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SharePoint Support Services

It is crucial to have a deep knowledge & understanding of SharePoint’s features & functionalities in order to provide support services for the same. Congruent has years of experience in providing SharePoint support services that range from reactive (fix unanticipated problems) to proactive (ensuring on-going maintenance).

Our clients receive tailored SharePoint support services to fit their individual requirements.

How Congruent can help you?

  • Congruent’s SharePoint services range from reactive (fix unanticipated problems) to proactive (ensuring on-going maintenance)
  • Our development team rescues critical SharePoint projects that has failed to meet its expectations and put it back on track
  • Regardless of whether your SharePoint solution was implemented by Congruent or any other partner, if you are facing any technical or administrative issue in SharePoint, we can assist you in resolving them.
  • Customize workflows including tools (Nintex), Queue up issues, Fine tuning
  • Setup server farm, System health check, corrective measures, User management, manage permissions etc.
  • SharePoint team supports you through phone, IM or our structured TFS support process

Why Congruent for Microsoft SharePoint support?

If you have substantial, ongoing requirement of SharePoint support, Congruent provides flexible support plan, under which, the resource can be acquired for the required hours, or up to 160 hours on retainer basis, depending on the contract. The resource can also be used for your end to end developments.

  • Response time based upon issue severity
Issue severity Maximum response time
Critical Bug Less than 4 hrs
High Priority Less than 8 hours
Low Priority Less than 12 hours
  • Dedicated extranet portal enabling you to stay updated on the work progress
  • Regular/Weekly timesheet for you to stay informed about the hours consumed per activity
  • Transparency at work, enabling total overview of the tasks performed
  • Flexibility across various time zones to minimize response time
  • Trained & certified consultants capable of providing all levels of support
  • We can stream into your system directly & deliver solutions on the go

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Why Congruent?