Managing an organization’s governance, enterprise risk, and complying with regulations are some of the very crucial elements that a business organization needs to ensure for various reasons. More often than not, managing governance, risk and compliance prove to be a challenge for businesses. In such scenarios, organisations are increasingly adopting RSA Archer GRC platform to provide a structured approach to align IT with business objectives, while ensuring effective risk management and enabling businesses to meet compliance requirements.

However, various businesses face difficulties in managing RSA Archer, and reaching optimal ROI due to limited or nonexistence of skilled resources, who possess the right expertise in RSA Archer technology, module customization, project management, support, and maintenance. We at Congruent, understand this very well, therefore we help businesses who need help with various administrative & technical services on RSA Archer platform.

Our RSA Archer Consulting Services

Congruent provides you with a range of professional services on RSA Archer that supports and expands your GRC program.


With strong knowledge across a variety of GRC fields like Regulatory Compliance, Finance, Business Process, and Security, our team swiftly understands the challenges faced by you. They provide you with insights & suggestions that helps to enhance your GRC program.

We know every organization has unique requirements & situations. Therefore, we ensure that we deploy RSA Archer keeping the needs of your organization in mind. We listen & understand your unique circumstances, and then find the best path forward for your organization.

Business Workflow Automation

We enable you to increase your efficiency by defining and automating your business processes that helps to streamline the management of content, tasks, statuses and approvals, while ensuring the highest security of your data.

Data Management

Team of experienced analysts providing support on data management from & to other platforms along with data presentation & reports.

RSA Archer customization & Application development

Our skilled team of developers customize your RSA Archer solution and build tailored applications to meet your unique business requirements & specific methodologies.

Reporting and Dashboards

Dedicated services providing you with your GRC activities & metrics through RSA Archer reports and dashboards, giving users the crucial information needed to complete their tasks and make informed decisions.

Managed Archer Solution Implementation

Configuring and developing RSA Archer eGRC platform is our forte. Our fully scalable team of PMP Certified Project Managers, Business Analysts and Certified Archer Administrators have gained years of experience working with businesses from diverse industries. Whether you require a single solution implementation or a large scale enterprise integrations, our RSA Archer eGRC implementation services have you covered.


Like with any other business solution, there may be a time when you feel the need to upgrade your RSA Archer software, in order to extract the optimal benefit from its latest technology features, and enhancements. It is critical to ensure that your environment meets the minimum requirements before going for an upgrade. We provide complete assessment of your environment & system, and make sure you are ready for a successful upgrade.

RSA Archer Health Check and Tuning

Business demands are constantly changing. Our RSA Archer GRC health checkup & tuning service helps you in assessing and optimizing your GRC environment to keep you always ready to face the challenges thrown at you, with ease. Whether it is a new product deployment, or your existing RSA Archer GRC platform has matured, we assist you in identifying areas of concern, risk and opportunity to enable you maximize the benefits of RSA Archer.

Administration, Maintenance & Support

Incident based support services, to regular system administration & maintenance, we as your partner, work continuously to ensure that your GRC system is always up and running. With or administration, maintenance, and support services covering your back, you can go about your daily business without having to worry about maintenance & support of your RSA Archer GRC.

Staff Augmentation

If your business is in the need of additional RSA Archer professionals, who could work as an extended arm of your team, to support your increasing needs, we can provide you with highly seasoned experts with real world experience of 7+ years on RSA Archer.

Whether you want to extend the size of your existing RSA Archer team, or need access to technology experts to handle your day-to-day RSA Archer support needs, our dedicated Archer support services enable you to add our skilled & experienced developers to your internal team. We have certified RSA Archer administrators, who become a reliable extension to your Archer team.

Why Choose Congruent

  • We are capable of identifying your business pain points, and provide you with solutions in line with your requirements
  • Ability to scale up/scale down resources to fit your project requirements without affecting your productivity
  • A right sized company that is small enough to provide personalized attention, yet large enough to meet the needs of a growing enterprise
  • You get to select the resources to work on your project through interview and other screening processes

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