Salesforce Administration, Development And End User Support For Non-profit

Tools Used

Apex, Visualforce, Process Builder, Visual Flows, Approval Process, Email Templates, SOAP and REST APIs


  • A community portal for fund raisers and maintaining all the community users
  • Custom duplicate management logic using Visual flows and Process Builders to flag and list out duplicate donors


  • Custom objects and custom fields for tracking donors, donations, payments and invoices
  • Visualforce Email Templates for different purposes and added various kind of UI components (logo, images, tables etc.)
  • A Lightning component to list out donors based on their fundraisers' region
  • Automated all the donation process using Process Builders and Visual flows
  • Enriched the donations app that supports both the browser and iPad with more new features using REST APIs and AJAX calls
  • Updated bulk records through batch apex, scheduled apex


  • Salesforce with payment gateways like Flo2Cash, Payment Express and Bambora to validate the payments made by the donors and track the successful transactions
  • Paydock to process the payments with different type of gateways to comply with PCI standards
  • Third party address lookup products like Sensis Data and MasterSoft to provide auto completion feature for address field

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