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20th Anniversary

Congruent, a mobile application development company provides application development services to enterprises sizing from small to large and ISVs from its offshore development center in Chennai, India. We provide development services on Android, Windows and iPad & iPhone applications. Congruent, with the right blend of technical and UI experts, delivers mobile solution by merging high performing features & functionalities coupled with best in class user experience.

Mobile Application Development - Service Offerings

  • Extending application landscape to mobile devices through consulting services
  • Analyzing the requirement and suggesting platform for adoption
  • UI Prototype design
  • Develop Application
  • Post production support
  • Mobile device management

We design, develop and deliver our mobile apps as Native application, Hybrid application & Mobile web application.

Mobile App Development Process

  • Conceptualize
  • Brainstorming
  • Shaping and scoping
  • Identify the components
  • Arrive at inventory
  • Choose appropriate model
  • Choose appropriate model
  • Platform selection
  • Scope & group need
  • Identify non-functional needs
  • Research on re-usable components
  • Prototype
  • Incorporate UI schematic
  • Analyze outcome of User Experience
  • Presentation
  • Prototype to full-functional product
  • Integrate non-functional needs
  • Internal hosting environment
  • Publish Over-The-Air (OTA)
  • Incorporate changes
  • Publish to the app store
  • Support and Maintain

Why Congruent For Mobile App Development Services

  • Highly experienced mobile app development team capable of developing from small, one time native apps to enterprise applications
  • UI experts capable of designing applications which are exceptionally interactive and easy to use
  • Suggesting relevant features and functionality for your application after understanding the market and exact purpose of the application, such as branding, increasing revenue or introducing your business in mobile
  • We do not stop with design and development; we also provide support and maintenance for your application thereby acting as a single source for all your mobility needs
  • Assisting enterprises to make the most of mobility market for their business
  • Applications delivered on deadline without compromising UI design or functionality
  • Dedicated mobile app testing lab to ensure applications are consistent across different browsers, OS and devices etc

Few of our Mobile App Development solutions that we designed and developed for enterprises:

Educational Portal

Congruent developed EDU portal for students to pull information from different sources that enables student to effectively communicate, collaborate and advance their learning skills. EDU portal allows students to login through their Smartphone over wireless/3G/Edge connection to access their emails, assignment targets & submissions, library activities, calendars and remote file sharing options.

Survey App

Client was running an infrastructure based app on Blackberry 6 platform that would help them collect the electronic case reports and records from patients through surveys. Congruent helped them to migrate from blackberry platform to Android platform and develop additional functionalities for the application. Congruent made the application to turn any Android tablets into a Kiosk and gather electronic information from patients using surveys. The app provisions for multi-lingual support, good and easy navigation for users as the target is people aged above 60 who may not be aware of the use of tablets

Duty-Free Shopping App

Congruent helped the customer to modernize their airport & amenities and then upgrade their lounge with kiosk facilities for passengers to shop with Duty-Free outlets by building a native iPad application. The native iPad app is integrated with the LS Retail for NAV Point of Sale system. This app lets the user to browse through the product catalog and view the details about products including a thumbnail image, product description, manufacturing/expiry date, etc. User can select the product from catalog and pay for it through gateway. The product will be delivered to users when they leave the airport.

BCP Call Tree

Congruent built the BCP (Business Continuity Process) web application which allows them to perform the planning activities. Customer partnered again with Congruent to build the mobile version of the BCP tool which would work across platforms. Congruent developed basic functionalities followed by the additional means of reporting, sms gateway integration and Windows Phone support. The web application was built with ASP.NET 4.0 and it works on Windows Phone 7/8, Android & iOS devices.

We would be glad to help you with any requirements or queries that you might have on our mobile app development services. Kindly use the enquiry form to contact us.

20th Anniversary


"I am pleased with the work the team is doing. They have really engaged, and I appreciate that they make every effort to really understand the need, and ensure that it is built out to support our business requirements."

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Mobile Application Development
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