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Congruent offers Dynamics 365 implementation services to customers of various industries across the globe. Our team of highly experienced Dynamics 365 experts can help your business achieve digital transformation and empower your employees to become more productive to meet various business objectives.

Dynamics 365 For Your CRM Needs

Dynamics 365 For Sales & Customer Service

An Advancement of Dynamics CRM

Being a pioneer in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, practicing it from version 1.0, can not only help you in identifying the right licenses but also implement Dynamics 365 in-line with your business needs.

Moreover, with custom CRM solutions, third-party integrations, training & support services, our experts can address all your needs in Dynamics 365 by leveraging Sales & Customer Service modules.

Dynamics 365 For Your ERP Needs

Dynamics 365 - Business Central

An Advancement of Dynamics NAV

Congruent has been in Dynamics NAV practice for more than a decade and has a deep understanding on the underlying technologies of the new Dynamics 365.

Our expertise and knowledge of the product functionalities make us an ideal partner to help small & medium size businesses leverage Dynamics 365 business central to address their business needs.

Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations

An Advancement of Dynamics AX

Congruent has been practicing Microsoft Dynamics AX since 2008, starting from Dynamics AX 2009 version and has a profound understanding of the underlying technologies.

Our ability to leverage the product functionalities coupled with our diverse industry expertise will help large organizations achieve their business objectives using Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

Areas we can help

  • License identification and procurement
  • New implementations
  • Quick start implementation
  • Rescue failed implementations
  • Data scrubbing & data migration
  • Integrate disparate systems
  • Complex migrations
  • Building complex APIs
  • Custom reports & dashboards
  • Automated workflows
  • User training & adoption
  • Marketing automation
  • 360-degree view of sales/customers
  • Event management
  • Payment integration
  • EDI integration
  • Invoice and order automation
  • Inventory monitoring & management
  • Centralized payments
  • Production planning
  • Materials requirements planning
  • Forecasting & scheduling
  • Order management

And more

A Dynamics 365 Implementation Expert That You Can Trust

With expertise across multiple verticals, implement Dynamics 365 solutions that unifies business systems and derives maximum efficiency out of it.

  • A Pioneer in Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft certified partner
  • Certified Dynamics consultants with 10+ years’ experience
  • Highly reputable and reference-able clientele
  • Great customer references
  • Greater overall cost benefit for the customer
  • Rapid implementation and multi-phased implementation approaches
  • Implementation expertise across multiple industries
  • Registered CSP re-seller

Happy Customers around the world

  • "We have had several last minute/high priority requests. If all of these requests had not been acted on by the Congruent team in the timely manner they were, there could have been terrible consequences for the project... Your team has risen to the challenge brilliantly. Congruent team members have been stunningly responsive..."
  • "Congruent has been highly responsive to our needs, and they have been constant professionals in helping us manage the project. We have been especially pleased with their ability to manage scope issues quickly and effectively, ... We are also working with an offshore team, ...Communication has been remarkably clear, ..."
  • "I have had the pleasure of working with the Congruent Team for the better part of 8 years now… The coding they provide is both professional and well documented. The team goes to great lengths to fully understand our requirements asking questions and offering suggestions that in the end provide a better solution…"

Our Industry Expertise


Innovation, growth and operational excellence are within reach. Link all the operations and gain real-time visibility with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for manufacturing.

Business Challenges

  • Highly effective supply chain
  • Integrating processes/people from the top floor to the shop floor
  • Increasing global competition
  • Higher demands from customers
  • Support for product-related innovation initiatives
  • Increase production efficiency and reduce operational costs company-wide
  • Improve inventory management capabilities and efficiencies
  • Enhance customer service and support
  • Improve internal and external collaboration for greater productivity and efficiency

Dynamics 365 Features

  • Bill of materials (BOM) - Complex multi-level BOM with parts, materials, labor, work center and process information
  • Order management – Order creation, pick, pack and dispatch with ease
  • Master planning – Effective production scheduling modelling to fully support the daily operating schedule
  • Forecasting - Demand forecasting with superior accuracy to improve products’ availability and minimize inventory costs
  • Material sourcing – Material requirements planning recommends what to buy, fully automated RFQ issue and response tracking
  • Warehouse management - Managing pick/pack/ship and inventory location flexibility across multiple warehouses

Congruent has deep experience with clients in the discrete manufacturing industries. Our team of Dynamics 365 business consultants help the customers optimize the planning strategies like production planning, materials requirements planning, forecasting & scheduling. Execution can be effectively managed as per the plan for all the production strategies like configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-order and make-to-stock.


To do their work more effectively, Nonprofits require a customized ERP solution which not only helps them with adequate features, but also should be developed in line with the regulatory demands that deliver on the needs of both sponsors & contributors.

Business Challenges

  • Balancing organization’s goals with regulatory compliance and requirements
  • Operate on tight budgets & with limited resources
  • Complex grant management and fund accounting
  • Mission critical operations
  • Control on expenditures
  • Control on grant funds to ensure grant budget integrity

Dynamics 365 Features

  • Avail financial & contributor insights to make enhanced decisions in-line with integrated accounting
  • To get an overall picture of the organization, Dynamics 365 can help in integrating financial, functional and operational data
  • Save effort and time by reducing cost through automating various business processes like constituent/donor management and fund contributors
  • Member-based organizations use automated communication tools for effective communication and building healthy relationship
  • Better consent with regulatory and external audit requirements

Despite the above general challenges, social service and government agencies require meticulous reporting practices, Professional/trade associations are tasked with managing business events, as well as maintaining education and certification records, while the civic, fraternal, and religious organizations have complex membership relationship issues and vital fundraising projects.


