At today’s scenario every organization faces a bombardment of information flowing their way from different sources in many forms. Storing and managing all these huge amount of data for actionable insights will demand lot of attention and time, which is not a feasible option for many enterprises.

This is where Congruent steps in and offers its big data analytics solutions. We have the knowledge in necessary big data tools and has standard processes in place to derive business critical intelligence from tons of data flowing into your enterprise every day.

Our Approach to Data Analytics Services

  • Big Data Consulting And Planning

    Data analytics experts from Congruent understands your business requirement and analyze your current technology infrastructure to kick-start the implementation process. Depending upon the business complexity our big data consultant does the assessment from onsite and development is taken care by a large pool of talent supporting from offshore. After assessing carefully we help you decide on what’s the best suited Big Data Platform for your organization.

  • Data Source + Data Type + Data Volume = Data Collection

    Irrespective of data size, form, source and structure, Congruent has the ability to build a cost-effective data management solution for you to harness the power of Big Data analytics. Congruent can derive actionable insights from huge volume of disparate data that is pouring into your business.

  • Data Storage

    The size of databases have grown into mountains since the data being created round the clock in every enterprises. Congruent can build data storage systems in cost-effective platforms such as Hadoop and retrieve them for processing & analyzing to extract business insights.

  • Data Cleansing

    Congruent can detect and correct or eliminate the incorrect data from cluster of disparate data of any size. Higher the data quality gets, more accurate the information extracted will be. Congruent has the ability to successfully perform both manual and automated data cleansing process especially for more complex works or huge data volume at reduced amount of time.

  • Data Transformation

    After data cleansing, data is transformed into a proper format / structure so that it can be loaded into necessary analytical tools for the purpose of analyzing.

  • Data Analysis

    Congruent with its advanced data analytics services can help you identify the immensely valuable information buried under the massive amount of disparate data sets. Our team works with all the cutting edge analytical tools to ensure that your enterprise’s analytical needs are satisfied.

  • Data Visualization / Reporting

    Identify new patterns and interact directly with data using our stunning visualizations. Our data visualization developers can help you absorb the extracted information in a very productive way with the help of advanced tools like power BI, Tableau etc.

Why should you trust Congruent for Big Data Analytics

  • Our data consultants are experienced in examining big data with diverse data sets and finding unseen patterns, new market trends, hidden correlation between divisions etc.
  • Data mining is one of the core competencies of Congruent since we have prior experience in providing data processing and analyzing services for number of organization from varied industries.
  • Our big data developers are familiar with many open source tool such as Hadoop, MongoDB, Talend, NoSQL and R-programming to store and analyze the huge volume of complex data.
  • Our consultant will always keep in mind the pre-existing business analytics infrastructure while developing a solution for any organization and build a new analytics process around it to reduce the expense and time spent on development.

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