Digitalizing business process is a very significant phase if you want to stay at the top of your vertical, which is made simple now with the launch of Dynamics 365 in the market. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a next generation suite of intelligent business application where you can maintain all your business happenings right from ordering new raw materials to end customer sale and analyzing data with business intelligence tools to predict future trends.

Dynamics 365 is continuously evolving and adding advanced features very often since its release. Decades of experience gained from working with Dynamics ERP and CRM since its inception makes our consultants an ideal team to help you migrate to Dynamics 365 from applications like Salesforce, Spreadsheet, Dynamics CRM, ERP or other legacy applications.

Our Dynamics 365 Migration And Upgrade Capabilities

Migrate From Dynamics CRM On-premise To Dynamics 365

As early adopters of Dynamics CRM (practicing since version 1.0) Congruent, a Microsoft gold certified partner helps in migrating to Dynamics 365 for managing prospects, customers & sales within an integrated system. The depth of our expertise across industries, accurate knowledge of various business processes, helps us to identify your business process, help you choose and buy the right Dynamics 365 licenses and perform the migration in line with your business needs.

We can help you migrate from Dynamics 2011, Dynamics 2013, Dynamics 2015 & Dynamics 2016 to Dynamics 365 seamlessly with an organized setup and defined parameters for a better workflow. Our Dynamics 365 consultants will recommend best practices and ideas to ensure your migration to Dynamics 365 is done in a seamless way.

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Migrate from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365, Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central, with all the Dynamics NAV capabilities & with the power of Cloud attracts companies to replace the existing accounting package and legacy ERP systems with a complete solution to manage finances, operations, sales and customer service. The subscription based cost structure from Microsoft is very attractive for the Customers.

There are no direct methods to migrate to Dynamics 365 Business central at this moment but Microsoft is working on the tools for migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central from NAV. Though Rapidstart Services in Business Central version will be helpful for the quick setup of the company, we can expect much updates on the migration tool soon.

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Migrate from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, Enterprise edition

The next generation flagship ERP, Dynamics 365 unified with the capabilities of Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX and Office 365, powered by both the Cloud and On-premise options, promote seamless integration of applications, ensuring effective workflow.

Congruent is specialized in migrating AX to Dynamics 365 & can help you in

  • Migrating from AX 4.0 to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations
  • Migrating from AX 2009 to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations
  • Migrating from AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

Based on your current AX version, our experts can help you upgrade using the standard upgrade tools from Microsoft (or) Re-implement the system in Dynamics 365 (or) do a double upgrade (AX ->AX 2012 -> Dynamics 365)

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Migrate from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Dynamics GP Data migration extension helps migrating Chart of Accounts, Customers & Open documents, Vendors & Open documents, Inventory & On hand Quantity details from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Though the assisted setup is a great start for cutting over to Dynamics 365 Business Central, Congruent Consultants will do the complete data migration with the manual efforts thereby ensuring the successful transition to Business Central Edition.

Dynamics 365 For Finance & Operations, Enterprise Edition

Congruent has been successful in Dynamics GP Consulting for around 13 years. We can help you migrate from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition with the help of ETL tools from our Business Intelligence team. Our Dynamics GP +Dynamics 365 + ETL Specialists can help you to migrate to Dynamics 365 in a seamless way.

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Migrate from Dynamics SL to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, Enterprise edition

Though Dynamics SL has been targeting the project centric organizations of manufacturing and Non-Profit type, Dynamics 365 is a flagship ERP that targets all the industries embedded with the latest and successful technologies from Microsoft. Congruent has been in Dynamics SL consulting for around 14 years and Dynamics AX Consulting for around 10 years.

Our experience in dealing with the data structures in both the products, we can help you in smooth data migration from Dynamics SL (2011/2015) to Dynamics 365, Finance & Operations, Enterprise edition.

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Our Dynamics 365 Migration And Upgrade Approach

  • Licensing

    We will help you choose & buy the right Dynamics 365 licenses for your business model & requirements.

  • Setup & Configuration

    Provide the initial setup, configuration & administration needed to get your new Dynamics 365 system up and running in quick time

  • Data Migration

    Helping you migrate the data from source systems to Dynamics 365 using migration tools and perform customizations where necessary to address your unique migration needs.

  • Integration With Other Systems

    If needed, we can also integrate Dynamics 365 with other systems and applications for better productivity

  • Training & Post Migration Support

    Provide training for your users to get familiarized with Dynamics 365 and post migration support to ensure smooth functioning of your system.

Reasons to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Migrating to Dynamics 365 is a sensible and safe decision. Here is our reasoning on why migrating to Dynamics 365 is worthwhile.

  • Reduction in hardware maintenance cost
  • Volume of the existing customizations gets reduced; the standard product could address the complex business needs
  • Microsoft has a better control on its cloud managed solutions for successful & cost effective upgrades in future
  • Inbuilt data analytics provides greater insights to facilitate effective decision making
  • Multiple licensing models, pay only for what you need
  • Microsoft’s focus is on Dynamics 365 with the most promising roadmap and support than other ERP products
  • Packed with the latest and robust microsoft stack of technologies

Plan Your Dynamics 365 Migration Effectively!

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