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Tableau Consulting Services

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Tableau Consulting Services

Planning and Assessment

Congruent will conduct a thorough investigation on your data infrastructure and needs to develop a flawless roadmap for implementing Tableau in your organization. The roadmap will contain exact step by step plan and how it is going to benefit your business.

Tableau Implementation

We can implement any of the various Tableau solutions like Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online and Tableau Mobile to meet your business requirement. Congruent offers quicker, easier and efficient end-to-end Tableau implementation services for businesses with complex data structure / data source.

ETL For Tableau Platform

There are times when data cannot be used directly in the Tableau. It has to go through the transformation process to be feed into the tableau servers. Being experts in data analysis, Congruent will perform ETL services on data from any sources and make it ready to be integrated with tableau platform for reporting.

Dashboard Development In Tableau

Not only you will get your actionable insights much faster but also presented to you in an eye catching dashboard which will make decision making more fun. Data visualization is now an essential part of Business Intelligence solutions and dashboard design/usage requirements now differ for every users, industries, organizations structure etc. With Tableau you can have visualizations in the form of heat maps, gauges, maps, charts, tables, cross-tables, and drill through/down charts.

Advanced analytics with Tableau

We can help you with finding answers for the “Why / How” questions behind your past performances, predicting your future performance based on past data and load you with adequate information to avoid any undesirable business outcomes. Congruent’s advanced analytics services include Segmentation and Cohort analysis, analyze various What-If scenarios, perform high precision calculations, trend and predictive analysis, and R integrations.

Tableau Performance Tuning

Tableau is an easy to use visualization tool and once implemented, it’s instinctive for users to try and dive deeper in to data by adding lots of fields and formulas, resulting in a very slow dashboard. Though there are some common elements to check whenever dashboard faces performance issues, it doesn’t apply to all the situations. Congruent will conduct a complete analysis, a step by step procedure to find out what’s causing your dashboard to slowdown and fix it to improve your tableau experience.

Training And Go-Live Support

Congruent offers customized training for tableau designed according to your needs. Post implementation, we offer to monitor and provide support for your system and tackle all the technical and functional issues that heads your way.

Managed Services For Tableau

Consultants at Congruent provides complete services on tableau from Implementation, development, fine tuning, data preparation, data integration, building dashboard, reports, and score cards. Our skilled tableau consultants will help you leverage the complete potential of the platform to help you make insightful decisions.

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