SaaS Application Development / Migrating your LOB applications to cloud

Migrating to cloud or SaaS application development is a complex process. Any shortcoming in the strategy, architecture or design would result in unfavourable repercussions. For most on-premises applications, mere delivery of the business features would suffice. But cloud applications are multi-tenant applications where data security, application performance and economy of scale are of equal importance. This is where Congruent comes into play as your trusted cloud advisor & technology partner.

With the entire technological landscape moving towards cloud, it's essential that all the applications are built cloud enabled. With prior experience & knowledge in providing Software as a Service development and other cloud services, Congruent as a SaaS application development company will help you to make the right decision.

SaaS Application Development - Service Offerings

Cloud consulting

  • Formulate short and long term cloud strategy after studying your current IT eco system
  • Perform technical review of your architectures to determine the ease with which the application could be cloud enabled and make recommendations based on that

Migrating LOB applications into cloud

  • Devise plans for phased cloud migration, choose between private & public clouds, help select a third party infrastructure-as-a-service provider and platform-as-a-service provider resulting in increased ROI and reduced TCO
  • Necessary configuration & code changes followed by testing the application before hosting it in the cloud

Multi-tenant SaaS application development and design

Design and develop multi-tenant applications with our highly skilled cloud application architects - Our cloud framework encompasses a set of pre-built development assets, cloud design patterns, guidelines and recommended test strategies. The framework reduces the development cost besides providing a reliable and remote hosted experience.

Kindly use the enquiry form to contact us. We would be glad to help you with any requirements or queries that you might have on our SaaS application development and LOB application migration services.

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