Do you need to migrate your SharePoint to the latest version or move from on-premise platform to SharePoint Online? Are you afraid that migration is going to be challenging? No worries, Congruent can help you do it. We excel in SharePoint migration services.

Our experts can move your data to the newest SharePoint version or transfer it to cloud. With no downtime, we can move your data from any document management app.

Our SharePoint migration services

SharePoint Online Migration

Whether you are an enterprise or SMB, we can help you migrate to SharePoint Online. We make sure that all your data, workflow, and features are moved to SharePoint Online.

Content Migration

Our content migration steps involve analyzing data in your old app. We will define a new data structure to enhance your search through metadata tagging.

SharePoint Hybrid Migration

We can help bridge your on-premise and cloud apps while keeping your data safe. This way, you get the benefits of both cloud-based SharePoint and on-premise at the same time.

SharePoint Version Upgrade

We can migrate your data to SharePoint 2019 on-premises or SharePoint Online with ease. Our SharePoint experts will use the right methods to help you upgrade from an old system to the latest version.

File Share & File Server Migration

We can move your files and data from an old file server or sharing system to SharePoint Online without causing any disruptions for your business. It's a hassle-free process.

Third-Party Systems to SharePoint

Our experts can migrate your data from old third-party systems to the newest SharePoint version. We'll make sure it's safe and secure during the transfer.

Our SharePoint migration expertise

SharePoint Migration Planning

Have you decided to migrate your SharePoint and need help with planning? We can help you plan every aspect of your migration. We can ensure a smooth transition from start to finish.

Upgrading Your Environment

The best solutions can become outdated over time or may no longer align with your needs. Our experts will ensure to upgrade your SharePoint with all the latest features.

Cleanup Existing Data

Perform pre-migration cleanup on your data and migrate only what's needed. Find and delete duplicate, unused, or outdated data. You can save time and money spent on unwanted data.

Infrastructure Setup

We can help you set up a perfect infrastructure for your new SharePoint app. It is important for future growth, whether you choose a cloud-based solution or an on-premise app.

SharePoint Customizations

It is essential to align SharePoint with your business processes and requirements. Our experts can customize SharePoint to match your needs from the get-go. We can make it work as you require.

Setting Up New Information Architecture

We'll check your current data, create a system that's easy for people to use, and add helpful metadata. Our team will make sure your data is well-arranged, easy to access, and ready for all future needs.

Data Security

Keeping your data safe while we migrate is important to us. We use strong security measures to protect your valuable data. Our team follows best practices in the industry to keep your data secure.

SharePoint Custom Applications

Migrating custom apps to new systems or versions is hard. Custom apps involve tricky code and integrations. Our experts have a deep understanding of the SharePoint architecture. We can seamlessly move custom apps to the new environment.

SharePoint Branding

Moving to new SharePoint gives you the option to either retain your current branding or choose to get a fresh look. Our designers can help you with branding your SharePoint that reflects your brand.

SharePoint Governance

We can help you establish governance. This ensures your SharePoint app will remain organized and compliant.

User Adoption & Training

A successful migration does not stop at project completion. It involves your team being able to use the system with ease. We offer training and support to ensure everyone is on board and using SharePoint to their full potential.

SharePoint migration service cost estimate

SharePoint Content Migration

4 weeks
US$ 4,500 – 6,000

SharePoint Upgrade

7 weeks
US$ 5,000 – 7,000

Custom Migration Packages

Duration and pricing based on your custom requirements.

Why choose Congruent for SharePoint migration service needs?

We are Microsoft certified SharePoint partner

Hands-on experience in handling SharePoint migration across all versions

You get greater cost benefits with our engagement model

Tailored solutions on online and on-premise

Executed migration involving complex workflows, custom features, and contents/data

End-to-end SharePoint consulting services to leverage the complete benefits of the platform

Dedicated SharePoint migration managers for each project

We got stellar client references

Our SharePoint migration success stories

Upgrade from SharePoint 2010

Customer's Requirements:

  • The customer was using an old Intranet system with SharePoint 2010. It was causing problems with user adoption and reducing traffic to the portal.
  • They wanted more people to use the portal, so it became a place where all employees can work.

Our Solution:

  • We built them a new Infrastructure architecture and moved their data to the new app.
  • Managed and delivered the entire project from Offshore.

Setup Intranet Portal for 200+ Corporate Users and 5000+ Doctors to Collaborate

Customer's Requirements:

  • The Customer wanted a portal set up in their existing app to support all their employees.
  • They wanted us to move contents from FirstClass to SharePoint.

Our Solution:

  • We built a portal to support over 200 corporate users and 5,000 doctors across 85 locations.
  • Made migration scripts to transfer data from FirstClass to SharePoint.

Migrated SharePoint for 300+ Users to Enhance their Collaboration

Customer's Requirements:

  • Internal sites were running on outdated SharePoint 2010.
  • The IT team was managing lots of tasks which were becoming too much for them to handle.
  • MS CRM replaced the existing custom apps. It needs integration with SharePoint.

Our Solution:

  • Installed SharePoint for internal needs.
  • Moved the existing SharePoint 2010 data to 2013.
  • Connected SharePoint with On-premise MS CRM setup.

Enhanced the SharePoint Based Document Management System

Customer's Requirements:

  • The customer needed to enhance their existing SharePoint online app.
  • They are looking to change their tenant's name, URL and migrate data across tenants.

Our Solution:

  • We performed a mock data migration to get customer approval.
  • Set up project site template to track and handle project needs.

