Solutions For local government

Technology Used

.NET Framework, C# and ASP.NET, SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft's Click-Once deployment for the administrative tool, WCF Web Services

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Customer Profile

A leading provider of integrated information solutions for local governments. It provides software and services to local government agencies, including city and county governments. Products include land management software, geographic information systems (GIS), property tax management, and infrastructure management. Since 1982, it has been providing solutions to local governments and they have been constantly evolving. Terrascan planned for a technological leap in its product offerings, for release in 2007.

Customer Situation

Having serviced local governments for a number of years with its range of solutions, TerraScan wanted a partner to revamp its solutions with current technologies.

Congruent's Solution

  • Architectural and development services for initial 18 months development cycle enabling shipping of initial versions of TerraScan T2 (customer’s product name)
  • Using Scrum as a development method, incrementally delivered TerraScan T2 components, and in May of 2007, TerraScan began delivering T2 to customers, while development of additional T2 modules continued
  • Using the Scrum methodology, provided value via incremental deliveries, completed in short development cycles called sprints, while providing daily visibility into the progress of each sprint and complete control over feature prioritization


  • Installed Windows Application for rich user experience
  • Microsoft ClickOnce deployment, for easy updates
  • Clean impressive user interfaces
  • Easily scalable
  • Architecture to support offline

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