development For Healthcare Sector

Technology Used

Android SDK, Eclipse, WebAPI services, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, SQL Server

Customer Profile

Customer is a leading IT Consulting firm with footprint in Cloud based services. Customer has setup a cloud-based research platform that manages participants, collect the data and present them as researchable data for analysis purposes.

Customer Situation

Customer is responsible for gathering the Clinical data that would help in managing the electronic Health Records – Case Report Forms and Case Record Forms thereby help tabulate the data for analysis. Customer runs this app in BlackBerry platform which they wish to migrate to Android platform to enable them extend support across multiple geographies with many supported devices.

Product Development Partnership

Customer is currently running an infrastructure based on Blackberry 6 platform that would help them collect the electronic Case Reports and Records from patients through surveys.

Customer was looking for trusted partners who can help them migrate from the Blackberry platform to Android platform and help them develop additional functionalities and support them.

Congruent worked with the client in architecting the solution and took up the development of Android components for the application. This component is being integrated with the server side application built by the customer.

Congruent worked in tandem with the partner in building this application. The application is built in typical waterfall model and done completely offshore with quick turnaround.

About the App

HD is an app that will turn an Android tablet into a Kiosk and hence gather electronic information from patients using surveys. HD includes three modules – Blocker, Notification and Survey which work together to get the desired output.

While the Blocker turns the device to a kiosk, the notification acts as bridge between the Android device and HD server in communicating the data back and forth. Survey module launches the survey, when available, to the users for them to fill in their responses to the questions in the survey.

Data thus collected, gets posted onto the HD server directly over Secure Socket layer based communication. The app provisions for multi-lingual support, good and easy navigation for users as the target is people aged 60+ who may not be savvy about the use of tablets.


  • Migrating from an aging platform to the popular platform
  • Reducing the investment in hardware
  • Tight integration with the server
  • Secure data transmission avoiding local data storage/caching
  • Configurable User Interface
  • Uncompromised User Experience as the app is targeted at aged patients

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