Having ability to evaluate and comprehend raw data is critical for success of a business. Congruent’s Tableau consulting & development services enable you to gain insight and unearth critical information hidden deep in data by substantially improving your ability to process & consume data efficiently in a visually interactive format using built-in data analytics capabilities of Tableau.

Tableau Made As Easy As Counting 1-2-3

Connecting Data Sources

Our consultants identify the format and complexities of your business critical datasets, and prepare them for processing and consumption.

Dashboard Building

We help you build dashboards and reports that enable you to visually interact with data to make critical decision. We also guide you through the Tableau interface so that generating reports becomes a breeze.

Explore Insights With Ease

By integrating your existing enterprise systems, we make accessing and sharing business insights easy for your decision makers.

How Can Our Tableau Consultants Help You?

Tableau Project Planning

Determining the right strategy and roadmap for utilizing Tableau to its full potential could be a daunting undertaking. One of the most important step towards achieving Tableau’s full potential is understanding your data infrastructure and data analysis needs. We conduct thorough analysis of your data infrastructure and develop clear roadmap containing step by step plan to ensure that it’s going to benefit your business.

Tableau Implementation

We are expert in implementing various Tableau solutions like Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, and Tableau Public to meet your business requirement. Congruent offers quicker, easier and efficient end-to-end Tableau implementation services for businesses with complex data structure / data source.

Data Extraction & Integration - ETL

Often, it proves challenging to incorporate data from different sources into Tableau in order to create data visualization that is relevant and actionable. Even if half of your time is spent manipulating your data, you are left only with another half to do the actual analysis, which is a very inefficient. We help you avoid this by taking care of unifying your multiple data silos and painting a complete picture of your business initiatives by employing the latest ETL methodologies and best practices.

Dashboard Creation

Insight, performance and aesthetics are three essential elements of building dashboard & reports. We help businesses by building dashboard reports that are meaningful and visually interactive with heat maps, gauges, maps, charts, tables, cross-tables, and drill through/down charts. Business Intelligence solutions & dashboard requirements differ for every user, industry, and organization. Therefore, our methodologies ensure that dashboards are designed with the right audience in mind, so that the right person finds the right answers to critical questions in a visually cognitive format.

Advanced Analytics

We help you with finding answers for the “Why / How” questions behind your past performances, predicting your future performance based on past data and load you with adequate information to avoid any undesirable business outcomes. Congruent’s advanced analytics services include Segmentation and Cohort analysis, analyze various What-If scenarios, perform high precision calculations, trend and predictive analysis.

R Integration With Tableau

By integrating R, we extent the statistical capabilities of R to Tableau which helps Tableau to use R functions, packages, and libraries etc. This helps the relevant users to view dashboards containing R functionalities and have access to predictive analysis.

Tableau Performance Tuning

There are various reasons for a dashboard delivering slow user experience, the most common reason for under performance of dashboard is connecting directly to data sources instead of organizing the data in a separate repository like Data Mart or Data Warehouse first. Our consultants conduct a complete analysis to identify what is causing your dashboard to slowdown and fix it to improve your Tableau experience.

Training & Go-Live Support

We offer customized training for Tableau designed specific to your needs. Post implementation, we provide monitoring and support services for your system and tackle all the technical and functional issues that heads your way to ensure that your Tableau experience is flawless.

What Makes Congruent Your Best Partner For Tableau Requirements

  • Scalable solutions
  • Totally agile
  • Expertise in embedded analytics
  • Competent in combining multiple data sources
  • Successful partnerships with companies from diverse industries

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