In the recent times, Artificial Intelligence has become a key factor in modernizing the businesses. Many global businesses have recognised the importance of AI and are in a race to face lift their traditional business practices. With an understanding of how AI can help different businesses meet their requirements, Congruent develops AI powered cutting-edge applications that enable businesses to outdo their competition.

Leverage our Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities for your business

As with any other new technology, adopting AI also presents its own set of unique challenges for businesses. In such scenarios, Congruent comes into play with its technical expertise and helps its clients leverage the power of AI for their businesses.

Technologists at Congruent have a deep understanding in areas of AI services such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP). We apply these capacities to develop effective business solutions.

Our team has the expertise & capability of devising the most effective strategy to deliver AI services that are integrated with cognitive technology. Our AI services further support your legacy business applications by providing full spectrum of services including Machine Learning/Deep Learning, NLP, Big Data Analytics, Advanced Analytics and User Behaviour Analytics.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise

Machine Learning

At Congruent, creating a solution is not merely applying predefined algorithms. Instead, out team of highly specialised AI consultants work to understand your business and the decision making process. With a complex mix of data structures, model training, model integration and architecture, our team delivers end-to-end machine learning solutions.

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Give your systems the ability to understand and analyse human language with our NLP services. Our specialists in Natural Language Processing technology not only enable machines to comprehend what humans write or speak, but also enables them to interpret the sentiments, emotions & context behind it, so that the machine can take relevant actions based on the situation.

Our services

Strategy and Consulting

Our team of AI consultants & engineers work closely with you to understand your business process and your requirements to thoroughly plan the strategy to help your business transform & adopt futuristic technology.

Application Development

With decades of experience developing custom solutions for clients from different industries, our team of experts develop & customize advanced AI applications based on cognitive services that are tailor made to fit the unique requirements of your business while ensuring seamless integration with your other legacy business applications.

Predictive Analysis

Unravel the hidden patterns in your big data with our help in statistical algorithms, data mining, predictive modelling, and advanced Machine Learning to identify the probability of future business outcomes, trends & risks more precisely, while optimizing resource usage more efficiently.


Our highly skilled consultants & developers ensure that your AI solutions are implemented seamlessly with minimum to no down time of your business critical applications. It helps our clients be rest assured that the implementation runs glitch-free while maximising their benefits.


“Anything less than perfect is unacceptable” – With that thought, we work towards providing impeccable integration services of the advanced AI solutions with your existing business model and legacy applications, maximising your ROI.


Our work doesn’t simply end with development & implementation of the AI solution. We know and believe that providing post implementation support to our clients is equally important for ensuring customer satisfaction. Therefore, our AI experts are available to provide reliable support services 24/7.

Why choose us?

  • Large team of highly talented, certified and experienced professionals capable of providing best-in-class Artificial Intelligence services
  • 24/7 support and maintenance services
  • In-house team of testers that ensure your application/solution works exactly as it is supposed to
  • Agile & scalable services to keep the team in line with your business needs
  • 25+ years of operation in the field of consulting and custom solutions development

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