With refined inventory management, superior order processing process and in-built warehousing, Dynamics 365 helps to tackle market fluctuations more effectively.

Business Challenges

  • The distributors face enormous pressure due to the ever-growing competition, complex supply chain structure and more demanding customers
  • Constant demand for collaboration, and responding effectively to changing market conditions, while driving up efficiency across the entire value chain

Dynamics 365 Features

  • Business operations like order processing, order capturing, selecting orders, packing and shipping orders can be automated
  • Transparent details & accessibility across inventory stocks, total purchase details, sales and financial insights from various segments
  • For more accurate inventory information, inventory movements and inventory levels can be optimised
  • Based on accurate forecasting, the supply and demand procedures can be planned proactively
  • Warehouse activities which includes bar coding, handling and fulfilment of goods can be planned and managed effectively
  • For an improving business, Integration of applications such as app-to-app connectivity would be essential
  • To track records of execution, delivery time and demands of a customer, the enhanced customer relationship management feature would help to meet the requirements & improve customer relationship

Congruent’s experience in distribution with the functional depth of the cloud based Microsoft Dynamics 365 will ensure efficient supply chain for the clients in wholesale distribution business.


Retail industries are successful only when the service quality is great ensuring the customer satisfaction every time with the best shopping experiences.

Business Challenges

  • Increased competitive pressure across multiple sales channels
  • Escalating customer expectations for instant satisfaction
  • Need to change quickly to keep up with evermore demanding consumers
  • Constant innovation is required to improve the customer experience
  • Need for a better system covering end to end retail operations that includes POS, store operations, Sales & Marketing, E-commerce, customer care, Finance & Supply chain

Dynamics 365 Features

  • Omni-channel purchase experience that includes buy in-store, pick up in other locations or get home delivery
  • Flexibility for the customers to redeem points, use gift card & promotional coupons
  • Efficient supply chain with the better sourcing & replenishment methodologies
  • Customize customer experiences throughout stores, web and mobile
  • Provide better service with by giving employees access to real-time product, customer, inventory, and order details
  • Get more control over store operations through automation and advanced operational capabilities
  • Improve employee productivity through scheduling, time tracking and manager dashboards
  • Optimize fulfilment and enable the right level of inventory at right locations
  • Conclude end-of-day activities faster using automated and streamlined workflows

Our experts with the rich supply chain domain knowledge and successful implementation projects implementation expertise can help your retail organization to enhance the operations through Microsoft Dynamics D365 for Retail, a complete package for retail companies.


EDI integration with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations provides the ability to seamlessly format EDI transactions to comply with your trading partners’ specific requirements. Congruent’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration service for Dynamics 365 helps the customers to exchange their business documents with their trading partners in a standard electronic format. By integrating EDI with Dynamics 365, our team assists our customers convert processes that are paper & people dependent, into streamlined electronic process enabling reduction in processing time & seamless e-commerce transactions.

Our EDI Integration Services

  • E-commerce configuration
  • Trading partner setup & associated routing setups
  • File Translation - X12 file Mapping as per trading partner’s requirements
  • Communication scripting to access VAN/FTP
  • Integrated testing of EDI with trading partner
  • Go Live & post implementation support
  • Notifications & acknowledgements
  • Maintenance services

Benefits of Congruent's EDI Integration services

  • Reduction in processing time with conversion of paper & people dependent processes in to streamlined electronic process
  • Curtailed manual efforts & human errors through application handshake between the trading partners
  • Serve customers quicker without compromising on reliability and accuracy
  • Less maintenance and quick ROI

Why You Should Go for EDI Integration:

  • Connect with any Business Application or Trading Partner
  • Streamline Item, Order and Customer Data Processing
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce your Dynamics 365 Total Cost of Ownership
  • Decreased Error
  • Enhanced Visibility

Our Dynamics 365 Implementation Process

  • Diagnostic

    • Gather the Business requirements
    • Product Evaluation
    • Stake holder identification
    • High level Fit-Gap analysis
    • Deliver a proposal plan with the Cost Estimate
  • Analysis

    • Gather the Functional requirements
    • Perform Fit-Gap analysis and identify the gaps
    • Define Data migration requirements
    • Define integration requirements
    • Perform Risk management analysis
  • Design

    • Functional design document
    • Technical design document
    • Create Data migration templates
    • Prepare UAT scripts for testing
  • Development

    • Complete the development and testing based on the above deliverables
    • Data migration for UAT
    • End user training
    • UAT by end users based on UAT scripts
    • UAT sign off
    • Preparation of production environment
  • Deployment

    • Final configuration of production environment
    • Data migration and verification
    • Creation of Go live plan and Disaster recovery plan
    • End users support process and plan
    • Go-live
  • Operation

    • Project support and maintenance
    • Project analysis
    • Project sign off and closure

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