SharePoint migration best practices

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of the current environment. Identify all file shares, sites, lists, libraries, workflows, and 3rd party solutions for migration.
  • Analyze the data to make necessary adjustments before migration.
  • Clean up existing data before migration. This helps to set a sound foundation for the new environment. Identify and separate duplicate, unused, & outdated data.
  • Re-organize information architecture like site structure, page layouts, and metadata. This step is needed to take full advantage of the new SharePoint environment and its features.
  • Define migration strategy by determining its scope and set clear goals.
  • Create a backup plan in case something goes wrong during the migration process.
  • Ensure that all users are aware of the migration. Educate them on the benefits of migration. Offer necessary training and support to your users.
  • Perform required follow-up tasks, such as updating permissions, security, and settings.
  • Consider implementing governance policies and best practices. This ensures the ongoing success of your SharePoint environment.

Top reasons to migrate to SharePoint online

  • Stop spending time and money on SharePoint Infrastructure.
  • Frequent upgrades with new features from Microsoft.
  • It’s easier to share information across departments.
  • Enhanced features, such as real-time co-authoring, document versioning, and integration with Microsoft Teams.
  • External user access management is easier in SharePoint online.
  • Easy to scale your storage and user capacity as your business grows.
  • It works well with other Microsoft apps like Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. It's like they all talk to each other.
  • Powerful search including metadata-driven navigation and advanced search filters.
  • The option to set up the Hybrid Environment. You can keep your most important data safe on your on-premise and move only some data to cloud.
  • Enables easy access to documents, sites, and tools from mobile devices.
  • Quick access to information, reports, documents, and file sharing on any device.
  • Microsoft has strong security to keep your data safe in the cloud.
  • Goodbye to shared drives and their pitfalls. Get started with one drive for business in SharePoint online.
  • 99.9% application uptime. It couldn’t get any better.
  • SharePoint Online offers many options to prevent data loss. If you delete everything, don't worry, it's easy to get it all back.
  • No need for upfront investments and reduces ongoing maintenance and support costs.

Top reasons to migrate to SharePoint 2019

  • Built for performance and growth. Helps you to handle larger volumes of data, users, and concurrent requests.
  • Advanced controls in SharePoint 2019.
  • Enhanced security features. Approve or block specific devices to access your data.
  • Communication site is a new feature in SharePoint 2019. A central archive for all your data.
  • Advanced search experience, query suggestions, and result previews.
  • Modern document library experience with improved elements, including drag-and-drop file uploads.
  • Hub Sites provide an organized way to connect and share information across multiple teams.
  • Increased storage capacity for document libraries. Enabling users to store and manage larger amounts of content.
  • The new home page brings all the news from various sites to a single location.
  • Hybrid App Launcher allows you to enjoy a seamless experience.
  • Seamless integration with PowerApps. This allows you to build custom apps and forms within SharePoint.
  • Power BI Report Server to create and publish reports on 2019 SharePoint.
  • SharePoint 2019 provides extended support and updates.

Our SharePoint migration process

Why upgrading SharePoint is important for your business success? Upgrading SharePoint is a big deal for your business to work well. When you keep it updated, you can leverage the benefits of new features.

But it is a tough process that requires the help of an experienced SharePoint team. You will need the assistance of our specialists to navigate the challenges. We believe in our ability to help you migrate. The following are the tips for a successful SharePoint migration process.


Identify Business Problems

There are several steps we take care of before moving forward with actual migration. We identify the existing problems. Find out the limitations in your current environment. We prepare to make sure that migrating can solve these issues. Some common reasons to migrate your SharePoint are:

  • Advanced features and tools
  • Shortage of storage in the current environment
  • Reduced or zero maintenance cost
  • Improved security for contents
  • Continued product support from Microsoft

Study the Current Environment and Create a Migration Plan

We study the data in your existing environment and understand it better. Know where it’s located and who has access to it. Where is the sensitive data and how are users using the data? These processes will help us in creating new workflows and data structures.

To make a good migration plan, we find out how much space you will need and if the number of users is going to increase. These questions will answer whether a custom solution is needed to achieve your goals.


Prep the Migration Team

Prepare the team for successful data transfer. We split our team into different groups for the move. One group plans and checks everything in the system. Another group organizes how to store information, and they document everything.

Set the expectations for each team. Establish clear strategy and goals to achieve. We make sure each member understands their significant role and deadlines.


Analyze Existing Environment

Before we transfer your data, we look at everything you have. Our experts spend time finding everything that needs to be moved. We will examine your site collections, custom solutions, sites, branding, pages, lists, and libraries.

This will help us determine what data to migrate and what data to discard. We allocate time to create a perfect strategy. Our experts will plan and structure your destination before beginning the process. This preparation is crucial for a successful migration.


Conduct a Pilot Migration

The pilot process will ensure that no factors are going to affect the migration. This will help to identify if there are any gaps or issues in the current plan. We can rectify them before starting the actual process. It is important to understand the data from the pilot process, study it and make changes to the plan.


Migrate to a New Environment

After we finish the pilot project and fix the plan, it's time to do the real move. Some important things to note during the process are:

  • Migrate sites by working with the business team or stakeholders. Try to keep the downtime to a minimum. Migrate important sites at last with a sound strategy.
  • Restrict site permissions for users during the time of process. Sites created during the process will not get migrated.
  • It is better to have a central portal with a dashboard that shows the migration progress. This keeps your business stakeholders, site owners, the SharePoint team, and others informed.
  • Automate Site migration with the help of PowerShell. PowerShell works well with all migration tools.

Test Environment Post Migration

Testing the environment after the process is crucial for success. Need to make sure that all the features and workflows are performing well.


  • What kind of migration do you support?-

    We're excellent at moving you to the newest SharePoint online, even if it's from old systems. Our experts can help you move data from network drives, Google Drive, Box, Lotus Notes, and Dropbox to SharePoint.

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  • Do you have good SharePoint resources?+
  • Do you offer post migration support?+